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CONVENDUM offers courses and training through Lexicon

Lexicon stands as Sweden's leading private training group, dedicated to companies and organizations, and today includes an impressive network of over 20 course centers, strategically located both in Sweden and on Palma de Mallorca.

The collaboration with Lexicon represents a significant opportunity for the members of CONVENTION to create added value through skills development under favorable business conditions. It also enables members to promote the growth of their businesses through specialized training and business development in areas directly relevant to their business. Oscar Limbäck, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at CONVENDUM, emphasizes its importance and states that this collaboration provides a real competitive advantage in the industry. He is convinced that this opportunity will be of benefit to all 5,000 members in Sweden and in Palma.

lexicon covendum class

The expanded collaboration enables CONVENDUM's members to benefit Lexicons wide and diversified range of courses at particularly favorable terms. This includes training in key areas such as leadership, communication, service & sales, project management, efficiency and finance. The versatile and tailored training portfolio opens doors for holistic competence development that is adapted to the specific needs of CONVENDUM's members.

Magnus Campelo, CEO of Lexicon Business Education, enthusiastically underlines the positive aspects of this partnership: “We see a huge opportunity in being able to offer CONVENDUM's customers extensive and tailored skills development. Our current student body represents a wide range of participating companies and organisations our courses. That interaction between participants from different companies, all with similar roles, is an invaluable advantage. It not only creates a learning community, but also significant added value for the participants during our open courses. We look forward to welcoming CONVENDUM's customers and believe that our joint presence in both Stockholm and Palma will provide a natural reinforcement to our collaboration." This far-reaching partnership is sure to pave the way for successful and sustainable skills development for all parties involved.

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