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Martin Lippert

GlobalConnect participates in a critical infrastructure project for the super technology of the future

Quantum technology has long been seen as a revolutionary force that will reshape various industrial sectors. This vision of the future is shared by Martin Lippert, CEO of GlobalConnect, a company that plays a central role in driving this change forward.

GlobalConnect has now become part of the important infrastructure project QCI.DK in Denmark. The project is part of a broader European effort to establish a robust infrastructure that can secure communications in a future where quantum computers are becoming increasingly common.

With its extensive network handling half of all internet traffic in the Nordics, GlobalConnect is uniquely positioned to contribute to this project. The company's expertise in secure digital infrastructure has been crucial to being able to participate in the QCI.DK project, where they collaborate with other leading players.

QCI.DK is part of the larger The EuroQCI project, which aims to create a quantum-secure communication network across the board Europe. The Danish sub-project has a budget of 6 million euros and includes, among other things, the construction and testing of over 200 km of secure fiber network.

Martin Lippert
GlobalConnect – Martin Lippert

Martin Lippert emphasizes the importance of being at the forefront of quantum technology, while warning of the new risks it poses. He points out that technology can open the door to critical areas such as internet banking and mobile phones, making it necessary to invest in secure infrastructure.

Within the framework of QCI.DK, a quantum-secure city network will be established between five Danish public authorities and two data centers in the Copenhagen area. In addition, the infrastructure will include a long distance link of 200 km to connect three university partners. The project will use three different quantum key distribution (QKD) methods to secure communications.

This collaborative project between universities, companies and public authorities is funded by the Danish government and the European Commission through the Digital Europe programme. In addition to GlobalConnect, other participating parties are the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen, the University of Southern Denmark, the Danish e-Infrastructure Consortium and the company Sparrow Quantum.

Work on the project began in 2023, and in January 2024 GlobalConnect was accepted as an official partner in the QCI.DK project, marking an important milestone in the work to secure the communications infrastructure of the future.

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