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Dynatrace expands its platform with more powerful AI support

Dynatrace expands its existing platform with AI Observability, a new solution that helps companies to view and control all layers of AI-powered applications. This means that Dynatrace can now offer a comprehensive solution in monitoring and security for large language models (LLM) and generative AI-driven applications. The improvement allows companies to use generative AI in a safe and cost-effective way – while increasing performance, innovation, productivity and revenue.

– Generative AI has enormous potential, but we need to get control that the AI investments are really successful and avoid the risk of unpredictable behaviour, AI hallucinations and bad user experiences, says Johan Dahlin, Nordic manager at Dynatrace.

- This further strengthens our leadership in application security and observability. The old solutions that have been dependent on have created a fragmented way of controlling their digital channels and applications. With Dynatrace AI Observability, you no longer have to live with fragmented data, fragmented processes and a lack of insights, but everything is gathered in a common platform. It has not been possible before, continues Johan Dahlin.

Johan Dahlin Dynatrace
Johan Dahlin, Dynatrace

Dynatrace AI Observability leverages Dynatrace AI solution Davis and other core technologies to provide an accurate and complete view of AI-powered applications. It provides better user experiences while automatically identifying performance issues, security risks and root causes.

The solution also makes it easier to comply with privacy and security regulations and compliance standards by tracking the origin of the data created by apps. Additionally, it helps predict and control costs by monitoring consumption of so-called tokens, which are the foundation generative AI models use to handle queries (and which drive costs).

Cost concerns for generative AI-powered services

According to Gartner, AI will lead to over 50 percent of cloud computing resources being devoted to AI workloads by 2028, compared to less than 10 percent in 2023.

The growth partly reflects the growing interest in generative AI as they look to improve their efficiency, productivity, automation and drive innovation. Even so, many companies and organizations are concerned about the costs associated with generative AI-powered services. They can be many times more expensive than traditional cloud services and difficult to predict because they are based on the consumption of generative AI tokens and applications that are not yet in production. At the same time, authorities all over the world introduce regulations for us to use AI technology in a responsible and ethical manner – and in accordance with applicable laws.

- Generative AI makes it possible to create innovative solutions that increase productivity, profitability and competitiveness. But it also means new challenges in security, transparency, reliability, user experiences and cost management. Organizations therefore need a total overview of all their generative AI solutions and now we are expanding our offering in monitoring and AI to meet this need, says Bernd Greifeneder, CTO at Dynatrace.

Bernd Greifeneder SVP CTO
Bernd Greifeneder, CTO at Dynatrace

- AI-driven transformation is a key driver of productivity and competitiveness for organizations worldwide. Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service is a robust generative AI solution for businesses and the public sector worldwide. We are excited to partner with Dynatrace, a leader in AI-powered monitoring, to empower our mutual customers driving innovation in the world's largest organizations to create generative AI-based services using Azure Open AI Service and Dynatrace AI Observability. Together, they help AI services maintain the highest standards in terms of security, reliability and performance, while allowing teams to control their costs, said Ali Dalloul, VP, AI at Microsoft.

Dynatrace AI Observability covers the entire AI stack, including infrastructure like Nvidia GPUs, foundational models like GPT4, semantic caches, and vector databases like Weaviate. It also supports major platforms for building, training and delivering AI models such as Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Amazon SageMaker and Google AI Platform.

Dynatrace AI Observability is available to all Dynatrace customers. Visit Dynatrace's website for the current list of technologies and integrations supported by Dynatrace AI Observability. Visit the Dynatrace AI Observability blog for additional information about the solution.

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