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T.Loop Stockholm

T.Loop acquires data centers in the heart of Stockholm to strengthen its presence in the market

T.Loop has recently acquired an impressive data center with a high level of security, covering an impressive area of 800 square meters in central Stockholm. This strategic investment is a central part of T.Loop's overall expansion strategy and marks a significant milestone for the company. The plan is to transform the existing facility into a state-of-the-art Data Energy Center in 2024.

Mathias Lindqvist, Chief Engineer and one of the founders of T.Loop, emphasizes the importance of acquiring existing data centers and sees huge potential in the current facility. Lindqvist explains that the company will take advantage of the existing infrastructure to quickly offer colocation services to its customers. In addition, opportunities are seen to recycle and efficiently use all the heat generated in the data center. This means not only focusing on providing advanced technology services, but also on making sustainable and environmentally friendly choices.

Through this acquisition, T.Loop significantly expands its data capacity, which is fully i in line with the company's ambitious growth plan. Earlier in December, the company inaugurated its first Data Energy Center® in northern Stockholm. The unique concept behind the T.Loops Data Energy Center® involves innovative liquid-based cooling of the servers. In addition, the generated residual heat is not only used to heat the immediate building where the data hall is located, but there is also the possibility of directly returning the heat to the district heating network.

T.Loop sthml mathias lindqvist
Mathias Lindqvist, Chief Engineer and one of T.Loop's founders

It is clear that T.Loop strives to quickly make its Data Energy Center® climate positive. By building them in existing buildings and replacing the previous heating of the property with residual heat from the servers, the company minimizes its climate impact. When acquiring older data centers, T.Loop prioritizes the reuse of existing infrastructure to further reduce the climate impact without compromising the quality of services.

Cecilia Hjertzell, head of sustainability at T.Loop, shares insights into the company's overall sustainability strategy. She emphasizes the importance of a circular business model that strives to maximize resource utilization at all levels. By establishing the Data Energy Center® in existing buildings and effectively recycling the residual heat, T.Loop takes great steps to minimize its climate impact. The company's ambition extends beyond the current and involves continuous development of the concept to ensure minimal climate impact within scope 1-3. With an increased awareness of IT's climate impact among many customers, T.Loop aims to help them drive their digitization while actively reducing their overall CO2 emissions.

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