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google one dark web report

Google One "Dark web reports" will come to all Google account holders from the end of July

Following the shutdown of Google One VPN at the end of June, the “Dark Web Reports” feature is now coming to all Google account holders from the end of July 2024.

Currently, Dark Web reports are only available to those with a Google One membership or subscription. Official documentation says that after creating a profile, Google monitors the dark web so you are aware if your personal data has been found in data breaches and leaks. At the time of writing, these reports are available available in 46 countries .

When you opened the Google One app today, a pop-up banner confirmed that this feature will no longer be available in the app "starting in late July."

Dark web report will no longer be available in Google One at the end of July. Read more in the help article if you want to continue using the dark web report.

google dark net
Google One “Dark web reports”

Unlike the shutdown of Google One VPN, Dark web reports are moving and will "become available to all users with a Google consumer account." Instead of demanding the application or log in to the Google One service, this information will now be integrated into section "Results about you" to help you stay aware of potential personal data breaches.

The dark web report will be available to all users with a Google consumer account. Dark web report is integrated with Results about you as a combined solution to help users protect their online presence.

Results About You is a feature that helps you find out if your personal contact information, such as your home address, phone number, or email address, appears in search results.

"Results about you" allows you to find and request removal of search results that contain your personal information or data while "Dark web report" monitors parts of the web that are usually hard to access for leaks of your personal information, including name, address, phone number and email. Google says this is a "combined solution" to "help users protect their online presence."

From the end of July 2024, the dark web report will no longer require a Google One membership. All users who are signed in to their Google Accounts can use the feature because it is made available along with results about you.

The timeline for integrating the dark web report into user accounts is listed as "end of July," with the removal of Google One membership also noted. This can help improve user privacy, with data breaches now becoming increasingly common in various online services and products.

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