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Elevate your gaming with better storage

Storage is much more than just how much space you have, and SSD technology has made storage one of the most critical components to your gaming experience. The interaction between good storage and a good gaming experience is more important than many people think.

- One faster SSD giving you both faster file transfers and game loading, while a larger SSD allows you to keep all your saved highlights without having to delete them to make room for new game installations. The impact that good storage has on your gaming experience should not be underestimated, says Jani Laaksonen, storage expert and product manager at Samsung in the Nordics.

At the same time, not all types of games fully benefit from an SSD. Games that benefit most from a solid state drive (SSD) are those that often require fast loading of data and have extensive game worlds or highly detailed in-game environments.

Examples of games that benefit from an SSD are:

Games with less detailed graphics or that have a lower need for continuous data loading generally benefit less from an SSD.

These games can be 2D– or indie games with simpler graphics and smaller environments or worlds that don't require the fast load times that an SSD offers. Older game that were not developed to take advantage of faster charging technology will also not see as significant a performance improvement with an SSD. This also applies to online multiplayer games, where performance depends more on the network connection than on the speed of the hard drive.

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Fast gaming – not just for PC

A fast SSD has become a necessary accessory not only for a PC, but also for your gaming console. Nowadays, games quickly fill up the built-in storage available on game consoles. With an SSD from Samsung's 990 Pro series, you can expand the storage capacity by as much as 4TB without compromising performance.

With one of the fastest random read speeds among PCIe 4.0 SSDs on the market[1] reduces 990 Pro series significantly reduces the risk of interruptions during the game and accelerates the loading of high-quality content. For advanced games that support the latest charging technology, the 990 Pro series can also help reduce lag.

With competitive speed and increased energy efficiency [2] is the 990 Pro series optimized to handle massive data volumes, making it an ideal SSD for today's desktops, laptops, game consoles and computing systems.

- Today's players need SSD:with high capacity and performance, and Samsung's SSD 990 Pro series is the perfect storage solution to meet their needs, concludes Jani Laaksonen, storage expert and product manager at Samsung in the Nordics.

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