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Every third phishing attack is carried out under Microsoft's name

Check Point Research (CPR) has recently published its latest Brand Phishing Report, where they review and analyze which brands were most vulnerable to phishing attacks in the fourth quarter of 2023. These attacks are aimed at gaining access to personal information and bank details by impersonating another person or organization.

Last quarter saw the return of Microsoft as the most imitated brand, accounting for a whopping 33 percent of all phishing attacks. Tech sector giants dominated the list, with Amazon taking second place with 9 percent and Google was in third place with 8 percent. Interestingly, it was not only the well-known social media brands and banks that were targeted by phishers, but also courier companies such as DHL, likely due to the increased demand in the last months of the year.

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The top list of the most exploited phishing brands in the fourth quarter of 2023 is presented as follows:

  • Microsoft (33%)
  • Amazon (9%)
  • Google (8%)
  • Apple (4%)
  • Wells Fargo (3%)
  • LinkedIn (3%)
  • Home Depot (3%)
  • Facebook (3%)
  • Netflix (2%)
  • DHL (2%)

A typical phishing attack in the name of Microsoft usually involves a sent email in which cybercriminals pretend to be linked to Microsoft user accounts. Recipients are asked to click on a link to verify their email addresses and thereby ensure that they can continue to use Microsoft services. However, these links do not lead to official pages, but to counterfeit copies that enable the theft of sensitive information.

Mats Ekdahl, security expert at Check Point Software, emphasizes the importance of being vigilant to avoid falling victim to these attacks. He recommends that users carefully review the text in emails, links and email addresses for possible spelling errors. Companies can also protect themselves by implementing effective security technologies that block phishing attempts and thereby minimize the risk of employees being deceived. Being critical and scrutinizing before clicking on links is of utmost importance to prevent such attacks and ensure a safe digital environment.

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