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Dynatrace and Lloyds Banking Group are working together to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from IT environments

Dynatrace and the major British financial player Lloyds Banking Group have together developed a solution to enable Lloyds to achieve its sustainability goals. With the help of the Dynatrace Carbon Impact app, Lloyds can now see in real time the environmental and carbon footprint of its IT systems - and the functions of the app can also be used by other companies.

Dynatrace has gathered experience and feedback from Lloyds Banking Group to continue developing its app Dynatrace Carbon Impact. The app converts business user data from CPUs, storage, disk and network into carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). It also provides practical advice on how to reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Carbon Impact also provides information on energy and CO2 consumption per source with the ability to filter the data and focus on the parts that have the greatest impact. For example, it can identify underutilized devices in selected data centers and devices with the highest carbon emissions within a certain group.

Carbon footprint dynatrace
Dynatrace and Lloyds Banking Group are working together to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from IT environments

To achieve these goals, the app uses the Dynatrace platform with Smartscape topology and relationship maps to precisely optimize and automatically manage applications and processes. This in turn facilitates various initiatives within "green coding".

Last year we launched successfully Carbon Impactapp. Since then, we have worked with Lloyds Banking Group to further develop it and support our customers' hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It has made it possible to accelerate and focus on our product development while helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals, says Klaus Enzenhofer, product manager at Dynatrace.

The work with Dynatrace has helped us to make visible the effect of our carbon dioxide emissions from IT. Our sustainability efforts require clarity in all individual parts and by collaborating we have been able to see where our efforts have the greatest effect in our IT architecture. It helps us optimize our digital infrastructure and is an important step forward as we work to reduce our direct carbon emissions by at least 75 percent,” says Kevin Bird, Operational Performance and Analytics Lead at Lloyds Banking Group.

More information about the Dynatrace app Carbon Impact is available here"

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