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Check Point Software launches Infinity AI Copilot and new partner program

Check Point Software Technologies has unveiled Infinity AI Copilot, its first-generation AI-powered cybersecurity solution.

This tool is designed to address the global shortage of cybersecurity practitioners by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of security teams through intelligent Generative AI automation and support.

Empower security teams with AI

As the cyberthreat continues to escalate, with ransomware attacks increasing by 90 % in 2023, the need for advanced solutions has become more critical.

Eyal Manor, VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies, said: “With Infinity AI Copilot, we are ushering in a new era of cybersecurity where human-machine collaboration is at the center.”

Trained on 30 years of cybersecurity intelligence, Infinity AI Copilot aims to automate complex security tasks and offer proactive solutions to threats, allowing security teams to focus on strategic innovation.

This tool integrates seamlessly across the Check Point Infinity platform, ensuring a unified security experience from endpoint to cloud.

CPX APAC 2024 Eyal Manor VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies briefs about first generation Infinity AI Copilot
Eyal Manor, VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies.

Address cybersecurity challenges and talent shortages

The launch of Infinity AI Copilot comes at a time when the industry is grappling with a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Frank Dickson, Group Vice President at IDC, said: “Harnessing AI to drive better security outcomes is of utmost importance to CISOs as they address both the evolving threat landscape and the cybersecurity talent shortage. When choosing an AI-powered cybersecurity solution, CISOs are looking for return on investment through increased productivity and better efficiency.”

Infinity AI Copilot is currently available in preview, with a full launch expected in the second quarter of 2024. Future developments include proactive assistance and autonomous policy management capabilities.

Check Point discloses affiliate programs

In addition to Infinity AI Copilot, Check Point Software has announced a new partner program to strengthen partner capabilities and support industry growth.

Francisco Criado, Check Point's VP of the Global Partner Ecosystem Organization, said: ""In light of the current climate and the increasing frequency of cyber threats, we are launching a new partner program to help our partners accelerate their efforts to provide the best cyber security. "

This program is designed to improve partner performance, streamline operations and enable partners to leverage Check Point's comprehensive security solutions more effectively.

“Check Point has completely changed its partner program, which signals a significant change in approach. The structure of the program enables us to develop stronger competencies and deliver more value to our customers," says Kin Mitra, President and CEO of Mission Critical Systems.

The enhanced partner program is strategically aligned with Check Point's end-to-end AI-powered, cloud-delivered security platform, enabling partners to address a wide range of cybersecurity challenges and opportunities.

Molly Rouch, CEO and co-founder of Six Degrees Consulting said: “The program's focus on specialization and certification aligns with our commitment to providing top-notch security services, ensuring our clients receive the best possible protection against potential threats.”

According to Canalys, cybersecurity spending has recently reached £14.9 billion ($19 billion), reflecting the growing need for collaborative security solutions.

"The streamlined process and transparent decision-making shorten our sales cycle, resulting in quick customer decisions," says Jörg Posewang, CEO at NetUSE.

As technology evolves, so do cyber threats. Organizations are increasingly turning to the channel for guidance on their cybersecurity solutions, as well as for regulatory compliance and to build cyber resilience.

Channel partners are well positioned to effectively communicate the value of cybersecurity solutions, while addressing the specific needs and concerns of existing and future threats.

Han Juat Hoon, Chief Operating Officer at M.TECH Products Pte Ltd, said: “This updated partner program introduces innovative aspects, particularly the Private Early Availability Program, which gives our valued business partners and internal teams early access to upcoming releases, on-site support and the ability to impact cybersecurity products, helping us stay ahead of the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

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