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2000 foretag sverige

Den Ultimata Listan över 2000+ Svenska Tech Startups & Scaleups för 2024

Många av de över 2000 svenska tech-startups och scaleups som listas nedan har blivit omnämnda i mitt kostnadsfria veckobrev sedan början av 2021. Prenumerera här för att hålla dig uppdaterad om IT-branschen varje vecka. Om du föredrar att vara väl informerad och vill ha ett dagligt nyhetsbrev (skickas ut cirka 17:00/17:00 CET måndag-fredag), bli prenumerant på nyhetsbrevet inom IT-Branschen för att få de senaste uppdateringarna.

Denna lista uppdaterades senast: 6 january 2024.

A list (Stockholm, gifting wishlist service)
Abacube (Stockholm, solution to help insurance companies automate the way they calculate compensations for personal injuries)
ABC Labs (Stockholm, provider of large-scale automated disease testing)
ABConnect (Stockholm, networking solutions for next-generation swarm intelligence)
Abentor Innovation (Stockholm, SaaS for property management)
Ablemind (Malmö, AI-powered clinical method to detect and measure mental illness)
ABTERY (Gothenburg, developer of electric drive systems)
Abundo (Stockholm, monthly subscription service for live-entertainment, culture and arts)
Acamp (Stockholm, campsite marketplace)
Acast (Stockholm, podcasting platform)
ACC Innovation (Åtvidaberg, developer and manufacturer of “the world’s largest unmanned quadcopter”)
Accessibility Cloud (Stockholm, SaaS solution offering automated accessibility testing and monitoring solutions for websites)
Accord (Stockholm, organization app that simplifies the sharing of tasks and responsibilities within groups)
Accumeo (Stockholm, equity crowdfunding platform)
Accurator (Stockholm, procurement platform for the construction industry)
Acorai (Helsingborg, developing a device for heart failure management through non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring)
Adcredo (Stockholm, AI powered advertising platform for agencies and brands)
ActiveQuiz (Vänersborg, quiz platform for organizations aiming to improve health and knowledge)
ActProof (Västervik, project management SaaS for construction contractors)
Acuminor (Stockholm, financial crime intelligence platform)
Adamant Quanta (Lund, developing diamond-based quantum tech for time-keeping, detection, and sensing)
AdaptFuture (Gothenburg, remote training and simulation solutions for the EV mobility sector)
Adatype (Växjö, AI-powered virtual keyboard for ergonomic typing on touchscreens)
ADDEL (Stockholm, surface-laid modules for EV charging infrastructure)
Addressya (Stockholm, “address as a service” solution for developing countries)
Adly (Linköping, live streaming advertising platform connecting brands with Gen Z)
Adnavem (Gothenburg, supply chain and logistics platform facilitating global trade)
Adoveo (Stockholm, SaaS based self- and managed service web application for creating engaging and interactive campaigns)
Adsorbi (Gothenburg, developer of a novel bio-material for air pollutant capture)
Adstuff (Linköping, cloud storage solution for vehicle dealers)
Adverty (Stockholm, in-game advertising solution)
Adway (Gothenburg, solutions for automated social recruitment marketing)
AERBON (Stockholm, developer of projects for scaling Direct Air Capture together with energy, technology, capital and storage partners)
Aerit (Stockholm, sustainable drone delivery startup)
After Class (Stockholm, app for teens to discover and book activities that interest them)
Again (Stockholm, mobile app that encourages brands to reduce climate emissions in return for consumer data, while paying cash to consumers)
Agorify (Stockholm, platform for true hybrid events)
Agricam (Linköping, preventive animal health care solutions through data prediction)
Agrodit, formerly IO-dit (Lund, smart irrigation platform)
Ahum (Stockholm, online marketplace for therapists)
AI Medical Technology (Stockholm, AI-powered diagnostic support tool for skin cancers)
AI Producer, formerly LiveArena (Stockholm, software that turns a Microsoft Teams meeting into a professional broadcast)
AiBetic (Stockholm, AI diabetes platform)
Aimplan (Skelleftea, provider of financial planning and analysis SaaS solutions based on the Microsoft Power BI platform)
Aira (Stockholm, D2C heat pump subscription service)
AirForestry (Uppsala, developer of drone technology for forest thinning)
Airinum (Stockholm, maker of “urban air masks”)
Airmee (Stockholm, last-mile delivery provider)
Airolit (Gothenburg, maker of smart & secure industrial drones)
AirPark (Helsingborg, parking community for renting or renting out parking spaces)
Airpelago (Gothenburg, support software for efficient inspections of linear infrastructure with drones)
Airsonett (Ängelholm, device for the non-pharmaceutical home treatment of allergic asthma and eczema)
Airwatergreen (Uppsala, designer and manufacturer of products that effectively remove moisture and odor)
AirZyme (Stockholm, enzymatic enhanced carbon capture)
Ajoura (Borås, AI-powered app for multi-lingual, personalized news)
Akira Science (Stockholm, customized scaffolds for soft tissue engineering & filaments for 3D printing)
Akribian, formerly Scientific EdTech (Lund, developer of gamified learning solutions)
AktivBo (Stockholm, data-driven analytics for the real estate industry)
Alba Health (Stockholm & Copenhagen / Denmark, provider of digital gut health support for children)
Albracross (Stockholm, B2B intent data platform)
Albert (Gothenburg, digital learning subscription service for kids and teens)
Albus Care (Stockholm, digital healthcare solution for a better mapping, treatment and follow-up of alcohol problems)
Alertix (Kalmar, developer of a solution to detect cancer in animals in early stages)
Alex Therapeutics (Stockholm, digital therapeutics platform to develop and launch prescription digital therapies)
AlexisHR (Stockholm, people operations and analytics platform)
Algeno (Gothenburg, solution that optimizes heating in buildings)
Alginnova (Lund, solutions for the sustainable cultivation of seaweeds)
AlgoDX (Stockholm, AI-powered disease detection and prediction)
Algoryx (Umeå, software for visual and interactive multiphysics simulation)
Algra Insulation (Örebro, technology for transforming algae into the most sustainable insulation material on the market)
Aligned Bio (Lund, advanced nanowire technology for the biomedical industry)
Aline (Stockholm, learning experience platform)
AlixLabs (Lund, inventor of a new method for nanostructure fabrication)
All Aboard (Stockholm, train booking service for Europe)
All Ears (Stockholm; automated audio and video monitoring service for TikTok, pPodcasts, and YouTube)
Allbry (Stockholm, digital platform for a better student health)
Allabrf (Stockholm, digital platform for Swedish tenant-owner associations)
Allianskraft (Västerås, platform for service businesses to pool their purchases)
Allight (Malmö, developer of new adaptive headlight technology for the OEM and aftermarket)
Allihoop (Stockholm, co-living as a service)
Allina (Stockholm, next-gen white label insurance provider)
Alloverse (Stockholm, open-source platform for virtual collaboration)
Ally (Stockholm, bringing doctors and nurses to patients for on-demand house calls)
Altered (Stockholm, developer of high-end water saving solutions)
Alterspace (Stockholm, dynamic platform for rental of surplus office space)
Alrik (Stockholm, SaaS workspace solution for suppliers in construction)
Altris (Uppsala, developer of sustainable sodium-ion batteries)
Alva Labs (Stockholm, data-driven recruitment tool)
Alwia Insights (Stockholm, assortment planning and buying system for fashion and retail companies)
Alwy (Stockholm, app-based personal finance coach)
Amanda AI (Stockholm, autonomous AI advertising robot for optimizing Google, Meta and Bing advertising)
Ambient (Stockholm, multiplayer game engine)
AmbiCare (Stockholm, visual noise cancelling glasses helping employees to focus in visually intense environments)
Ambidex (Gothenburg, software solution that balances the grid by providing industrial refrigeration systems as a flexible resource)
Amet Drive (Örebro, carpooling platform)
Amferia (Gothenburg; developer of materials that can efficiently kill bacteria when used as medical devices, for example within wound care)
Amun AI (Stockholm, internal development platform for creating AI-powered data analysis tools)
Amuse (Stockholm, music distribution platform)
Anatomic Studios (Malmö, personalized prosthetic accessories)
anch.AI, formerly AI Sustainability Center (Stockholm, ethical AI governance platform for businesses)
Anekdote (Härnösand; no-code platform to build, publish and update iOS and Android apps in a fast, simple and cost effective way)
Angry Camel (Malmö, maker of protein made from chickpeas)
Animals.ai (Helsingborg, AI-driven solutions for better livestock management)
Animal.OOO (Stockholm, provider of tech solutions for the animal industry)
Ankra (Stockholm, cloud infrastructure automation platform)
Anolytech (Ystad; environmentally friendly disinfection technology based on water, salt and electricity)
anotherblock (Stockholm, NFT-based music rights marketplace)
Anyfin (Stockholm, consumer loan refinancing provider)
ANYO Labs (Gothenburg, AI-based drug discovery solutions)
Anyone (Stockholm, career mentorship audio app)
Apartly (Stockholm, fintech that lets individuals invest smaller amounts in apartments)
Apotekamo (Stockholm, operator of an onwline pharmaceutical marketplace
targeting the Central and Eastern European markets)
Appjobs (Stockholm, platform for gig workers)
Aprello (Stockholm, SaaS platform for companies’ annual reporting)
Aprisa (Stockholm, user-friendly financial reporting software for businesses and entrepreneurs)
Aqua Robur (Gothenburg,IoT solutions for water networks)
Aquafood (Gothenburg, patented technology that enables seafood producers to produce more food from less fish)
Arboair (Linköping, AI-driven image analysis to produce a sharp decision basis for forest owners)
Arbon Earth (Gothenburg, producer of oceanpods to accomplish carbon removal at scale through algae)
Arboreal (Umeå, technology and apps for measuring forest with a phone)
Arbster (Stockholm, all-in-one arborist platform)
ArchMatch (greater Helsingborg area, matchmaking platform for finding the right architect or decorator)
Archr (Stockholm, service for comparing products and services pre-purchase on price and sustainability)
Arctic Space Technologies (Luleå, provider of satellite ground segment solutions)
Argus Eye (Linköping, sensor solutions for real-time monitoring of biological systems and processes)
Arkimera Robotics (Kalmar; developer of Azora One, self-learning automation API for ERP/Accounting software)
Arrow Lake (Malmö, energy-efficient ozone generators for improving water- and air treatment)
Artely (Stockholm, marketplace for art founded)
Artportable (Stockholm, online art platform)
Artroa (Gothenburg, patented technology for the diagnosis and treatment of Osteoarthritis)
Arkworks Labs (Stockholm, online marketplace for art)
Arty (Stockholm, AI-powered media monitoring SaaS for the healthcare and pharma sector)
Asekio (Lund, AI website builder)
Asentio, formerly Rounded News (Stockholm, text analysis APIs that are 400x faster, and more accurate than GPT-4)
Asker (Stockholm, data-driven platform for conducting job interviews)
Aspect, formerly Hume (Gothenburg, data-driven AI-based platform that analyzes recruiting interviews)
Asset Telescope (Stockholm, forecasting software for capital- and fund market)
Asteria (Stockholm, cash flow forecasting SaaS for SMEs)
Asthmatuner (Stockholm, clinical validated asthma app)
Astrid (Stockholm, subscription-based AI assistant that customer-facing teams use to improve how they communicate with partners and clients)
Atium (Gothenburg, developer of water treatment technologies)
Atlantic Quantum (Gothenburg & Cambridge, MA, developer of scalable quantum computers)
Atlar (Stockholm, bank payments platform for automated money movement)
Atmoz (Stockholm, carbon management platform for SMEs)
Atomize (Gothenburg, real-time price automation for hotels)
Atonemo (Stockholm, audio hardware that lets users pair any set of speakers, regardless of brand, age, or streaming mode)
Attini (Stockholm, serverless deployment framework for Infrastructure as Code)
Audiodo (Malmö, technology for “personalized audio”, which adapts music to a person’s individual hearing)
Augere (Stockholm, online community for traders)
Aura Cloud (Stockholm, cloud-based banking platform for fintechs and banks)
AutoEnergy (Stockholm, automatic fueling systems for passenger vehicles)
AVA Stories (Stockholm, subscription app for audio erotic stories for women by women)
Avanto Care (Stockholm, decision support platform for elderly care providers)
Avassa (Stockholm, software for the management of distributed edge clouds)
Avionero (Malmö, flight search engine)
Avsalt (Lund, system for low energy, scalable electric water desalination)
Avy-Tmpl (Stockholm, tenant experience platform)
Awaio(Jönköping, booking platform for sharing office spaces)
Awardit (Stockholm, SaaS provider of loyalty programs)
Axyer (Linköping, mobile community to discuss and discover stocks)
Ayd (Stockholm, telehealth platform specialized in treatment of hair loss, erectile dysfunction and acne)

Baby Journey (Stockholm, app-based guide for pregnancy and new parents)
Babyscreen (Gothenburg, next-generation noninvasive prenatal testing provider)
Baemingo (Stockholm, digital payments and order solutions for restaurants and retailers)
Ballers App (Stockholm, digital platform for individual football training)
Baloo (Stockholm, microlearning platform for organizations)
Bambuser (Stockholm, provider of technology for live video shopping)
Bantaba (Stockholm, digital match-making platform connecting African startups with professionals and investors in the African diaspora)
Bapelsin (Stockholm, mobile app that allows gig workers to operate like a company)
Barktail (greater Gothenburg area, SaaS community platform for dog clubs)
Bärta (Karlshamn, producer of vegan and organic foods)
Baseira (Stockholm, integrated property management platform)
Bashi (Stockholm, online healthcare guide for patients)
Batonics (Stockholm, proprietary platform for automated scouting of investable anomalies)
Bazzum (Malmö, upcoming “job market of the future”)
Be Lucent (Stockholm, maker of the “Aurora” toothbrush sanitizer)
BeammWave (Lund, developer of an antenna technology for 5G)
Beamonics (Lund, solutions and patent-protected technologies to analyze air compositions in confined spaces and in the atmosphere)
Beat Vascular Health (Gothenburg, technology for early detection and analysis of cardiovascular disease)
Beatly (Stockholm, influencer marketing platform)
BeautyQlick (Stockholm, community for discovering beauty products based on customer preferences, with the help of AI)
Beep Insights (Kiruna, all-in-one app for fueling and optimizing one’s performance)
BeeScanning (Örebro, app that allows beekeepers to monitor their bees’ health)
Beespeaker (Stockholm, app for learning a language with native speakers)
Beleco (Stockholm, subscription service for furniture)
BellPal (Stockholm, developer of connective care & health solutions)
Belly Balance (Stockholm, developer of digital solutions to treat irritable bowel syndrome)
Bemlo (Stockholm, marketplace for short-term staffing of nurses and doctors)
Bencha (Stockholm, SaaS platform for brands and retailers to enter the resale market)
Besedo (Stockholm, provider of products and services for content security and moderation, to online marketplaces)
BetterWealth (Malmö, robo-advisor)
Bicelo (Stockholm, e-bike rental service for hotel guests)
Bifrost security, formerly Quritis (Stockholm, behavior-based adaptive security for cloud software)
Big Akwa (Härnosand, land-based fish farming system, which will function in industrial symbioses with other enterprises)
BIKETRACE (Ytterhogdal, solutions for making bikes smarter)
Billender (Stockholm, buy now pay later solution for bill paying)
Billhop (Stockholm, b2b payment platform enabling card-based bill payments)
Billo (Stockholm, digital mailbox service)
Billogram (Stockholm, invoicing and payments technology provider)
Bimify (Stockholm, platform for creation and maintenance of digital building models)
Binary Brains (Örebro, intelligent sales forecasting for the commerce industry)
Bintel (Lund, developer of smart waste management technology)
Biobase (Stockholm; developer of unique, high performance, sustainable functional fluids)
BioCell Analytica (Uppsala, effect-based methods to detect hazardous compounds in water)
Biocompost (Sundsvall, turnkey solutions for upcycling organic waste into resources)
Bionamic (Lund, SaaS for antibody R&D data)
Biorecro (Stockholm, removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere utilizing BECCS)
Biorestore (Stockholm, patent pending sustainable garment restoration solution)
Biosorbe (Karlstad, developer of an efficient and environmentally friendly absorbent of hydrocarbons in water, air and soil)
Biosphere Intelligence (Stockholm, interactive sustainability training programs for businesses)
Birds Relations (Gothenburg, mobile app helping couples to manage their relationship)
Birth Class (Stockholm, audio app with classes for pregnancy, birth and early motherhood)
Bitlog (Stockholm, smart supply-chain and logistics solutions)
Bitrefill (Stockholm, lets people buy gift cards and refill phones with cryptocurrencies)
Bits Technology (Stockholm, API solution that allows fintechs to connect to multiple service providers and data sources for Know Your Customer and Know Your Business processes)
BizLab Analytics (Stockholm, AI-technology solutions for media and retailers)
Bizzcoo (Stockholm, intelligent skills & planning platform)
Bizzdo (Skövde, search engine for public data on Swedish companies)
Blackwing (Eslöv, designer and developer of a next-gen light aircraft)
BLANCHEstories (Stockholm, audio-erotic app for women)
blankt (Stockholm, next-generation design engine for e-commerce)
Blinto (Växjö, online auctions platform for vehicles, machinery and tools)
Blipp (Stockholm, transaction platform for private car deals)
Blippa.com (Stockholm, product lifecycle management platform)
Bliq (Stockholm, lending intelligence platform)
Blisser (Stockholm, platform connecting users on a personal level with the most prestigious talent and impactful leaders)
BL!XT (Blixt) (Stockholm; developer of miniature, solid state circuit breaker and next gen. modular multilevel converters)
Bluecall (Stockholm, provider of a digital mental health solution for companies)
Blue Cromos (Malmö, next-generation brand protection platform)
Bluedot Crypto (Stockholm, upcoming crypto exchange)
Blue Ocean Closures (Karlstad, developer of cellulose based caps and lids that are recyclable as paper)
Blykalla, formerly also “LeadCold” (Stockholm, developer of modular nuclear reactor technology)
BoardClic (Stockholm, SaaS B2B platform for digital board and management team evaluations)
Boardeaser (Stockholm, SaaS that automates time consuming processes for boards and executives)
Boards on Fire (Väjxö, B2B SaaS offering a digital dashboard for daily management and improvement work)
Bodil (Stockholm, fintech providing bridge financing for borrowers looking to buy a house)
Bofink (Stockholm, digital mortgage advisor)
Bokadirekt (Stockholm, marketing and booking platform for the wellness and beauty sector)
Bokafix (Stockholm, 2021, marketplace app for booking tradespeople)
Boka.se (Örebro, booking system for businesses in various different industries)
Bokio (Gothenburg, digital accounting services for small businesses)
Boksnok (Stockholm, subscription service for interactive children’s books)
Bonanza Location (Gothenburg, platform for offering and renting filming locations)
BonBot (Stockholm, developer of technology for icecream robots and automated restaurants)
Boneprox (Gothenburg, SaaS digital specialist clinic for dental care professionals)
BONI (Stockholm, moodboard platform and SaaS solution to help interior designers grow smarter)
Book My Food (Helsingborg, mobile application that links individuals who cook at home with foodies who enjoy homemade food
Book My Ride (Stockholm, app-based online market place for taxis)
Bookboost (Malmö, customer experience platform for hospitality brands)
BoostCap (Stockholm, provider of growth- and working capital for merchants)
Boostified Pay (Malmö, payment solution where consumers can pay with genuine recommendations & content)
Boostify (Stockholm, mobile app for families to gamify household chores)
Bordr (Stockholm, cloud VR gaming solution)
Botanium (Stockholm, manufacturer of smart urban gardening products)
Bovra (Stockholm, superapp for the home)
Bower, formerly PantaPå (Stockholm, recycling app)
Bowter (Arvika, electric boat brand and rental platform)
Boxbollen (Stockholm, smart fitness toy)
Boxxy (Stockholm, smart lockers for food home deliveries)
Brain Stimulation (Umeå, digital tools for stroke rehabilitation)
BRANTU (Stockholm, influencer community-based on-demand fashion designer)
Brainlit (Lund, developer of biocentric lighting environment solutions)
Brainsafe (Stockholm; online healthcare provider focused on preventing, treating and rehabilitating concussions)
BrainZell (Stockholm, platform for candidate drug testing using human cell-based brain organoids)
Brandie (Stockholm, influencer marketing platform)
Braviz (Gothenburg, augmented intelligence platform for industries)
Bredbandsval.se (Malmö, broadband provider comparison service)
Brick (Stockholm, network for power bank-sharing)
Bright (Stockholm, digital platform for the energy sector)
Bright Day Graphene (Stockholm, developer of prototypes for new energy storage devices)
BrightAct (Uppsala, digital support tools for domestic violence)
Brighteco (Gävle, B2B subscription service for light sources)
Brillianze (Malmö, developer of transversor technology which reacts to motion before it becomes dangerous or uses too much resources)
Bringwash (Malmö, on-demand car wash service)
Brinja (Gothenburg, IoT cloud system to increase safety on construction sites)
Brink Commerce (Stockholm, composable e-commerce platform designed for fast-growing brands and global retailers)
Briqpay (Stockholm, software for enhancing B2B e-commerce payments)
Brite (Stockholm, payment solutions based on direct bank-to-bank technology)
Brizo (Stockholm, third-party logistics provider that enables brands to offer sustainable same-day delivery while keeping control of their brand and data)
Brocc (Stockholm, digital provider of consumer financing and savings solutions)
Bruce (Stockholm, fitness studio subscription service)
Bryntum (Stockholm, UI component library for project planning and resource management)
Bryr (Sundsvall, mobile app for supporting relatives with care needs)
Bubbi.ai (Stockholm, automated AI personalization platform for e-commerce)
Bubl (Nyköping, portable air purifier for strollers and prams, keeping babies safe)
Buddy (Stockholm, iOS budgeting app)
BuddyCompany, launched initially as TechBuddy (Stockholm, one-stop shop for high-quality services at home)
Buddywise (Stockholm, platform that enables realtime safety monitoring of dangerous heavy industry environments through computer vision)
Budi (Stockholm, auction platform for inventory such as machines, vehicles and equipment)
BudID (Uppsala, service to streamline the process of home purchases)
Buility (Stockholm, SaaS platform for Chief Product Officers)
Bumbee Labs (Stockholm, provider of intelligent footfall analytics)
Bumpy (Stockholm, fertility support app)
Buzz (Stockholm, menu bar productivity app for engineering teams)
BYON8 (Stockholm, digital healthcare app targeting Kenya and other African markets)
Bytboo (Stockholm, service for finding real estate agents)
Bzzt (Gothenburg, environmentally friendly last mile transports in city centers)
B-bylon (Malmö, hydroponic system for indoor farming at home)

CADcog (Gävle, VR/MR platform for product user testing)
CAKE (Stockholm, electric motorcycle maker)
Calda AI (Stockholm, builds physics-based AI engines to model and optimise heavy industrial processes)
Call Knut (Helsingborg, communication software designed to check in on the elderly)
Camigo (Malmö, subscription service matching elderly people who live alone, with younger people, for socializing)
Campcation (Stockholm, “largest booking site for campsites & pitches in the Nordics”)
Campstream (Örnsköldsvik, camping gear & solutions for electric vehicles)
CanaryBit (Stockholm, platform for confidential data collaboration)
Candela (Stockholm, manufacturer of a long-range electric boats)
Capitainer (Stockholm, platform for self-sampling of blood)
Caplyzer (Stockholm, provider of clean energy solutions based on our groundbreaking electrolyzer technology)
Cappy (Gothenburg, modern salary tool for employers to increase employees’ motivation)
Captario (Gothenburg, SaaS for drug portfolio management)
CarbonCloud (Gothenburg, climate intelligence platform for the food supply chain)
Cardia (Stockholm, solution to improve the process of selling or buying a used car)
Cardo Health (Stockholm, digital health company aiming to invest in and scale early-stage digital health startups in emerging markets)
Carcare (Östersund, lead time management platform for OEMs and car dealerships)
Care to Translate (Stockholm, medical translation app for healthcare professional)
CareSynch (Katrineholm, medication management system designed for better adherence)
Carjoy (Alingsås, mobile mechanics service for cars)
Carla (Stockholm, online store for used electric vehicles)
CARMATE (Gothenburg, solution for managing, buying and selling company cars)
Carswipe (Malmö, marketplace for cars)
Cars2Click (Stockholm, B2B online car trading platform)
Carthago Fragrance (Borlänge, technology for extracting natural components from plants to produce fragrances that more resembles the one of the true plant)
Car.info (Ängelholm, online car database)
Cascade Drives (Stockholm, next generation of electro-mechanical linear drives for mobile and industrial applications)
Casheury (Skivarp, maker of vegan dairy-free cheese)
Catch Me (Stockholm, digital fair staffing platform specializing in side jobs)
CathPrint (Stockholm, novel and cost-effective method of producing advanced catheters)
Causiq (Stockholm, SaaS that uses AI to provide companies with a holistic view of marketing channel effectivenes)
Cavis (Kungsängen, medtech company developing invasive technology for the assessment of coronary artery disease)
CAViTreat (Stockholm, developer of novel micro-and macroscale reactors based on cavitation)
Cay Collective (Stockholm; digital marketplace for creator-powered lifestyle, fashion and art)
Celcibus (Gothenburg, solutions for sustainable energy systems)
Cellcolabs (Stockholm, biotech impact startup “on a mission to use advanced cell therapies to disrupt healthcare”)
Cellda (Uppsala; digital pathology and computer assisted analysis of tissue sections of human cancer, initially prostate cancer)
Cellevate (Lund, developing next generation of cell culture systems designed to revolutionize biomanufacturing)
Cellfion (Norrköping, bio-based membranes for electrical energy storage and conversion devices)
CelluCircle (Stockholm, design s circular and sustainable additives and materials from recycled textiles)
Cellufy (Stockholm, developer of bio-based materials for sustainable industrialisation)
CelluXtreme (Stockholm, technology for creating high performing and bio based lightweight materials)
CemVision (Stockholm, developing “the world’s most resource-efficient cement”)
Centi (Stockholm, private equity management platform)
Centiglobe (Stockholm, instant multi-currency transaction system for financial institutions)
Centra (Stockholm, headless e‑commerce SaaS solution for D2C and digital wholesale operations)
Cercino (Helsingborg; nightlife guidance app that helps users find and skip lines at clubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants in various cities)
Certainli (Stockholm, component certificate platform)
Cerve (Jönköping, infrastructure platform that automates wholesalers’ sales operations)
Cestore (Stockholm, developer of an ocean-based carbon removal tech solution)
Cetasol (Gothenburg, AI-powered energy optimization solutions for small and medium-sized vessels)
Cevoid (Stockholm, SaaS solution for visual community-generated content, aimed at brands)
ChainTraced (Stockholm, provider of digital end-to-end traceability solutions focused on tracing raw material to end product across the metallic value chain)
Challenge GG (Stockholm, play-to-win esports challenge platform)
Challengermode (Stockholm, esports platform)
Charge Amps (Stockholm, manufacturer of smart charging solutions for electric vehicles)
Chargehome Technology (Stockholm, provider of EV charging stations to end consumers)
ChargeNode (Gothenburg, developer of smart EV charging systems)
Charly (Stockholm, digital family equity insurance)
Charm Solutions (Stockholm & San Francisco, AI-powered SMB credit advisor)
Charma (Linköping, online gift card provider for organizations)
Chassis Autonomy (Trollhättan, developer of automotive fail-operational actuation systems)
Chatflights (Stockholm & New York, travel award booking concierge service)
Check (Piteå, SaaS business system for creative agencies)
Checkin.com (Stockholm, provider of registration flow solutions for online services)
CheckProof (Stockholm, SaaS platform to connect frontline teams)
Chemity (Köping, product compliance software that helps meet the requirements of chemical regulations)
Chroma (Stockholm, startup building audio technology specifically for mobile devices)
Chromafora (Stockholm, technology for selective removal of PFAS and heavy metals from water streams)
ChromaWay (Stockholm, creator of blockchain infrastructure)
CIBoost (Stockholm, team efficiency enhancement tool)
Cind (Jönköping; solutions for maximizing efficiency of supply chain logistics)
Cinis Fertilizer (Örnsköldsvik, producer of “the world’s most environmentally friendly mineral fertilizer through innovative upcycling”)
Cinode (Stockholm, platform for skills management and seamless sourcing)
Circulaire (Stockholm, price comparison engine for premium second hand fashion)
Circulate (Stockholm, SaaS platform and B2B marketplace for sustainable packaging)
Cirkl (Stockholm, mobile app for families to manage their daily tasks)
Cirkulär (Lund; technology platform for identifying, designing, creating and scaling fungal cells to serve different purposes and industries)
Citywise, formerly Streetsmart (Stockholm, developing technology that makes parking hassle free and more efficient for city environments)
Claims Carbon (Stockholm, SaaS to help insurers reach net-zero in their entire value chain)
Clean Motion (Gothenburg, manufacturer of three-wheeled EVs)
CleanPure (Stockholm, non-alcoholic disinfection produced from natural raw materials)
Clever Compliance (Stockholm, compliance management software for enterprises)
Clickable (Gothenburg, AI-based ad generation service)
Climate Hero (Stockholm, carbon footprint calculation solutions for consumers and businesses)
ClimateView (Stockholm, climate action technology company that helps cities transform climate planning into progress)
Climeon (Stockholm, creating electricity from hot water)
Cling Systems (Stockholm, intelligent systems for global battery circularity)
Clinsight (Stockholm, AI powered prostate pathology)
Clipsource (Stockholm, communication platform for media companies)
Clira, formerly AreaChica (Stockholm; B2B procurement platform, marketplace & community)
Cloover (Stockholm & Berlin / Germany, solution for renewable energy companies to offer subscription services)
Closar AI (Stockholm, daily monitoring of wearable data to make it actionable for doctors)
CloudBackend (Linköping, next generation cloud provider for front-end developers)
ClowID (Malmö, full-stack customer engagement platform)
CoAccount (Stockholm, SaaS solution for smart, safe and transparent B2B invoicing)
Coachr (greater Helsingborg area, SaaS coaching platform for leaders)
Coala Life (Uppsala, digital heart monitoring system)
Cocoon Airbag Protection (Lund, developer of the world’s safest children’s bike seat)
Codeball, formerly Sturdy (Stockholm, AI-powered code review)
CodeEasy (Stockholm, online educational platform aiming to teach beginners C# programming)
Codemill (Umeå, SaaS-centric digital product and service studio)
CodeScene (Malmö, next generation software engineering intelligence tool)
Codicent (Gothenburg, AI-powered automation platform for business processes)
Coeo (Umeå, digital event platform)
Cognes, formery ADix (Helsingborg, screening tool for early detection of Dementia utilizing machine-learning technology)
Cognibotics (Lund, developer of new robotics and automation solutions)
Cohabit (Malmö, pre-loved furniture for rent)
coherence (Malmö, open platform for building scalable and persistent multiplayer games and virtual worlds)
Cole.ai (Stockholm, AI-driven Co-pilot solution that lets students take full control of the reading and learning process)
Colibrio (Gothenburg, technology platform for building digital reading experiences)
Colive (Stockholm, provider of coliving hubs)
Colivia (Stockholm, mobile matching platform for healthcare professionals to find suitable assignments)
Colix (Växjö, SaaS provider of software and app solutions for businesses)
Collactivate (Åre, platform for property owners to increase safety in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas)
Collecct (Stockholm, circular platform for the waste industry sector)
Collective Minds Radiology (Stockholm, platform and community for healthcare collaboration)
Collegial (Stockholm, corporate learning platform)
Coloreel (Jönköping, technology that enables high-quality coloring of textile thread on demand)
Coly (Stockholm, SaaS tool for shared living operators)
Combify (Stockholm, SaaS solution for visualisation and digitalisation of construction projects’ data)
Commended.ai (Stockholm, AI-enabled platform for independent consultants)
CommuteSaver (Stockholm, automated mobile CO2 emissions tracker for commuting)
Composite Sound (Borås, creator of advanced speaker cones and diaphragms)
Compular (Gothenburg, next generation computational tool for material development)
ConScience (Gothenburg, nanofabrication company)
Consenz (Stockholm, connected and intelligent head-up display which upgrades the digital interface of any car)
Consupedia (Stockholm, B2B provider of independent, transparent information on the impact of food on climate, environment, health and social justice)
Containing Greens (Luleå, developer of new cultivation techniques in a Subarctic and Arctic climate using wasteheat from Data centers)
Controla (Stockholm, upcoming all-in-one SME cybersecurity platform)
Conversy (Stockholm, voice biometrics & transcription platform)
Convolo (Stockholm, SaaS provider of sales tools)
Cooach (Stockholm, Growth as a Service platform for scaleups)
Copabet (Stockholm, social platform where friends compete by predicting games of major sports events)
Corely (Stockholm, SaaS solution for contract management)
Corite (Stockholm, platform for crowdinvesting in music artists)
Corpower Ocean (Stockholm, developer of wave energy technology)
Corsmed (Stockholm, MRI simulation platform)
Court22 (Borlänge, digital platform for racket sports players and venues)
CoSafe (Stockholm, cloud-based crisis management & communications platform)
CoSociety (Stockholm, hyper-realistic 3D virtual office solution)
Countagen (Stockholm, out-of-the-box gene editing analysis)
Covr Security (Malmö, mobile security management platform)
Cowrite (Stockholm, SaaS for automated text generation)
Coya (Stockholm, network of hybrid and nomad workplaces)
Co-X (Stockholm, platform for running co-retail marketplaces)
Creative Database (Gothenburg, platform that intelligently connects creative freelancers and project managers)
CredPoint (Stockholm, solution for real-time credit checks)
Cresponix (Örebro, technology for sustainable land-based shrimp farming)
Crossborderit (Älvkarleby, global clearance solutions for e-Commerce shipments)
Crossbreed (Malmö, ecosystem of energy optimisation services)
Crosser (Stockholm, edge analytics & integration for industry 4.0 and industrial IoT)
Cross Reality (Malmö, creator of VR games suitable for location-based entertainment)
Cruncho (Stockholm, provider of hyperlocal personalised ready-to-use content for websites)
Cubegreens (Stockholm, operates and develops solutions for local food production in cities)
Cultpix (Stockholm, streaming service for vintage cult films)
Cultup (Gothenburg, SaaS tool for improving meetings)
Curest (Luleå, digital and VR-based solutions for physical therapy)
Curity (Stockholm, identity management for APIs)
Curoflow (Stockholm, white label telemedicine platform)
Customer First (Stockholm, B2B contact center solution for customer handling across multiple channels)
CycleZyme (Lund, technology for enzymatic recycling of plastic)
Cyclicor (Lund, building safer and more sustainable plastics)
Cyclothe (Stockholm, circular solution repurposing used or unidentified garments through collection and AI-driven sorting systems)
Cytely (Malmö, SaaS platform for end-to-end data-driven microscopy)
CYVI (Stockholm, cyber insurance platform for SMEs)
C-Green (Stockholm, technology to convert wet biowaste into solid hydrochar)
C-Resiliens (Stockholm, cybersecurity provider)

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DanAds (Stockholm, provider of self-service advertising technology)
Dandi (Stockholm & New York, analytics platform for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace)
Dashl (Stockholm, digital beauty services)
Data Talks (Stockholm; SaaS for sports organizations to to sell more tickets, sponsorship packages, and merchandise)
Datana (Stockholm, AI-powered solution to help retailers curb and prevent shoplifting)
Datatera (Stockholm, data analytics platform for healthcare providers)
Datia (Stockholm, solutions for sustainable finance)
Daymi (Stockholm, SaaS solution for the finance sector for managing recurring tasks and processes)
DAZOQ (Stockholm, intelligent energy management system platform)
DBT (Stockholm, financing provider for SMEs)
DBtune (Malmö & Palo Alto / USA, AI-powered
database tuning service)
DbVis Software (Stockholm, provider of a database management and analysis tool)
DB24 (Gothenburg, database automation tool)
Dcipher Analytics (Stockholm, end-to-end no-code text analytics platform)
Dolprop (Stockholm, developing the world’s “most sustainable marine propulsion technology”)
DealGuru (Lund, community for deals and bargains)
DealPotential (Stockholm, investment intelligence platform)
Dealstation, formerly Pepicon (Stockholm, fundraising and exit platform for companies)
Debricked (Malmö, automated cybersecurity platform for open source management)
deBroome (Stockholm, cloud-based platform to help make every employee and partner a brand ambassador)
Deedster (Stockholm, developer of digital tools for climate action)
Deep Forestry (Uppsala, autonomous drone technology for data gathering in forests)
Deepgrid (Stockholm, developer and operator of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) facilities that act as Virtual Power Plants)
Degoo Cloud (Stockholm, AI based cloud storage that helps users to rediscover their best photos)
Defentry (Stockholm, provider of identity safety and real-time threat intelligence technology)
Delibr (Stockholm, SaaS tool for writing feature specifications)
Deligate (Örebro, provider of a solution to reduce food waste at grocery stores and other retailers)
Della8 (Helsingborg, online solution for facilitating and managing collective ownership of larger physical assets)
Delori (Gothenburg, white label solution for digital delegations for websites or applications)
Demando (Stockholm, recruiting platform for tech jobs)
Dema.ai (Stockholm, e-commerce analytics platform for profitable growth)
Dentech (Stockholm, provider of digital solutions for dentists)
Denthub (Stockholm, digital platform for communication between dentists and dental technicians)
Dentify (Stockholm, digital dental care provider)
Depict (Stockholm, product recommendations technology)
Deskhunters (Stockholm, instant workplace solutions)
Detecht (Gothenburg, motorcycle app with automatic crash detection)
Detectica (Stockholm, solution for detecting AI written text)
Detectify (Stockholm, automated external attack surface management solution)
Devant (Norrköping, provider of synthetic data to support the training, validation and testing of Machine Learning networks)
Deversify (Uppsala, develops and commercializes mobile electronic breathalyzers)
Devolv (Luleå, suite of digital tools for home builders)
DevStacks (Visby, next-gen cloud platform for software engineering)
Devward (Stockholm, AI- and IoT-powered developer of building intelligence solutions)
deWiz (Malmö, wearable tech to help golfers hit it longer, straighter and closer)
Dework (Stockholm, web3-native collaboration tool combining features from Trello and LinkedIn)
DH Anticounterfeit (Halmstad, SaaS solution for brand protection)
Dialog Therapy (Stockholm, platform that lets speech therapists create and share individualized home-based exercises with their patient)
Dib Travel (Stockholm, travel booking solution for corporate travel)
Dibz (Stockholm, queue-management platform for housing)
Dicopay (Stockholm, mobile invoicing for small enterprises)
Diet Doctor (Stockholm, subscription service for diet advice)
Digibility (Stockholm, digital platform for assessment of learning abilities of students)
Digiexam (Stockholm, digital exam platform)
digip (Stockholm, digital solution for brand protection)
Digiplan (Umeå, SaaS tool for creating and maintaining routines in a workplace)
DigiProc (Stockholm, digital procurement solution)
Digital Venue, formerly Visitor Toolbox (Sundsvall; SaaS solution for museums to visualize objects, collections, and history)
DigitalSAM (Stockholm, SaaS tool to ensure a work environment that meets legal requirements)
Digmi (Jönköping, provider of customized tablet subscriptions for hair salons)
Diplocs (Stockholm, self-checkout solution for physical retail)
DiPP-R (Lund, sustainable e-commerce logistics solution for e-LCV enabling unlimited range)
Dirac (Uppsala, developer of software to enhance audio performance)
Direct Carbon (Västerås, technology for modular and compact direct air capture)
DIRI Safety Solutions (Karlstad, risk management tool for the workplace)
DIT Egnahem (Umeå, system for designing and building an eco-friendly home)
Divly (Stockholm, service for tracking and declaring crypto taxes)
Djungo (Stockholm, social and dating app for digital natives & Gen Z)
dLab (Lund, technology for smart grid analysis)
Doccla (Stockholm & London, operator of a virtual hospital ward)
Dockstr (Stockholm, developer of online solutions for the offshore and marine sectors)
Doconomy (Stockholm, creator of climate-friendly fintech solutions)
Doctrin (Stockholm, platform for helping healthcare providers to digitalise the patient journey)
Dogdater (Stockholm, mobile community app for dogs)
Dogstr (Stockholm, mobile community app for dog owners)
DogsTracks (Helsingborg, dog tracking training companion for professionals and laymen)
Doklet (Stockholm, solution for interactive text books in schools)
Doktor.se (Stockholm, digital healthcare provider)
Doktor24 (Stockholm, digital healthcare provider)
Doldadress (Malmö, subscription service helping residents of Sweden to hide their personal data online)
Done (Stockholm; installation platform facilitating the end-to-end experience for consumers, installers and resellers)
Doorothy (Stockholm, rapid direct delivery service for brands)
Doors (Stockholm, platform for digital, live-only music experiences)
Doremir (Stockholm, provider of music intelligence solutions)
DoubleCloud (Gothenburg, job platform focusing on jobs at Europe’s most innovative scaleup companies)
DPella (Gothenburg, privacy-preserving analytics tool for businesses)
DPOrganizer (Stockholm, privacy management software)
Dr Hud (Stockholm, online dermatology services for a fraction of the price of private care)
Dramatify (Stockholm, online, mobile production management solutions for TV, video & film)
Dreamlake (Stockholm, online marketplace for the cruising industry)
Dreams Technology (Stockholm, engagement banking platform)
Dreams (Stockholm, fintech app designed to help people achieve their goals and boost their financial wellbeing)
Drem (Stockholm; provider of a seamless solution for heat pump deployment in residential properties)
DREV (Gothenburg, developer of sustainable battery cleaning technology)
Drifter (Gothenburg, automatic AI-driven parking system)
Drivler (Stockholm, on-demand traffic education platform connecting learners with driving schools)
Dropmed (Stockholm, online marketplace for medical equipment)
Droppa (Stockholm, multi-return platform for e-commerce)
Dropship (Södertälje, SaaS for dropshippers to find potentially winning products)
Drupps (Uppsala, technology for evaporative water recovery)
Dryft (Stockholm, tech enabled full-service provider for home improvement and maintenance)
Drynk (Stockholm, B2B online marketplace for alcoholic beverages)
DTR1 (Stockholm, software soolution which allows power transformers to be used more efficiently)
Duearity (Malmö, next generation medical device made solely for the treatment and alleviation of tinnitus)
DueDive (Växjö, provider of pre-investment tech assessments)
DUG / Veg of Lund (Malmö, maker of potato milk)
Dugga (Stockholm, digital learning assessment platform)
Duoo.gg (Trollhättan, duo finding platform for gamers)
Dwellir (Uppsala, provider of enterprise-grade RPC infrastructure for 50+ blockchain networks)
Dyamo (Stockholm, digital mentoring app for high school students)
Dynamic Code (Linköping, provider of end consumer health and diagnostic tests)

Earthbanc (Stockholm, carbon credit and finance platform)
EASI B2B (Stockholm, automated administration of corporate card purchases)
EasyArr (Visby, SaaS tool for event organizers)
Easycom (Borås, digital solution for online retailers to improve the return process and reduce the number of returns)
EasyJacket (Gothenburg, digital coat check solution for entertainment and culture venues)
Easynote (Malmö, work and collaboration software)
Easyserv (Halmstad, smart digital solutions for heat pumps)
Eatit (Stockholm, nutrition therapy app)
Ebie (Stockholm, B2B provider of a deposit insurance)
Echandia (Stockholm; energy storage solutions, primarily for the maritime industry and heavy-duty industrial applications)
Ecobloom (Stockholm, sensor and SaaS solution that helps increasing indoor farming profitability)
Ecohelix (Stockholm, developer of proprietary biopolymer processing technology)
Ecombooster (Sölvesborg, platform for online retailers to automate data collection from suppliers)
Econans (Gothenburg, data analytics and simulation platform for helping with the energy transition of buildings)
eContinence (Östersund, app for effective treatment of urinary leakage)
Ecotype (Uppsala, simplifying nature information and digitalizing forestry)
EC2B (Lund, provider of sustainable mobility solutions for the real estate sector)
EdAider (Stockholm, education platform for schools)
Edeva (Linköping, smart city solutions)
Edger Finance (Stockholm, trading tools for non-professional stock market traders)
Edgy Veggie (Malmö, producer of Seitan-based meat substitute products)
eDNA Solutions (Gothenburg, DNA based technologies to track individual species and assess biodiversity of macro- and microorganisms)
Ednia, formerly GyRank (Stockholm, service to help students find the right upper secondary school for them)
Edsquare, formerly Booksquare (Borlänge, subscription service for digital course and text books)
EduTechSmart (Umeå, platform for gamified healthcare education)
Effektify (Halmstad, SaaS solution for managing business growth)
EightOcean (Stockholm, platform for product data and supplier management)
Eiira Genetics (Stockholm, developer of AI solutions for genetic analysis to understand inherited cancer risks)
Eiko (Stockholm, data analysis solution)
Einride (Gothenburg; provider of digital, electric and autonomous shipping technology)
Eivora (Stockholm, SaaS for monitoring private Swedish companies, entrepreneurs and investors)
Ekkono (Varberg, embedded edge machine learning library, purpose-built for IoT)
Ekobot (Västerås, solutions for precision agriculture based on artificial intelligence and autonomous mob robot platforms)
Ekolution (Malmö, developer of climate-friendly construction materials made from industrial hemp)
Ekvitta (Karlskoga, digital receipt solution for second hand commerce)
Elastisys (Umeå, Kubernetes platform service provider)
Elbilio (Stockholm, platform to enable shared use of electric vehicles)
Elbilsvaruhuset (Stockholm, all-in-one solution for purchase and installation of EV home charging equipment)
Elementric (Västerås, SaaS solution for waterleak risk screening)
Eletive (Malmö, employee engagement platform)
Elevri (Stockholm, education platform for engineering students)
Elias (Stockholm;game audio and music software platform)
Eliq (Gothenburg; SaaS platform for utilities, banks, and smart home companies, to transform themselves into energy services providers)
Eljun (Stockholm, open eMobility network)
Elk (Stockholm, technology enabling a new generation of connected musical instruments and audio processors)
Ella (Stockholm, digital healthcare app for women during and after pregnancy)
Ellure (Stockholm, provider of mass-personalization technology to brands and retailers)
Elonroad (Lund, developer of electric road technology that allows for automatic charging of EV)
Elsa Science (Stockholm, app for patients with arthritis)
ElvfTech (Stockholm, low-temperature waste heat recovery solution for energy intensive industries)
Elypta (Stockholm, early cancer detection technology)
EmbeDL (Gothenburg, helping customers embed deep learning-based artificial intelligence in embedded systems)
Emigreat (Gothenburg, international employee management software)
EmissionTwin, formerly The Ontology Way (Malmö, SaaS digital twin solution that helps businesses accelerate their net zero journey)
Emotional Fitness (Malmö, platform for peer to peer coaching)
Empatik AI (Stockholm, creator of AI tools that enable accurate and nuanced understandings of human communication)
Emulate Energy (Lund & Boston, virtual battery platform for electricity retailers)
Enabi (Vårgårda, data analytics solution for manufacturers)
Enabler (Stockholm, forward-looking investment platform that enables groups who have a harder time getting mortgages to invest in housing)
Enaiblers (Uppsala, empowering communities with affordable AI-based diagnostics to to improve global health equity)
Enairon (Gothenburg, world’s most efficient process for compressing air)
Encare (Stockholm, SaaS solution that helps healthcare providers reduce suffering and costs associated with surgery)
Encore (Stockholm, backend development engine)
Encube Technologies (Stockholm, product industrialization platform)
ENDA (Stockholm, digital platform to streamline and simplify the process of shopping for eco-friendly clothes online)
Endbright (Malmö, digital divorce planner)
EndoGyn (Stockholm, digi-physical provider of personalized healthcare for women with endometriosis)
Endre (Gothenburg, forecasting platform for electricity demand)
Enduce (Umeå, technology for energy recovery from shower water)
Enequi (Stockholm; developer and supplier of intelligent solutions for energy storage and energy optimization in private and commercial properties)
Energy Director (Jönköping; AI-powered real-time energy optimization solution)
Enerpoly (Stockholm, developer of zinc-ion batteries for stationary energy storage)
Eneryield (Gothenburg, AI-based technologies for electric power systems)
Engage, formerly Zubi.ai (Helsingborg, growth data platform for customer-first merchants)
EnginZyme (Stockholm, technology platform for sustainable chemical production)
Engrate (Stockholm, energy data integration platform)
Enigio (Stockholm, provider of a standardised solution for digitalised, authoritative original documents)
Enjay (Malmö, technology to recover the energy in kitchen fumes to heat the rest of the building)
Enklakassan (Karlskrona, cloud-based PoS system for small businesses)
Enliven (Stockholm, online publishing platform)
Enqlare (Stockholm, digital solutions for the maritime industry)
EnRoute (Stockholm, platform for expert skincare advice)
enrouteQ (Gothenburg, cloud-based platform for bus operators and transport authorities to improve operations)
Ensotech (Stockholm, B2B SaaS electricity purchase platform)
Entiros (Linköping, business integration solutions)
Envigas (Stockholm, first large-scale producer of high quality biocarbon in the Nordics)
Envivo (Örebro, furniture subscription service for workplaces)
Envue Technologies (Gothenburg, optical microscopy technique to achieve a deeper understanding of the nanoworld and molecules of life)
Eperoto (Gothenburg, SaaS tool to produce risk-value assessments of legal disputes)
Epidemic Sound (Stockholm, music licensing provider for creators)
Epigenica (Stockholm, technology for epigenetic profiling)
Epishine (Linköping, organic solar cell technology for low power electronics)
Eppow, formerly MyPick (Stockholm, digital healthcare staffing marketplace)
Epulze (Örebro, esports platform and service provider)
EQL (Gothenburg, stock market information and trading app)
Equardian (Gothenburg, app- and sensor-based solution for paddock monitoring)
Equilab (Gothenburg, world’s largest equestrian app)
Equileg (Stockholm, process management SaaS for lawyers and their clients)
Eqvor (Umeå, trading platform for secondaries in unlisted Swedish companies)
Era of We (Stockholm, platform for everyone in the global coffee supply chain)
Ergostone (Duved, creator of smart and versatile products to help people increase their own well-being)
Esgaia (Stockholm, SaaS solution for institutional investors to simplify the ESG-engagement process)
Esportal Group (Stockholm, esports platform)
Essentiq (Örebro, recruitment platform)
Estabild (Stockholm, real estate development software to help projects stay on track)
Estable (Lund, statistics platform for trotting enthusiasts)
EsterCare (Stockholm, platform where women can book digital healthcare meetings with gynecologists, midwives and sexologists)
Esther’s (Stockholm, online community for interior design to monetize creator marketing)
eSyn (Stockholm, SaaS solution for invoice processing automation)
Eucaps (Stockholm, “one-stock shop for European growth companies”)
Evam (Stockholm, emergency vehicle operating system with a collection of apps)
Everdrone (Gothenburg, software and drone service developer)
Evias (Stockholm, developer of an electric road system that has been developed and tested for over a decade)
Evidence (Stockholm; SaaS platform enabling clinical & hospital leaders to take control over production, productivity, budget & staffing)
Evify (Stockholm, provider of EV charging solutions for consumers, companies and cooperatives)
Evira / Devira (Stockholm, digital tool for clinical treatment of obesity)
Evity (Umeå, HR tool for businesses without an HR department)
evoli (Stockholm, tech-driven insurance provider)
EvolutelQ (Stockholm, low-code/no-code hyperautomation enablement platform)
Evroc (Stockholm, startup building a hyperscale sustainable cloud to return data sovereignty to Europe)
Eways (Stockholm, independent provider of B2C and B2B EV charging solutions)
Exeger (Stockholm, manufacturer of flexible solar cells made to power gadgets)
Exeri (Luleå, developer of smart grid surveillance technology)
Exhale (Malmö, mental health app)
Exore.net (Stockholm, peer-2-peer recruiting platform specializing in finding remote talent)
Exparang (Stockholm, platform for data driven executive recruitment matching)
Explained (Stockholm, media startup explaining Europe with visual and inclusive data stories)
Eyeonid (Stockholm, provider of digital ID-theft solutionp)
Ezeride (Trollhättan, carpooling app)
Ezeto (Gothenburg, rental platform for vans)
E-GO (Stockholm, provider of fantasy esports)
E-Watercraft (Linköping, development and manufacturing of highly advanced electric watercrafts)

Fair Taxi (Stockholm, taxi hailing app which is partly owned by the drivers)
Fairlo (Stockholm, provider of fair consumer financing)
Familia (Skellefteå, social app for families)
Farmo (Stockholm, solution for farmers to find trusted contractors)
Fast Trek (Stockholm, solution for optimizing long haul inland logistics)
Fastr (Stockholm, B2B provider of insights from real world visitors)
Farmers First (greater Malmö area, machinery trade platform for farmers)
Farmly (Örebro, mobile app for restaurant owners to buy directly from local food producers)
FarmUp (Visby, marketplace for buying delicious food directly from the farmer)
Fastighetsloggen (Stockholm; SaaS solution for comparison, analysis and management of property data)
FastPark (Karlstad, mobile app for sharing of parking spots)
Faut Innovation (Linköping, revolutionizing the construction of solar farms and fences with efficient automation and streamlined integration)
Favo (Gävle, cloud kitchen provider)
Favro (Uppsala, collaborative planning app for SaaS and live games companies)
Fedelta (Borås, SME loan provider)
FeedbackFrog (Stockholm, B2B SaaS customer feedback collection solution for product development)
Fejron (Stockholm, revenue-based finance platform that connects SaaS companies seeking financing, with investors who are looking for a new asset class)
Femai (Stockholm, digital healthcare service for women)
Femcare (Stockholm, digital healthcare provider for women)
Femillo (Härnösand, platform for women to find health care providers, digital solutions and physical products)
Fenix (Stockholm, digital provider of funeral services)
Fenix Solar (Helsingborg, digital twin-based monitoring solution for solar farms)
Fernita (Helsingborg, end-of-life planning service)
FerroSilva (Stockholm, developer of a new process for the production of fossil-free sponge iron)
Fever (Stockholm, smart grid platform that automates and optimise the bidding and market participation for companies’ energy assets)
Fibbl (Stockholm, end-to-end solution for 3D and AR focused visual marketing)
Fibu (Västerås, sustainable packaging solutions)
Fictive Reality (Stockholm, AI-powered authoring tools for the metaverse)
Fidesmo (Stockholm, contactless transactions platform)
Fieldstream (Stockholm, marketing analytics platform)
Fieldly (Malmö, project management tool for construction)
FigureFlow (Stockholm, AI-powered CFO assistant)
Fill (Stockholm; B2B marketplace that helps companies find, compare, and select quality recruiting agencies)
Finansia (Karlskrona, B2B SaaS provider of factoring and invoicing solutions)
Finch (Malmö, SaaS design tool for architects)
Find My Factory (Stockholm, B2B supplier database)
Findex (Gothenburg, digital asset management platform)
Findity (Stockholm, SaaS solution for business expense management)
Findlr (Gothenburg, rental marketplace for commercial properties)
FineCell (Stockholm; sustainable cellulose microfibers for greener & differentiated products)
FinetuneDB (Stockholm, fine-tuning app to improve any LLM)
FinFollow (Stockholm, social networking app for investors in public stocks)
Finshark (Lund, open banking payments provider)
FinSquid, formerly FinFollow (Stockholm, open finance integration platform)
remove finfollow
Finture (Stockholm, investment platform for the energy sector)
FirstVet (Stockholm, on-demand video platform for veterinary appointments)
Fishbrain (Stockholm, “world’s most popular fishing app”)
Fixi Bike (Stockholm, platform connecting local bike stores with customers who need their bikes fixed)
Flarie (Stockholm, platform for brands to create “advergaming”)
Flasheye (Luleå, 3D lidar monitoring system for early detection of deviations and danger)
Flavourit (greater Piteå area; digital sommelier platform for restaurants, bars, and conference organizers)
Fleetm8 (Stockholm, digital solutions for the maritime sector)
Fler (Stockholm, next-gen recruitment automation solution)
Flexotrap (Lund, modular bullet trapping system for shooting facilities)
Flexpenser (Stockholm; low-cost, mono-material airless liquid dispensing solution that is adaptable to all types of packaging)
Flightradar24 (Stockholm, flight tracking service)
Flic (Stockholm, creator of smart buttons)
Flip N Bid (Stockholm, peer-to-peer marketplace for sneakers)
Flipside (Stockholm, customer engagement platform for online retailers)
FLOAT (Stockholm, provider of non-dilutive growth capital for Nordic SaaS and other subscription businesses)
Floccs (Stockholm, networking app for the horse sport community)
Flourish (Gothenburg, feedback SaaS for organizations and teams)
Flow(Motala, mobile ordering and payment system for the hospitality sector)
Flow Motion Technology (Östersund, sports technology company with a patented technology that enhances athlete performance within the ice skate, inline skate and ski markets)
Flow Neuroscience (Malmö, medication-free depression treatment)
Flowbox (Stockholm, SaaS visual marketing platform for brands)
Flowby (Stockholm, mobile queue management solution for stores and service points)
Flower, formerly Krafthem (Stockholm, virtual power plant operator)
Flowfactory (Stockholm, low code platform for business applications)
Flowpass (Stockholm, hybrid workspace platform)
Flowscape (Stockholm, digital workplace solutions)
Flowtropolis (Stockholm, VR immersive workforce training platform)
FLOX (Stockholm, wildlife management as a service)
Flyttsmart (Stockholm, all-in-one solution for relocation services)
Focalpay (Stockholm; commerce platform merging payment and retail functionalities)
Fondo (Stockholm, open savings platform allowing access to a wide universe of mutual funds, commission free)
Foodchain by Blockchain (Lidköping, traceability solution provider for the food sector)
FoodFacts (Stockholm, platform combining food data with smart ingredient analysis to help consumers make better informed food choices)
Foodnest (Stockholm, social network for food and cooking)
Foodrunners (Stockholm, mobile app for comparing grocery prices)
Force HT ( Skövde, 3D hair transplant consultation platform)
Forento (Gävle, creator monetization and community platform)
Forever 89 (Stockholm & Berlin, developer of contemporary musical instruments for the modern musician)
Forkcast (Stockholm, sales forecasting solution for restaurants)
Forloop.ai (Stockholm, no-code tool to collect external data and automate it)
Fortified ID (Stockholm, B2B solutions for secure login and identity management)
Fossil Free Marine (Stockholm, unmanned floating marine station for renewable fuels)
Fragsheet (Stockholm, platform for gamers to find other players and e-sports and gaming-related events)
Freedrum (Malmö, maker of a virtual drum kit)
Freelayer (Kalmar, developer of a smart horsecovers)
Freemelt (Gothenburg, the world’s first open source EB-based metal 3D printer, optimized for materials R&D)
Freespee (Uppsala, SaaS solution for seamless connected customer journeys)
Freja eID (Stockholm, electronic ID provider)
Frequencz (Stockholm & San Francisco, solution for turning unlicensed spectrum into private wireless networks)
Freshsound (Stockholm, original music licensing platform for professional storytellers)
FREVER (Stockholm, mobile 3D creation platform)
Friendbase (Gothenburg, virtual world for teens)
Froda (Stockholm, digital loan provider for small businesses)
Fryda (Stockholm, post-purchase experience platform for consumers and businesses)
FSport (Helsingborg, daily fantasy sports provider)
Fudd (Stockholm, inventory financing solution for vehicle dealers)
Fundler (Stockholm, mobile robo-advisor)
Fundrella (Stockholm, effective fund selection and reporting platform)
Funki (Stockholm, maker of music instruments that are accessible for people with intellectual disabilities)
Funmed (Gothenburg, digital provider of functional medicine services)
Funnel (Stockholm, marketing data analysis platform)
FunnelBud (Stockholm, all-in-one marketing automation & CRM platform)
Fureho (Gothenburg, developer of noobed 3D fabric pre-forms that enable optimised in-plane and out-of-plane mechanical properties and thermal conductance of composite materials)
Furhat (Stockholm, manufacturer of social robotics products)
FurryChamp (Stockholm, digital pet insurance)
Future Ordering (Stockholm, self-ordering platform)
Future Skill (Gothenburg, online coding test platform)
Fuzed (Stockholm, esports company that wants to create membership-based gaming hubs across Sweden)
Fxity (Stockholm, currency management monitoring & automation platform)
Fyndiq (Stockholm, largest marketplace for bargains in Sweden)
Fyrqom (Gothenburg, automated system solution for calibration of the tire pressure monitoring system on heavy-duty vehicles)

🌟 Missa inte det senaste inom IT-Branschen innovation! Håll dig steget före med IT-Branschen Veckovis, din väsentliga guide till den livliga startup- och scaleup-scenen. Anmäl dig nu för din gratis veckodospåse med insikter och uppdateringar.

🔥 För den ultimata fördelen inom teknikintelligens, dyk in i mitt exklusiva veckovisa nyhetsbrev, levererat direkt till din inkorg varje måndag. Packad med premiumfunktioner skräddarsydda för investerare, analytiker och säljproffs, är det din nyckel till att låsa upp unika möjligheter. Prenumerera idag och höj din strategi till nästa nivå!

Gaia Generation (Stockholm, SaaS analytic solutions that visualise the CO2e footprint of IT systems)
Galaxy Biosolutions (Gothenburg, developer of sustainable sweeteners through yeast strain genome editing)
Galiot (Stockholm, developer of a global decentralised IoT network)
Gamifiera (Stockholm, provider of a loyalty platform with gamification elements and community functionality)
Garantio (Norrköping, solution that helps construction companies and real estate companies to streamline their fault reporting and warranty case handling)
Gardenize (Gothenburg, mobile gardening app)
GardenR (Lund, mobile app for gardening)
Gassecry (Luleå; developer and operator of low/zero emissions data center and network infrastructure)
Gavagai (Stockholm, multilingual text analytics for customer intelligence)
Gazzine (Stockholm, online publication platform for journalists)
Gedea Biotech (Lund, developer of antibiotic free treatment for vaginal infections)
Gee Finance (Stockholm, “one-stop-economy” platform for gig workers)
Geins (Stockholm, pre-composed commerce suite)
Gemometrics (Luleå; portable hardware tool for jewelers & gemologists to screen diamonds, rubies & sapphires for synthetics & treatments)
Generation Waste (Gothenburg, SaaS that helps restaurants and kitchens in the public sector with the management of food waste)
Genvalues (Stockholm, value-matching platform helping tech talents join the impact wave and find teams that share the same values)
Geofy (Stockholm, AI-powered solution for finding the right heat pump)
GeoGuessr (Stockholm, geography game asking players to identify locations based on Google Street View imagery)
Geoint (greater Umeå area, AI-powered geographical data solutions)
Geras Solutions (Stockholm, digital solution for dementia assessment in cases of suspected cognitive disease)
gertrud.ai (Gothenburg, AI accountant)
Get Tested (Stockholm, provider of home testing kits and laboratory tests)
Getaccept (Malmö & San Francisco, all-in-one sales platform)
GEYSER (Tintron) (Gothenburg, system to revolutionize pleural effusion drainage)
Geztio (Östersund; SaaS ecosystem solutions for events, arenas and destinations)
Gigapay (Stockholm, automated accounts payable solution for the creator economy)
Gigital (Stockholm, digital marketplace for booking of artists and djs)
GigsGuide (Malmö, platform for finding music events)
Gigstr (Stockholm, platform connecting creatives with brands)
Gilion, formerly ArK Kapital (Stockholm, alternative lending provider for startups)
Gimi (Stockholm, savings and spending app for children)
Gleechi (Stockholm, VR training platform)
GLOBHE (Stockholm, drone data platform)
Glue (Stockholm, smart lock that facilitates easier deliveries)
Glycolink (Stockholm, next generation hydrogel with only natural ingredients)
Gnosco (Gothenburg, diagnostic support platform for faster and more secure diagnosis of skin lesions and wounds)
Go North (Gothenburg, e-commerce aggregator acquiring and scaling brands on Amazon and beyond)
Goalplan (Stockholm, sales tracking app for retail staff)
GOALS (Stockholm, online multiplayer football game)
Goalunit (Stockholm, data and statistical analysis provider for professional football teams)
Goava (Stockholm, insight tool for B2B salespeople)
GoClimate (Stockholm, automated sustainability solutions for businesses and teams)
GoCiklo (Stockholm, battery swap and subscription model make going electric easy)
Gofido (Stockholm, insurance startup)
Gofrendly (Stockholm, social network for women to make new friends)
Gokind (Stockholm; solution for banks and fintechs to incorporate energy, CO2, or diversity data into their services)
Golfer Sweden (Stockholm, provider of software tools and services for the golf industry)
Goloyal (Stockholm, SaaS provider of customer insights based on behavior and transactions for the retail arena)
Goobit (Stockholm, creator of crypto currency services)
Goodfeed (Gothenburg, SaaS tool for project feedback)
GOOZO (Gothenburg, HR platform focusing on employee well-being)
Gordian (Stockholm, analytics and AI tools for transport planning)
Gordon Delivery (Stockholm, smart urban logistics provider for food home deliveries)
GPT Engineer (Stockholm, tool for building and iterating on interactive web apps using natural language)
Grafana Labs (Stockholm & New York, developer of open source software for visualizing operational data)
Grafbase (Stockholm, API platform for developers)
Grafren (Linköping, maker of graphene based materials)
Graftus (Stockholm, recruiting platform for sales professionals)
Grand (Stockholm, automated and curated compliance solution for financial institutions)
Granode Materials (Sundsvall, developer of next generation anode material for the energy storage market)
Graphmatech (Uppsala, materials technology company that solves industrial challenges using graphene)
Grasp (Stockholm, AI-engine created to find and understand every company in the world)
GRC Watch (Stockholm, due diligence & KYC platform)
Greater Than (Stockholm, AI-based predictive risk insights for auto insurance carriers)
Green Apps Technologies (Karlskrona, builds technical platforms and communities around natural health and sustainable lifestyles)
Green AI Cloud (Stockholm, sustainable high-performance cloud service for AI computing)
Green Buffers (Avesta, crash absorption system for trains)
Green City Farming (Gothenburg; high tech indoor urban farming systems for growing high quality crops sustainably, at scale)
Green City Ferries (Stockholm; delivers innovative, energy-efficient, and emission-free high-speed ferries for inland waterways and island traffic)
Green Stop (Nässjö, builds and operates combined solar parks and EV charging stations)
Greenely (Stockholm, next-generation household energy platform)
GreenIron (Stockholm, technology for reducing the climate footprint of the world’s metal, mining and manufacturing industries)
GreenMerc (Stockholm, developer of fintech solutions and operator of the crypto exchange Trijo)
Green14 (Stockholm, technology for decarbonising the production of Silicon)
Green-On (Gothenburg, maker of sustainable ingredients from CO2 for the food industry)
Griddiagnoze (Ludvika, digitalized asset management solution to utilities and power intensive industries)
Gridly (Helsingborg, streamlined content localization solution)
Gritify (Stockholm, anonymous job market platform)
Groundhop.com (Gothenburg, guide to the world’s football stadiums)
Growing Up (Stockholm, circular solution for children toys)
Growloop (Stockholm, digital leadership coaching service for organizations)
Grönska (Stockholm, technology provider for the global vertical farming industry)
Gruppsol (Stockholm, solar cell company)
Guestit (Stockholm, short-term rental platform)
Guided Heroes (Gothenburg, sportstech and coaching company for endurance coaches and their athletes)
GuineaPig (Gothenburg, employee wellbeing app for Slack & Microsoft Teams)
GWEN, formerly Insert Coin (Gothenburg, B2B gamification SaaS platform)
GydEd (Stockholm, SaaS tool for universities and colleges to understand the well-being of their students)
Gympak (Helsingborg, provider of sportswear packs, in-room training equipment & workout apps for hotels, resorts & gyms)

🌟 Missa inte det senaste inom IT-Branschen innovation! Håll dig steget före med IT-Branschen Veckovis, din väsentliga guide till den livliga startup- och scaleup-scenen. Anmäl dig nu för din gratis veckodospåse med insikter och uppdateringar.

🔥 För den ultimata fördelen inom teknikintelligens, dyk in i mitt exklusiva veckovisa nyhetsbrev, levererat direkt till din inkorg varje måndag. Packad med premiumfunktioner skräddarsydda för investerare, analytiker och säljproffs, är det din nyckel till att låsa upp unika möjligheter. Prenumerera idag och höj din strategi till nästa nivå!

Haathi.AI (Stockholm, AI-platform for business insights for online retailers using Shopify and WooCommerce)
Habbie (Karlstad, digital service for physical rehabilitation, habilitation and preventive care)
Habeno (Stockholm & Malaga / Spain; platform aiming to make international mortgages easy)
Habity (Stockholm, an app striving to simplify people’s housing)
Hack Rides (Stockholm, taxi app offering better deals for drivers and customers)
Haidrun (Stockholm, business-to-business blockchain platform)
Hailey HR (Stockholm, SaaS HR solution)
Haldor (Sundsvall, provider of educational tools integrated with Microsoft Teams)
Halon (Gothenburg, email infrastructure for service providers)
Handiscover (Malmö, accessibility and disability data platform)
HandyDay (Stockholm, procurement and bidding platform for buyers and suppliers in the construction industry)
Happie Camp (Karlstad, online service for booking accommodation in pre-rigged camps along the Swedish countryside)
Happy at Work (Gothenburg, employee engagement platform)
HappyLife (Stockholm, non-medical on demand in-home services for seniors)
Happy Order (Örebro, SaaS company for the restaurant business)
Hardskills.io (Gothenburg, platform for finding and recruiting R&D professionals)
Harvest Moon (Stockholm, develoepr of regenerative sanitation solutions)
Hasso (Umeå, upcoming personal AI business coach)
Havredals (Uppsala, producer of plant-based alternatives to dairy products and meat)
HayHay (Stockholm, mobile expert community app and AI-powered assistant for horse riders)
HealPlay (Stockholm, digital physiotherapy platform)
Health Integrator (Stockholm, digital health platform)
Heap (Gothenburg, peer-to-peer carsharing service)
Heart Aerospace (Gothenburg, manufacturer of an electric regional airplane)
HeartBalance (Åre, upcoming early detection app for stress and burnout)
Heartpace (Stockholm, HR platform)
Heartspace (Stockholm, AI-powered PR platform)
Heatio Energy (Stockholm, all-in-one provider of alternative heating solutions for the home)
Hedvig (Stockholm, digital insurance provider)
Heft (Uddevalla, technologies and solutions for safer and more sustainable farm animal management)
Heimo (Ängelholm, social network for housing)
Heja (Stockholm, communication platform for sports teams)
Hejfin (Stockholm, financial education app for women and non-binary people)
Hektar (Stockholm, social network that connects hunters and landowners))
Helios Innovations (Halmstad, technique that utilizes low temperature waste heat to evaporate industrial liquids)
Hello Ebbot (Stockholm, chat platform with AI automation tools for meeting customers digitally)
Help to Help (Stockholm, platform for funding education for young African changemakers)
Helpicon (Malmö, gig worker marketplace)
Hemavi (Lund, matchmaking platform for room rentals)
Hemie (Stockholm, home swapping app)
Hemma (Stockholm, B2B SaaS platform for energy data from private residences)
Hemnio (Stockholm, platform for direct purchase and sale of homes without the need for traditional brokerage services)
Hemset (Lund, online-based furniture and interior decoration planning for the home)
Hencol (Grebbestad, digital decision support system for livestock management)
HEPU (Stockholm, SaaS for green hydrogen project assessment)
Hercare (Stockholm, digital and physical healthcare clinic for women)
HerCycle (Örebro, wellness app for menstruatingwomen)
HeroSight (Malmö, developer of AR solutions aimed at helping to prevent human error)
Hexagem (Lund, semiconductor developer)
Hiber (Gothenburg, browser based game creation and social gaming platform)
Higher (Stockholm, mobile recruiting system that skips the CV)
HIGS (Åre, helmet impact guiding system that increasess the understanding of head injuries)
Hint (Stockholm, streaming discovery app)
HittaHem (Stockholm, search and comparison engine for realtors)
Hive Streaming (Stockholm, employee engagement video streaming solution)
Hives (Stockholm, SaaS solution for organizing and managing ideas, insights & feedback)
HLTHY / The Patient Company (Stockholm, electronic medical records system)
Holistal (Stockholm, digital well-being platform for organizations)
Hollbium (Stockholm, smart micro-farms for sustainable urban development and well-being)
Hollistay (Falun, booking platform for camping and cottages)
Holm Security (Stockholm, vulnerability management platform)
Holo (Gothenburg, creator platform for digital health & lifestyle care memberships)
Holo (Stockholm & New York, AI-powered farm OS)
Holtra (Gothenburg, holographic particle tracking technology)
Holyvolt (Stockholm, technology for producing inorganic nano paste enabling high-performance solar cells, batteries & heaters)
Homepal (Malmö, platform for real estate data management)
HomeQ (Stockholm, market place for first hand rental contracts)
Homer (Stockholm, app for everything about home and household)
Homito (Stockholm, digital security solution for landlords and tenants)
HonestBox (Ljungby, platform to launch and operate automated stores)
Hoodin (Malmö, life science intelligence SaaS platform)
Hooked Foods (Stockholm, producer of plant-based seafood)
Hopen (Stockholm, pre-career talent acquisition platform)
Hopsworks (Stockholm, collaborative ML platform for batch and real-time data)
Hormona (Stockholm & London, data-driven solutions for women targeting hormonal imbalances)
House of Tell (Stockholm, circular fashion platform)
House:ID (Malmö, digital homeowner app)
Howdo (Piteå, SaaS employee wellbeing survey tool)
Howwe Technologies (Stockholm, enterprise execution SaaS solution)
HP-appen (Stockholm, gamified and interactive study platform for university entrance exams)
Hubert (Stockholm, solution for high-volume talent acquisition)
Hubins (Gothenburg, platform for unlisted and alternative investments)
Hubista (Stockholm, online marketplace for physical services)
HUGO (Gothenburg, autonomous delivery robots)
Hugo & Celine (Stockholm, maker of ice cream and snacks for dogs)
HumanDoc (Jönköping, automated reporting system for social services)
Humly (Gothenburg, digital marketplace of supply teachers)
hummy, formerly bld (Stockholm, upcoming social media app where real people are sharing real life experiences)
Humy (Stockholm; no-code AI assistant platform designed for SMEs and those lacking AI expertise)
Hyber (Stockholm, subscription rental platform for children clothes and products)
Hybridity (Stockholm, platform assisting businesses in smart integration of generative AI)
Hydroyal (Stockholm, membrane electrode assembly (MEA) production for Alkaline Electrolysis and Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysis)
Hyggligt (Stockholm, solution for continuous cover forestry)
Hygglo (Stockholm, online rental marketplace)
Hyker (Malmö, next generation end-2-end encryption solutions)
Hymdal (Stockholm, AI-supported global investment scouting and due-diligence for Family Offices and VC)
Hypertype (Stockholm, AI-based solution for smart sales communication)
Hypex Bio (Stockholm, green and nitrate free explosives solutions for the sustainable mining, construction and civil explosives industries)
Hypocampus (Gothenburg, digital study platform for medical students)
Hyrdon (Stockholm, flexible car subscription service)
Hälsa Hemma (Stockholm & Gothenburg, digiphysical primary healthcare clinic with digital help as well as physical home appointments)
H2 Energy (Stockholm, sustainable hydrogen production)
H2 Green Steel (Stockholm, developer of a fossil-free steel plant being built in northern Sweden)
H2Hive (Stockholm, developer of underground hydrogen storage)

I Pair U (Stockholm, freelance management system)
IamIP (Stockholm, smart patent search & monitoring platform)
iboost.life (Stockholm, B2B personalized meal planning and easy grocery shopping solution)
iBoxen (Stockholm, nationwide open infrastructure of delivery boxes)
Icambio (Stockholm, B2B currency conversion platform)
iCellate (Stockholm, developer of tests for hereditary cancer risk, early cancer detection, and treatment selection)
ifoodbag (Stockholm; system for chilled and frozen transportation of goods and Click&Collect solutions, using passive cooling only)
Ifrågesätt (Lund; supplier of traffic, loyalty and user engagement solutions to publishers)
iFrid (Örebro, 2022, digital service for grave site care)
Ignitia (Stockholm, technology for tropical weather forecasting)
iGrant.io (Stockholm, platform for data exchange and verification)
ihopa (Stockholm, platform for sharing products)
imagi (Stockholm, coding platform for both students and teachers)
IMAGIEN, formerly Gigset (Stockholm, platform for enabling immersive and interactive live entertainment at home)
ImagineCare (Stockholm, provider of a digital health self-monitoring solution)
Imbox (Gothenburg, customer relations SaaS solution)
IMHERE (Caplab) (Stockholm; chat app which helps guests at bars, clubs and events to meet, socialize and capture the moment)
imitera (Stockholm, developer of XR platforms)
Imogo (Malmö, technology that transforms textile dyeing to a more sustainable industry process)
Impactpool (Stockholm, career platform for positive impact)
Impossible Plastics (Gothenburg, building factories to “repurpose plastics considered to be impossible to recycle into new environmentally friendly and price competitive products”)
Improvin’ (Stockholm, agri-food industry-focused sustainability performance platform)
Impulso (Örebro, SaaS offering a circular ecosystem for retail)
imvi labs (Malmö, VR- and app-based healthtech solution for improved eye coordination and reading speed)
INBooks (Växjö, SaaS for property management)
Inceptron (Lund, tailored computing platform for AI computer vision applications)
Incipientus Ultrasound Flow Technologies (Gothenburg, technology for simplified and touch-free quality control and fluid characterization)
Indicio (Uppsala, SaaS solution for market- and macroeconomic forecasting)
Indivd (Sundsvall, people counter technology for retailers that uses existing surveillance cameras)
Industry (Malmö, producer and distributor of MAGNUM, a Large Scale 3D printer)
Inex One (Stockholm, expert network marketplace)
Infinite Acoustics (Malmö, developer of circular Hi-Fi speakers)
Influeri (Stockholm, automated influencer marketing platform)
Infonomy (Malmö, developer of technology for fall protection)
Infra Motion Labs (Lund, AI applications for the Swedish security industry)
Ingrid (Stockholm, delivery platform connecting merchants, carriers and consumers)
Ingrid Capacity (Stockholm, energy storage infrastructure provider)
Innit Audio (Stockholm, audio/sound technology startup)
InnoBrain (Stockholm, neurotech company industrializing Brain Computer-Interface technology)
Innoscentia (greater Malmö/Lund area, technology for a more accurate shelf life determination to reduce food waste)
Innovosens (Malmö, AI-powered sweat sensing technology)
Inossia (Stockholm, technology for softening of bone cements)
Inovia AI (Stockholm, provider of conversational AI and speech recognition solutions)
inriver (Malmö, product information management solution for businesses)
Inside The Box (Stockholm, solution for unattached parcel drop off and returns at the customers home address)
InsightMe. (Stockholm, SaaS consumer research platform specialized in the food and beverage industry)
InSingulo (Gothenburg; label-free bio-sensing technology for drug development, diagnostics, and quality control)
Instabee (Stockholm, operator of last-mile logistic brands Instabox and Budbee)
Insulinsaver (Henån, medtech device for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals)
Insurello (Stockholm, digital solution that simplifies and democratizes the process of claiming insurance compensation)
Insurely (Stockholm, open insurance platform)
Insuro Technologies (Stockholm, Saas solutions and real-time market intelligence for the insurance and finance industry)
Intelligyn (Stockholm, AI diagnostic support tool and education platform for ovarian tumor diagnostics)
Intended Future (Gothenburg, analytics-as-a-service platform for car design & engineering)
Intergiro (Stockholm, provider of financial infrastructure for innovators and change-makers).
Interspectral (Norrköping, creator of software for 3D-visualization of real captured data)
IntuiCell (Stockholm, platform for artificial general intelligence)
Invajt (Uppsala, digital solution for sending invitations)
Invetzly (Stockholm, developer of modular and scalable wealthtech solutions)
Invono (Helsingborg, SaaS-plattform for a more efficent and effective enterprise)
InviSense (Linköping, system built around super thin moisture sensors for different applications)
Invoier (Stockholm, real time spot market for invoice trading)
In2great Materials (Stockholm, 2D materials for semiconductor foundries)
Ionautics (Linköping, cutting-edge technology for advanced materials)
IPercept Technology (Stockholm, solutions for automated diagnostics and monitoring of industrial equipment)
IQoro / MYoroface (Hudiksvall, neuromuscular training device that treats the root cause of heartburn, acid reflux, snoring and dysphagia)
iReality (Stockholm; sensing, tracking, timing and data augmentation solution for horse racing)
IRRIOT (Stockholm, wireless irrigation IoT automation platform)
ISOREA (Stockholm, blood test for detecting risk of Alzheimer’s disease)
iTrack Reading (Gothenburg, eye-tracking-based “eye to speech” technology)
I-CONIC Vision (Stockholm; technology for creating real-time, real-world 3D models from video and images)
I.S.A.A.C. (Stockholm, space technology startup)

Jetson (Stockholm & Palo Alto, eVTOL vehicles)
Jetty (Stockholm, provider of an event management suite)
Jobcast (Stockholm, podcast app for corporate content and employer branding)
Jobnet (Gothenburg, recruitment platform for companies that put their employees and sustainability in focus)
Jobylon (Stockholm, hiring platform)
Johannas Stadsodlingar (Stockholm, circular and sustainable food production systems)
Joina (Stockholm, community-based app for improving one’s personal health and fitness)
Joint Academy (Malmö, evidence-based digital treatment solution for chronic joint pain)
Jonna (Stockholm, bike subscription service)
Jord (Stockholm, provider of natural-based solutions to remove atmospheric CO₂ and put it back into the soil)
Jord Innovation (Östersund, developer of compostable biomaterial for candle products)
Josie (Stockholm, online career advisor)
Joy (Malmö, AI-powered solutions for solo healthcare entrepreneurs)
JULI (Stockholm; shopping app delivering essential, high-end beauty products within 2 hours)
Juni (Gothenburg, banking platform for e-commerce)
Junipeer.io (Stockholm, iPaaS platform made for e-commerce)
Juno (Stockholm & Zürich, age-tech platform that makes it easy for seniors to find, book and enjoy new interests and fun activities)
Justic (Stockholm, digital lawyer services for private individuals)
JustInCase (Stockholm, digital life insurance provider)
Justly (Helsingborg, online platform for finding lawyers and legal professionals)

Karma (Stockholm, anti-food waste app & order solution for restaurants)
Kärnfull Next (Gothenburg, small modular reactor ‘SMR’ project development company)
Katam Technologies (Malmö, SaaS solution for the forestry sector)
Katla (Stockholm, civilian manufacturer of electric drones and aircraft)
Kattalo (Gothenburg, digital service for teachers to support children’s early language development)
Kavall (Stockholm, hyper-local rapid grocery delivery service)
Keyflow (Stockholm, nightlife app for party goers and clubs)
KiddoKitchen (Stockholm, mobile app to simplify baby meals)
Kiliaro (Stockholm, new generation photo gallery application)
Kimdating (Stockholm, app for blind dates)
Kindio (Stockholm, stealth startup working on “instant money transfers powered by AI”)
Kindly (Stockholm & Oslo / Norway, AI-powered chatbot platform built to automate support and drive sales)
Kind App (Malmö, communication app for healthcare)
KISAB (Stockholm, developer of silicon carbide semiconductor materials)
Kitocoat (Stockholm, sustainable coating for fruits and vegetables)
Kive (Stockholm, smart asset platform for creators)
Kivra (Stockholm, digital mailbox service)
Klang.ai (Helsingborg, SaaS for AI-powered interview and meeting transcription)
Klarna (Stockholm, payments & shopping provider)
Klash (Gothenburg, cloud-based asset management, video collaboration and feedback solution)
Klevgrand (Stockholm, audio plugin company)
Kliently (Stockholm, online lawyer service)
Klimato (Stockholm, climate labeling platform for food businesses)
Klingit (Stockholm, SaaS platform for on-demand designs)
Kneedly (Gothenburg, digital solutions for aiding the diagnosis of knee ligament injuries)
Knodd Gothenburg, online healthcare provider for parents of young children)
KoalaClick (Stockholm, hyperautomation tools for SMEs and non-techies)
Koastal (Gothenburg, sustainable sea-based seaweed farming franchise)
Kobb (Gothenburg, grower of seaweed and developer of seaweed-based industrial products used for food, cosmetics and dietary supplements)
Kodiak Hub (Stockholm, cloud-based Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) platform)
Kognic, formerly Annotell (Gothenburg, platform for developing safe perception systems for autonomous mobility)
Kognity (Stockholm, digital teaching and learning platform)
Konvoj (Stockholm, optimized scheduling solution for healthcare and social care)
KookieJar (Norrköping, operator of a vertiport network providing accessible start and landing spots for eVTOLs)
Krea (Stockholm, specialized procurement platform for corporate credit)
Kreditz (Stockholm, open banking- and PSD2-based analytics and credit score provider)
Kry / Livi (Stockholm, digital healthcare provider)
Ksting (Stockholm, digital service for booking fashion-industry professionals)
Kundo (Stockholm, platform for efficient customer service)
Kundy (Stockholm, conversational AI-powered CRM system)
Kura (Gothenburg, SaaS platform for digital healthcare meetings)
Kurr (Umeå, AI-powered app for finding inspiration for what to cook)
Kvanta, formerly Capchap (Stockholm, blockchain-based digital share ledger that enables secure and verified share ownership)
Kvix (Umeå, livestreaming platform for workout and wellness classes)
Kwick Expense (Stockholm, electric receipt management for businesses)
Kwikk (Mora, service to instantly create a sharable buy button to receive payments)

Labelf AI (Stockholm, no code AI platform that allows for anyone to create their own custom NLP models)
LaddaTillsammans (Helsingborg; provider of smart EV charging solutions to condominium associations, communities and property companies)
Lamina Clinic (Stockholm, digital tapering program for antidepressant medication)
Lanetalk (Stockholm, training app for Bowlers)
Lantero (Stockholm, whistleblower system)
Lassie (Stockholm, digital insurance services for pet owners)
Lavendla (Stockholm, digital provider of funeral services)
Qura (Stockholm, solution that’s aiming to simplify legal research with AI)
Lawline (Stockholm, digital legal services)
Lawly (Stockholm, app-based legal services)
Layke Analytics (Stockholm, SaaS tool for smart candidate search across different platforms)
LazeraH (Gothenburg, developer of nuclear technology to solve the world’s need for new clean energy)
La10cy (Hudiksvall, software for low latency transmission of sound and video)
LeadPilot (Stockholm, Saas tool for automatic lead generation)
Leah (Stockholm, provider of financing for students in Africa who want to a pursue a tech education)
Learning to Sleep (Malmö, CBT-based digital sleep treatment solution)
Learnster (Stockholm, personalized learning management system)
Lease Matching (Stockholm, peer-to-peer online marketplace for private car leases)
LeaseCloud (Stockholm, cloud platform for equipment leasing aimed at micro companies)
Lectogo (Stockholm, operator of a network of stations for mobile charging)
Ledyer (Stockholm, B2B payment solution)
Leetify (Stockholm, social performance tracker for gamers)
Legimeet (Stockholm, solution for live, interactive, sustainable, and efficient formal meetings such as annual general meetings)
Legitify (Stockholm and Dublin, remote online notary as a service)
LEIA Health (Stockholm, health app for new mothers)
Lektionsakuten (Luleå, edtech platform offering pre-recorded lessons for different school and education types)
Lemonado (Stockholm, no-code platform for business software)
Leonh (Stockholm, digital service for business valuations)
Lesk (Jönköping/Linköping, developer of a textile light panel to make unique events)
Lessli (Stockholm, upcoming service for organizing and keeping track of digital items from online stores)
Lesslie (Stockholm, solution that helps businesses to save time and money on cross-border payments)
Letterlife (Stockholm, tool allowing females with ADHD to visualize the interplay of hormones, ADHD-symptoms, and everyday functioning across the menstrual cycle and the female lifespan)
Levtek (Malmö; developer of a new type of “fun, lightweight and practical micromobility vehicle”)
LexEnergy (Gothenburg, electricity storage and charging solutions for urban environments)
Lexflix (Stockholm, platform connecting students and people willing to provide help with homework)
Lexi (Stockholm, cloud-based SaaS solution for leading global electronics OEMs)
Lexly (Stockholm, provider of online legal services)
Lexplore (Stockholm, eye tracking and AI solution for literacy assessment)
LEX247 (Stockholm, legal practice management platform)
Leya, formerly Judilica (Stockholm, generative AI company building the future of professional legal services)
Leyr (Stockholm, API platform for healthtech startups)
Librixer (Gothenburg; energy-efficient technology for instant material separation)
Life Inside (Stockholm, SaaS solution for employee storytelling)
LifeComp (Stockholm, provider of personalized health analysis)
LifeFinder (Lund, advanced IoT solutions for workplaces in harsh and hazardous environments)
Lifelong (Stockholm, designs, creates and manufactures plastic free, powdered personal care products)
Lifesum (Stockholm, digital nutrition platform)
Lifted, formerly Nudge Labs (Stockholm, data-driven performance coaching platform)
Lightbringer (Malmö, AI-powered patenting tools)
Ligna Energy (Norrköping, manufacturer of sustainable bio-batteries for small and large scale energy storage)
Lignin Industries, formerly RenCom (greater Uppsala area, technology for refining forest lignin to bioplastic)
LignoFlow (Stockholm, technology for the processing of lignin for scalable bio-based materials)
Lylli, formerly Boksnok (Stockholm, subscription service for interactive children’s books)
Limber (Visby, digi-physical service for athletes’ physical and mental health)
Limina (Stockholm, modern investment management solutions provider)
Lindhe Xtend (Halmstad, maker of innovative and well-designed prosthetics)
Lingio (Stockholm, language learning SaaS solution for organizations and companies)
Lingoberry (Stockholm, conversational AI solution for language acquisition)
LingoLooper (Lumi Labs) (Gothenburg, fully immersive AI-powered language learning app)
LinkedClient (Stockholm, B2B sales automation platform)
Linky (Stockholm, platform enabling easy parking)
LinXole (Linköping, provider of innovative materials for sustainable technologies)
Liopep (Linköping, B2B SaaS micro training app for the workplace)
Liplid (Stockholm, developer of unique and sustainable cup lids for beverages on the go)
Liquid Wind (Gothenburg, developer of a solution to convert CO2 and wind energy to liquid fuel)
Lisa& (Stockholm, provider of Product-as-a-Service financing)
LiveDay (Helsingborg, next gen ticketing system for sports clubs and organizers)
LivIn (Stockholm, matchmaking platform for room rentals)
Lixea (Bäckhammar & London; technology that turns agricultural and wood waste into profitable, sustainable materials and fuels)
Ljusgårda, aka Supernormal Geens (Tibro, vertical farming startup)
Local Purse (Stockholm, platform that supports professional travel guides & local artisans through live video shopping)
Local Taste (Oskarshamn, delivery service for locally produced breakfast)
Locka (Örebro, SaaS platform acting as digital bridge between real estate projects and customers)
Logcast (Stockholm, social network for audio creators and their fans)
LogSpend (Stockholm, generative AI analytics platform)
Loialcard (Stockholm, SaaS loyalty/membership solution for businesses)
Lokaalt (Stockholm, digital notice board for local exchange)
Lolo (Stockholm, personalizes the connected experience across network, infra and cloud platforms)
Loopeli (Stockholm, communication app to keep in touch with family, friends and relatives, across generational boundaries)
LootLocker (Stockholm, game backend-as-a-service company)
Lotus Field Analytics (Luleå, analytics and pattern recognition solution for financial news)
Lovable (Stockholm & London, tool that lets anyone create and maintain web apps using plain English)
Lovorda (Stockholm, social recruiting network)
Lucero Bio (Gothenburg, automated 3D cell culture handling platform)
Lucy Analytics (Stockholm, customer analytics platform for hotels)
LUMA Energy (Uppsala, B2B provider of optimized renewable energy solutions)
LumberScan (Lyckelse, lumberyard inventory solution)
LumenRadio (Gothenburg, wireless technology for most business-critical applications)
LumeoTech (Gothenburg, developer of technology to attach wearable electronics anywhere on any fabric)
Lumiary (Härnösand, developing next generation microphones and sensors)
LunaMicro (Linköping, technology development company commercializing electroosmotic pumps and electrokinetic systems)
Lunch.Co (Stockholm, home-cooked meal marketplace for the workplace)
Lundatech (Malmö, SaaS platform for business data integrations)
Lundoch Diagnostics (Malmö, AI-driven blood test to detect type 2 diabetes risk for prevention)
Lupinta (Malmö, developing meat and soy substitutes from locally farmed lupin beans)
Lurkit (Linköping, gaming influencer marketing platform)
Luvly (Stockholm, developer of ultra-sustainable light urban vehicles)
Lyckli (Stockholm, online platform to discuss, vent, support, and share information about mental health)
Lynes (Norrköping, cloud based UCaaS solutions)
Lynkrr (Gothenburg, platform empowering foreign-born women to monetize their skills through self-employment)
Lysa (Stockholm, robo advisor)

Mabel AI (Gothenburg, mobile app for healthcare providers that enables secure conversations across language barriers using in-device AI)
Madden Analytics (Stockholm, inventory optimization platform)
Magic (Stockholm & London, sustainable e-commerce returns platform that reduces returns)
Magma, formerly Matteappen (Stockholm, math learning app for elementary schools)
Magstrom (Uppsala, technology that neutralizes harmful forces inside a synchronous generator or motor)
Magnephy (Stockholm; advanced microscopy services with AI-analysis for fast, automated, and quantitative 3D kidney pathology at the nano-scale)
Mai (Stockholm, service that automates the selling of people’s clothes)
Maintract (Stockholm, smart contract management solutions)
Maîtres (Stockholm, guest experience management platform for restaurants)
Majority (Stockholm & Houston, all-in-one mobile banking for migrants in the US)
Make Notion (Stockholm, SaaS for cosmetic compliance)
MailWriter.io (Stockholm, AI-powered email assistant)
Maintract (Stockholm, smart contract management solutions)
Manico (Norrköping; maker of robust touch device solutions that promote and enable collaboration, movement, learning and entertainment)
Manje Health (Lund, digital platform that is providing access to quality specialist healthcare on the African continent)
Manomotion (Stockholm, enables real-time 2D/3D hand tracking and gesture control)
Mantaray (Stockholm, developing next generation hydrofoil boats)
Mappi (Stockholm, digital study platform for high school students)
MarketHype (Gothenburg, digital marketing tool for the event and hospitality industries)
Maskinera (Stockholm, second hand marketplace for machinery)
masspredict (Stockholm, predictive survey tool)
MasterExchange (Stockholm, investment & trading platform for music shares)
MASTIX Financial Technology (Stockholm, next-generation software for risk management in banking and finance)
MATCHi (Gothenburg, booking platform for racket sports)
Material Exchange (Stockholm, digital marketplace for sourcing materials and components for footwear and apparel)
Mathi-AI (Stockholm, AI-tutor and interactive whiteboard for mastering math, physics, and chemistry)
Mathleaks (Stockholm, online mathematical training platform)
Matrix Muscle Support (Stockholm, patented technology that may enhance all forms of electrical stimulation therapies)
Matsmart / Motatos (Stockholm, online seller of surplus production and overstocks)
Matspar.se (Stockholm, comparison platform for groceries online)
Mavenoid (Stockholm, support platform for hardware companies)
Mbegu Solar (Lund, platform that connects micro-enterprises in emerging markets with existing solar solutions)
Meal Makers (Uddevalla, online wholesaler of food surplus production)
MeanWhile (Gothenburg, developer of smart products for dog owners to better keep track of and understand their dogs)
Measure and Change (Växjö, SaaS tool for monitoring of carbon emissions)
Medalla (Stockholm, social recruiting platform for the healthcare sector)
Medarca (Malmö, smart medicine management solutions for elderly care)
Medbeat (Malmö, ECG device that can measure heart signals anywhere and anytime)
MedFacilis (Stockholm, digital healthcare provider aimed at patients who want to lose weight)
Mediatool (Stockholm, media management platform tailored for global brands and media agencies)
MediCheck (Stockholm, digital healthcare provider for specialist care)
Medlo (Stockholm, SaaS platform for healthcare staffing)
Medoma (Stockholm, provider of tech-enabled hospital level in-home acute care)
Medpeople (Stockholm, digital service for healthcare staffing)
Meela (Gothenburg, therapist-patient matchmaking platform for women)
Meetball (Stockholm, social video platform)
Meetly, formerly Festmäklarna (Stockholm, booking site for conference and event locations)
MeetYu (Stockholm, app that helps people preserve their memories)
Meitner (Stockholm, education platform for schools)
Melodies (Stockholm, music streaming app)
Meltspot (Helsingborg, measurement tool for analyzing people’s movements)
Melt&Marble (Gothenburg, producer of designer fats via precision fermentation)
Meme.com (Helsingborg, tokenized meme platform)
Mendi (Stockholm, developer of a brain enhancement device for home use)
Mendy (Gothenburg, digital solution for managing home-related services)
Ment (Stockholm, developer of a smart digital service for ADHD)
Mentimeter (Stockholm, audience engagement platform)
Meridiq (Stockholm, aesthetic patient record system)
Metafore (Stockholm, SaaS for financnial institutions and asset management firms)
Metvibee (Stockholm, urban visual co-creation tool)
Meva Energy (Gothenburg, provider of clean energy solutions to customers in the manufacturing industry)
Mevia (Gothenburg, developer of solutions to solve the problem of non-adherence)
Mevisio (Stockholm, digital platform for visualization and teamwork)
MeWe&You (Luleå, all-in-one solution for feeling good in perimenopause and beyond)
Mia&Noa (Stockholm, developer of smart health tech for pets)
MicroDri (Linköping, novel sustainable technology for wood drying)
MicroMove (Stockholm, browser extension for science-based micro exercises)
Midday (Stockholm, financial OS for businesses)
Migränhjälpen (Stockholm, provider of digital health services focused on treatment of migranes)
Milepost (Stockholm, provider of EV charging infrastructure)
Milkywire (Stockholm, platform for impact to find and fund grassroots non-profits fighting the planet’s big problems)
Mille (Stockholm, digital tool which enables women to save and plan their finances smarter)
Millow (Gothenburg, minimally-processed meat alternative)
Mimbly (Gothenburg, sustainable laundry solutions)
Mimo (Stockholm & London, payments and cash flow management platform for small businesses)
MIMSI Materials (Linköping, creator of material innovations for a sustainable world)
Min Doktor (Malmö, digital healthcare provider)
Mindforce Game Lab (Skellefteå, creator of meaningful games that nudge people into healthy habits)
Mine Storage (Stockholm, developing and operating fast-response and medium to large scale pumped hydro systems in underground mines)
Minesto (Gothenburg, developer of technology for generating electricity from the ocean)
Mind Intelligence Lab (Uppsala, technologies that utilize data to detect and predict)
Mindler (Stockholm, digital service for talking with psychologists)
Mindmore (Stockholm, platform for self-administered digital cognitive tests)
MindQuest (Sundsvall, upcoming gaming app designed to promote mental health and well-being in kids)
Minimal (AI platform for women’s well-being as they transition through menopause)
Minna Technologies (Gothenburg, provider of subscription management solutions)
Minnity (Stockholm, digital tools for professional caregivers)
Minut (Malmö, camera-less home security solution for short-term rental properties)
MIOO (Stockholm, app for on-demand bicycle repairs)
Mitigram (Stockholm, digital platform for global trade financing)
Mitt Skolval (Stockholm, platform for municipalities and independent schools to manage school choices and school changes)
Mobila Doktorn (Stockholm, app for booking home visits by doctors)
Moblrn (Stockholm, SaaS platform for digital learning programs)
Mo’cycle (Stockholm, fashion-tech brand creating the safest motorcycle jeans in the world: the airbag jeans)
Modly Studios (Gothenburg, next generation furniture company built on parametric design and co-creation)
Modular Finance (Stockholm, SaaS fintech solutions for banks, institutions and Nordic listed companies)
Modulate (Stockholm, digital weight loss program)
Modvion (Gothenburg, developer of modular wind turbine towers in laminated wood)
Mojo (Stockholm, AI-powered at-home semen analysis)
Molecular Attraction (Stockholm, developer of technology for development of vector-diseases control and eradication strategies)
Moleculent (Stockholm, developer of technology enabled products that leverage new insights into the molecular foundation of human biology)
Moligo Technologies (Stockholm, producer of enzymatic long and ultra-pure DNA strands at industrial scales)
Momang (Stockholm, user centric competence selling tool for consultants and advisors)
Monava (Gothenburg, monitors natural disasters in alpine environments)
Mondido Payments (Stockholm, online payments provider)
Monto (Stockholm, accounting and financial data platform for fintechs and SME lenders)
Mood Social (Stockholm, event discovery platform)
Moodelizer (Stockholm, developer of a patented new music format)
Moonlighting Industries (Örebro, AI-powered distance meter for professional filmmakers)
MoonRise (Stockholm, holistic digital health coaching platform for women)
Moralis (Stockholm, Web3 development platform)
Moroxite F (Lund, developing next generation therapeutics in osteoporosis)
Mother (Stockholm, developer of VR-powered digital therapeutics with effects comparable to pharmaceuticals)
Motsats Furniture (Malmö, developer of innovative furniture such as the Zero da Vinci chair for work and rest)
MOUNID (Gothenburg, creating non-toxic colours for textiles by microalgae)
MoveByBike (Malmö, smart city logistics with distribution via e-cargo bikes)
Movesta (Stockholm, home selling platform)
Moving Floor (Visby, automatic and digital cleaning solution for farm buildings)
Movitz Payments (Stockholm, white-label UI payment services and APIs for financial institutions)
MOVS (Stockholm, subscription service for bikes, e-bikes, e-scooters and e-mopeds)
Movsai (Stockholm, SaaS solutions implementing leading-edge LLMs in products and environments)
Moxy ID (Nässjö, digital solution for GDPR-safe security-classified analysis and controls of companies and construction sites)
Mullvad (Gothenburg, VPN provider)
Multiply (Stockholm, AI-first workspace that helps teams get rid of repetitive work)
Multi4 (Jönköping, technology for endoscopic cancer diagnosis and treatment)
Musselfeed (Ellös, foodtech startup that uses blue mussels to create powder and flour which can be processed into food and feed)
My Telescope (Stockholm, SaaS solution to measure market trends, brand strength, and marketing campaign effectiveness)
MycoMine (Stockholm, creator of sustainable systems based on the extraction, precipitation and decomposition of elements, metals and chemical compounds using fungi)
Mycorena (Gothenburg, developer of fungi-based vegan protein)
MyCural Therapeutics (Uppsala, eveloping new cancer therapies for patients with high-risk tumors)
My Driving Academy (Stockholm, digitally-powered driving school)
MyGizmo (Norrköping, SaaS project tool for the craft industry)
Mylla (Malmö, online marketplace which lets local farmers sell directly to end consumers)
Myllra, formerly KitchenGrowth (Stockholm, virtual kitchen provider)
MyMOWO (Östersund, subscription app for location-independent fitness exercises)
Mynt (Stockholm, provider of smart corporate credit cards and spend management to SME)
Myrspoven (Stockholm, cloud platform for AI-based energy optimization in buildings)
Mysaly (Stockholm, providing a financial service for businesses interested to pay their employees salaries in advance)
MyStamp (Gothenburg, digital loyalty program and retail discount solution)
Mystic Games (Stockholm, blockchain gaming development studio)
MYVOX (Stockholm, developing the next generation of speaker technology)
Måna Care (Stallarholmen, digital inclusion & simplified care platform for loved ones, caregivers and family members)
M.O.B.A. Network (Stockholm, acquires, develops and operates gaming communities for the global gaming market)

Nabla Analytics (Gothenburg, data analytics SaaS for the energy industry)
Nabuz (Ludvika, QR code-based instructions solution for gyms)
Nano Textile Solutions (Borås, nanotechnology solutions for a sustainable and circular textile industry)
Nanolyze (Gothenburg, technology for analyzing nanoparticle uptake and release of substances)
Nanosized (Stockholm, developer of technologies aiming for semiconductor FAB’s)
Napper (Stockholm, app helping parents track and improve their baby’s sleep)
Natural Cycles (Stockholm, birth control app)
Naudio (Stockholm, subscription service for premium audio documentaries)
Navari (Gothenburg, AR-based software tool for minimally invasive liver surgery)
Navian (Stockholm, operator of proptech and fintech solution platforms for property investors and developers)
Nebulr (Stockholm, technology company launching a new product every 6 months)
Neko Health (Stockholm, preventative health care using AI-powered early detection methods)
Nenda (Stockholm, streaming service for businesses)
Neoki (Stockholm, virtual reality platform for the world of calculated expressions such as design, music and gaming industry)
Neola Mecial (Lund, technology for continuous lung monitoring and real-time alerts of life-threatening complications affecting preterm born infants)
Neovici (Stockholm, financial process automation platform)
NeuroQuant (Stockholm, AI as a service platform for the financial markets sector)
Nevemind (Stockholm & Oslo / Norway, single cross platform search solution for a better workflow)
Nexta (Karlstad, SaaS platform for e-commerce)
Nextory (Stockholm, audiobook and e-book subscription service)
Nhost (Stockholm, Backend-as-a-Service for developers)
NH3 Greentech (Stockholm, developer of technology to produce green ammonia)
Nibela (Linköping, developer of high accuracy electricity costs tracker solutions for a wide range of use-cases and environments)
Nibye (Stockholm, alarm system that is discretely integrated into a designer watch)
Nightli (Stockholm, social commerce app connecting night-time businesses & visitors to stimulate)
Nikdev (Malmö, digital solutions for the construction industry to achieve a climate positive built environment)
Nilo (Lund, 2020, virtual management consultant and facilitation tool)
NIMA Energy (Malmö, provider of EV charging infrastructure provider)
Nimblr (Malmö, security awareness simulations and training solutions)
NitroCapt (Uppsala, fossil-free nitrogen fertilizers)
Njord Medtech (Gothenburg, solutions for a patient and user-centric healthcare system)
No More Boots (Östersund, hardware solution for optimized workflow in ski rental shop)
No Ordinary Scent (Stockholm, personalized perfumes “co-created with AI”)
Nobon (Stockholm, carbon credit and fundraising platform)
Nobula (Stockholm, glass 3D printing solution)
Nock (Stockholm, online office solution for dynamic and flexible collaboration)
Nocoli (Gothenburg, sensor technology that enables real-time detection of bacteria in water and can thus prevent people from unknowingly drinking contaminated water)
Noctie.ai (Umeå, personal AI chess coach with a human touch)
NODA (Karlshamn, AI solutions for optimization of district energy grids and for energy efficiency in buildings)
Nodon (Malmö, climate emissions optimization solution for construction projects)
nofine (Stockholm, mobile app and API-service for AI-scanning of parking signs, to reduce parking offenses)
NOMS (Borås, creator of infrastructure for on-demand textile production)
Nona (Stockholm, personal health tracking app)
Noodl (Malmö, no-code software platform for product designers, innovators and developers)
NOQX (Stockholm, SaaS platform for goal setting success)
Norban (Malmö, digitally-powered real estate broker)
Norbite (Stockholm, transforms plastic waste into sustainable goods by means of an insect-based biorefinery)
norbloc (Stockholm; platform enabling individuals, organizations and regulators to manage and securely share KYC data)
Nordark (Stockholm, banking platform for Web3-businesses)
Nordbex (Stockholm, solution for carbon negative power generation)
Nordic Quick Systems (Piteå, patented solutions for machine components with replaceable wear parts)
Nordic Forestry Automation (NFA) (Lund, digital tools for precision forestry and automation)
Nordluft (Stockholm, high-capacity drone systems for swarming and heavy loads)
Norgald (Gothenburg, vulnerability management of the cyber-physical components of a critical infrastructure)
NordAmps (Lund, next generation nanowire transistors)
Nordic Angels (Stockholm, invite-only social network for angel investors)
Nordic Information Control (Stockholm, solutions for cyber privacy and cyber security)
Nordic SeaFarm (Koster, cultivating seaweed in nutritious Swedish waters)
Nordkap (Stockholm, SaaS for real estate treasury management)
Nordtech Group (Stockholm, acquirer of niche software companies)
Normative (Stockholm, enterprise carbon platform)
Norna (Stockholm, AI-based analytics platform for the fashion retail industry)
North House (Stockholm, B2B SaaS governance document platform)
Northe (Stockholm, EV charging platform for EV owners and companies)
Northfork (Stockholm, recipes as a sales tool for online grocery retailers)
Northmill (Stockholm, digital bank)
Northsence (Gothenburg; AI-based robot, designed and manufactured to operate on construction sites)
NorthStat (Umeå; data-driven, simulation based decision support tools for smarter prehospital healthcare)
Northvolt (Stockholm, battery producer)
nor2 (Örebro, next generation compute platform for running function as a service and container based workloads)
Nothing Fishy (Landskrona, maker of vegan fish substitute)
Noui (Gothenburg, wearable bladder monitor)
Nova Circle (Stockholm, social network for experiences)
Nova Psykiatri (Stockholm, digi-physical psychiatry)
Novatron Fusion Group (Stockholm, developer of fusion power technology)
NoviOcean (Västerås, developer of a novel hybrid wave energy converter)
Now Interact (Stockholm, AI and real-time customer journey optimisation)
Nowo (Stockholm, hassle-free micro retirement savings tool)
Nrlyze (Stockholm; software that analyzes, identifies and corrects incorrect settings and imbalances in the property’s heating system)
NSS Water (Bengtsfors, producer of nanopure water for the semiconductor industry and other high tech industries)
Nstart (Stockholm, sustainable debt consolidation solutions for highly indebted consumers)
numa, formerly momentus (Stockholm, health app for women after pregnancy and child birth)
Numbery (Stockholm, automates finance for growth companies)
Nutrition.ai (Stockholm, solution to track food habits and generate personalized nutrition recommendations)
Nuverica (Stockholm, SaaS solution for verifying nutrition and health claims for commercial food products)
NuvoAir (Stockholm & Boston, technology to make respiratory diseases measurable and more treatable)
Nygen Analytics (Lund, cloud computing solutions for scalable and sustainable genomics research)
NYZÜ (Stockholm, solution for optimizing crops for vertical farming using the CRISPR technology and AI-driven software)
Näktergal (Stockholm, digital lending system for challenger companies in the mortgage sector)
n-Ink (Norrköping, developer of leading inks for applications in printed electronics)

Ocast (Stockholm, platform that connect advertisers with media companies)
Occtoo (Malmö, SaaS-based experience data platform)
Ocean Harvesting Technologies (Karlskrona, developer of wave power technology)
OceanNext (Stockholm, creator of sustainable plant-based blue food)
Oceans (Stockholm, digital tool for ocean exploration)
Odla Mer (Stockholm, gardening and plant care app)
Off Script (Stockholm, e-commerce platform for creators)
Oh Mungood (Stockholm, developer of mung bean based food)
OhCleo (Stockholm, creator platform for erotic audio stories)
Oh!Garden (Stockholm, gardening app)
Olivux (Sundsvall, providerof smart city solutions including the all-in-one citizen engagement solution Citiapp)
OlsAro (Gothenburg, AI enabled trait discoery for a resilient agriculture)
Omikai Systems (Västerås, all-in-one cloud ERP platform for the packing and printing industry)
OmMej (Malmö, platform for public agencies to assess children’s mental health)
Omniloop (Varberg, developer of an underground tube-based system for delivering goods and packages to, and waste and recycling from, households in cities)
Omocom (Stockholm, provider of on-demand microinsurance for the circular economy)
OMotion (greater Lund area, developer of an electric 3 wheeler)
Onbaz (Stockholm, live video shopping marketplace)
Once Upon (Skellefteå, photo book app)
OnDeMove (Halmstad, technologically advanced and user-friendly hearing aids)
Ondosis (Gothenburg, developer of technology for individualized dosing of oral medicines formulated as microparticles)
Oneflow (Stockholm, software platform for managing and tracking contracts)
OneLab (Stockholm, provider of preventive corporate health solutions)
OneMore Secure (Stockholm, B2B SaaS solution for security declaration with associated security index)
OneTwo Analytics (Stockholm, AI interpretation of glucose data enabling precision medicine)
Open Payments (Stockholm, SaaS solution providing infrastructure for open banking)
Oplane (greater Lund/Malmö area, SaaS solution for collaborative threat modeling)
Opper AI (Stockholm, development platform for the integration and advancement of generative AI)
Oppioo (Stockholm, well-being and exercise app for cancer patients)
Opti (Stockholm, mobile robo-advisor)
OptiBinary (Jönköping, tailormade and smart cardboard solution for deliveries)
OPTILOGG / CareLigo (Stockholm, remote and self care solution for people with heart failure)
Optima Planta (Uppsala; designs, develops, and manufactures technical solutions for indoor agriculture)
QSimbo (Växjö, booking system for small hospitality businesses)
Orbi (Gothenburg, app for making student life better)
Orbital Systems (Malmö, manufacturer of consumer smart water solutions)
OrganAise (Stockholm, digital assistant for scheduling meetings)
Original Creation (Umeå, traceability platform for materials)
Orimlig Hyra (Stockholm, service that helps tenants reclaim excessive rents paid to landlords and/or to lower future rent)
OSSDsign (Uppsala, developer and global provider of next generation bone replacement products)
Österlen Greens (Ystad, indoor vertical and hydroponic cultivation farming system)
OurGreenCar (Malmö, service for group sharing of EVs)
OurLiving (Malmö, provider of digital solutions for real estate and housing)
Outby (Linköping, payment and booking system for outdoor facilities and accommodation in the Nordics)
Ovulai (Stockholm, digital health coach for women with menstrual related issues and PCOS)
Oxceed (Stockholm, SaaS for companies to get a better overview of their finances)
Oxide AI (Malmö, quantified AI decisions)

Packfixed (Stockholm, marketplace for product packaging with actionable sustainability insights)
Pactumize (Stockholm, contract authoring and negotiation platform)
Padel Mates (Stockholm, padel community app)
PackBud (Uppsala, online marketplace for shipping solutions)
Paebbl (Stockholm/Helsinki/Rotterdam, developer of carbon-negative construction material)
Påhoj (Malmö, maker of a child bike seat that turns into a stroller)
Pair (Jönköping, parking and charging app for hotels and their guests)
Påmind (Stockholm, service for end consumers to manage and renegotiate their contracts)
Palats (Gothenburg, circular office inventory management platform)
Paligo (Stockholm, content management system for technical documentation)
PainDrainer (Lund, app that lets patients self-manage chronic pain)
PandionAI (Stockholm, AI-based solution to provide time-critical intelligence and change detection)
Pandy (Stockholm, online platform that offers on-demand and subscription-based help with a variety of household and everyday chores)
Panprices (Stockholm, cross-border search engine for European e-commerce)
PANTER (Stockholm, return system for reusable packaging)
PaperShell (Tibro, technology to build paper back into a more resistant version of wood)
PapersHive (Uppsala, biomedical platform for centralizing and managing all medical data and reporting)
Paprtect (Jönköping, dispenser for enhancing touchscreen hygiene in public spaces)
Parakey (Gothenburg, provider of digital key solutions)
Parametric Solutions (Gothenburg, design platform for property development and modular construction)
Parking Time Sweden (Nyköping, parking app)
Parkit (Stockholm, provider of smart parking solutions)
Parkster (Lund, mobile parking ticket provider)
Parlametric (Lund, business intelligence and market research provider)
Parsd (Stockholm, upcoming platform for analyzing and organizing unstructured data from documents)
Parsly (Stockholm, app that lets restaurants automate their purchasing)
Partna (Stockholm, service for requesting and comparing quotes for digital projects)
Passbuy (Stockholm, seamless checkouts for restaurants and stores)
Pattern (Stockholm, data library and estimation engine for property and location evaluation)
Pausit (Örebro, software that ensures that computer users move regularly and in the right way during their work day)
Payap (Helsingborg, online payroll application)
Payer (Stockholm, b2b payments provider)
Paydrive (Stockholm, pay-as-you-drive car insurance)
Paytrim (Stockholm, B2B payment platform)
PayZlip (Helsingborg, SaaS solution for payroll and time reporting)
Payzmart (Stockholm, invoicing solution for dentists)
PE Accounting (Stockholm, digital accounting solution)
Peach (Gothenburg, trainings app connecting individuals with instructors)
Peafowl Plasmonics (Uppsala, plasmonic solar cell technology)
Peak Energy (Lund, smart software solutions for EV charging)
pearch (Stockholm, AI based search engine for audio podcast content)
Peas of Heaven (Gothenburg, manufacturer of plant-based food products)
Peezy (Stockholm, fitness app that prioritizes fun and enjoyable activities)
Pej (Malmö, solutions for B2B food service payments)
Pelvo (Stockholm; operating system ‍for identity, account, affordability & ‍money movement via open banking)
Pembio (Lund, productivity platform for hybrid-remote teams)
Pengu Studios (Lund, platform to make playing tabletop roleplaying games easier for new and veteran players alike)
Pennie (Stockholm, financial advice app)
Pensure (Stockholm, digital platform for administration of occupational pension)
Pepins (Stockholm, fundraising platform for growth companies)
Percepio (Västerås, creator of a runtime visualization tool for embedded and IoT software)
Percy Roc (Uppsala, AI-driven technology for advanced manufacturing involving heating processes)
Period Pack (Stockholm, tampong dispenser subscription for companies)
Permitify (Sundsvall, SaaS for issuance and management of work permits in the industrial sector)
Personalkollen (Umeå, SaaS solution for the hospitality and retail industry)
Perspetivo (Stockholm, representative panel research platform)
Pet Media Group (Stockholm, operator of online marketplaces for pets)
Petestep (Stockholm, patented boat hull technology)
petgood, formerly FUNCiFUR (Stockholm, producer and seller of insect-based pet food)
Petli (Stockholm, dog training app)
Petson (Stockholm, digital pet insurance)
Pharem (Södertälje, developer of innovative enzymatic products for removing organic pollutants in water environments)
Pharmista (Lund, developer of a reusable pregnancy test that is based on a patented platform technology, enabling repeated detection of the target analyte)
Photon Sports (Skellefteå, mobile performance tracking solution to optimise sports training)
Phyron (Stockholm, automated solution to create engaging and attractive car ads)
PhysAct (Karlstad, digital service dedicated to fighting stress-related ill-health through the power of physical activity)
Pickia (Jönköping, self-service solution for parcel and equipment pickup at the point of sale)
Pickit (Visby, digital asset management platform)
Piffl (Gothenburg, shared platform for practicing playful and spontaneous activities)
Pihr (Stockholm, SaaS solution to help make salaries more equal)
Piipll (Stockholm, peer-to-peer mobile marketplace for help with everyday cores)
PillAI (Stockholm, AI-powered mobile app designed to transform intricate medical text into easily-digestible and personalized information)
pinDeliver (Gothenburg, cloud-based last mile delivery platform)
Ping Payments (Örebro; customizable payments infrastructure for marketplaces, online platforms and SaaS companies)
PinnOne (Stockholm, solution helping SMEs reduce SaaS spend and select the right software tools)
Pinpoint Estimates (Stockholm, crowdsourcing platform for financial and market performance estimations)
Pintpointer (Gothenburg, digital platform connecting senders of excavated material and receivers)
Pinteg (Lund, opertor of the SaaS platform Fairity which helps companies make their operations GDPR-secure)
Pipelabs (Stockholm; plug-and-play, subscription-based scalable recruitment solution)
Pixelgen Technologies (Stockholm, tools to facilitate the mapping of cell surface proteins and their spatial inter-relationships)
Plagazi (Gothenburg, technology that transforms waste into green hydrogen through plasma gasification)
Planboo (Stockholm, company facilitating carbon removal through applying biochar to soils)
Planhat (Stockholm, customer success platform)
Planima (Gothenburg, SaaS planning tool for property owners and managers)
Plant (Stockholm, SaaS solution for the real estate and construction sector to identify and reduce the climate impact)
Plantmore (Borås, B2C & B2B CO2 offset service)
Plantvation (Sundsvall, automated closed environment cultivation technology)
PlasticFri (Stockholm, technology for plant-based and eco-friendly alternatives for replacing plastics)
Plate Impact (Gothenburg, SaaS climate label solution for restaurants and caterers)
PlayD8 (Karlstad, kid driven circular toy ecosystem)
PlayMaker (Stockholm, football analytics as a service)
PlayPilot (Stockholm, streaming aggregator)
PlayReplay (Stockholm, real-time sports tracking solution)
Plegium (Surahammar, smart personal safety products)
Plejd (Gothenburg, smart connected lighting solutions)
Plexian (Malmö, creator of customer loyalty technology)
Plexigrid (Stockholm and Gijón, Spain; software for making the electricity grid more flexible)
Plick (Uppsala, second-hand clothing and accessory app)
Pliro (Stockholm, all-in-one tool helping independent publishers run and grow their subscription business)
Plug Software (Stockholm, SaaS solution for automated revenue assurance)
Plusius (Örebro, global payments solution provider in the embedded finance economy)
Plussa (Stockholm, mental coaching app for parents)
Plutify (Stockholm, fnancial planning platform for individuals)
Pic a Pike (Uppsala, fishing app)
Picsmart (Stockholm, online and delivery platform for local grocery stores)
Pigello (Stockholm, SaaS platform for property management)
PinMeTo (Malmö, SaaS platform for online management of multi-location brands)
Pirr (Stockholm, mobile app for personalized, AI-driven erotic stories)
Phoenix Biopower (Stockholm, developer of a biomass-fired power generation system)
PocketLaw (Stockholm, B2B contract automation and legal collaboration platform)
Pointsharp (Stockholm, provider of secure login solutions)
PokaMind (Stockholm, AI-powered mental healthcare solutions)
POL (Stockholm, soon-to-be-developed solar-electric catamaran camper)
Polar (Stockholm, collaboration and funding platform for open source maintainers and their community)
Polar Light Technologies (Linköping, developer of new light efficiency standards)
Polarium (Stockholm, smart modular energy storage solutions)
Polytope (Stockholm, software development platform)
Ponture (Stockholm, business loan market place and lender)
Poola (Stockholm, B2B solution for managing crowdsourcing campaigns)
Popswap (Stockholm, Tinder-like swiping app for circular fashion)
Populum (Stockholm, employee survey platform)
Portally (Stockholm, online marketplace for commercial premises)
Position Green (Malmö, data-driven platform for sustainability reporting)
Powermate (Stockholm, platform for sharing access to private charging stations)
Powermind (Stockholm, hypnosis app)
Powrs (Stockholm, operator of mobile escrowing service Vaulter)
Preactly (Karlstad, SaaS workplace coaching solution)
Precisely (Gothenburg, enterprise contract management platform)
Precode.ai (Stockholm, solution for “writing software specifications in minutes”)
Preggers (Stockholm, pregnancy app)
Preglife (Stockholm, mobile app for pregnant women and new parents)
PreVet (Uppsala, SaaS solution for managing horses and other animals)
PriceAgent (Stockholm & Los Angeles, predictive pricing platform)
Prime Penguin (Stockholm, SaaS platform for warehouse logistics)
Primetime (Stockholm, mobile app for live quizzes)
Prion (Stockholm, preschool app)
Profundus (Gothenburg, eye diagnostics with telescope technology)
Progress Me (Malmö, mobile app to help prevent eating disorders)
Prolevi Bio (Lund, developer of biomimicking therapy for metabolic disorders)
Proligreen (Stockholm, technology to produce lignin with high purity and well-defined structure)
Prompt Studio (Stockholm, collaborative tool designed to help teams building applications using language models)
Propida (Stockholm, SaaS platform reshaping property management)
Proposales (Stockholm, proposal tool for hotels)
Propstreet (Stockholm, confidential marketplace for commercial real estate transactions)
ProptechCore (Stockholm, proptech data platform to achieve autonomous and sustainable buildings)
ProptechOS (Stockholm, SaaS operating system for real estate)
Proxify (Stockholm, platform connecting developers with growing companies)
PryvX (Stockholm; privacy preserving collaboration platform addressing cybercrime)
PU sensor (Linköping, sensor technology to reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers)
PublicInsight (Stockholm, SaaS platform for securing public tenders)
PubQ (Norrköping, order and payments system for restaurants)
PulPac (Gothenburg, technology for low-cost, high-performance fiber packaging that replaces single-use plastics)
PushAppy (Stockholm, employee motivation platform)
Puulse (Stockholm, platform that empowers companies to offer real-time payments to their gig workers)
Pythom Space (Stockholm & California, developing a space transportation system that is light, low-cost, and highly responsive)
P3S (Stockholm, AI-based solution for improved patient safety surveillance)

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QA.tech (Stockholm, autonomous QA testing solution)
Qiwio (Halmstad, SaaS platform for interactive ‘shoppable’ videos & photos)
Qick (Örebro, e-scooter provider)
Qlerify (Stockholm, intelligent process modelling application)
Qliro (Stockholm, payments solution for e-commerce, and financial services provider for consumers)
Qlocx (Stockholm, provider of last yard logistic solutions)
Qlucore (Lund, provider of visualization-based software for research-oriented data analysis and precision diagnostics)
Qluent (Stockholm, business data assistant powered by GPT-4)
Qnister (Jönköping, digital compliance solutions for businesses)
Qoitech (Lund, hardware and software solutions for design of energy-efficient products)
Qopla (Stockholm, tools for restaurants to increase profits and efficiency)
Qrawler (Stockholm, data agnostic platform)
Qred (Stockholm, small business lending platform)
Quantera AI (Stockholm, AI-powered investor insights platform)
Qurant (Stockholm, SaaS corporate health solution)
Qurator.com (Stockholm, B2B platform for decarbonization solution scouting and customer reviews)
Qtagg (Västerås, developer of marine energy efficiency technology)
QualNotes (Stockholm, digital research tool for the social sciences and humanities)
Quandify (Stockholm, intelligent water metering and leakage detection system)
Quartr (Gothenburg, investor relations app)
Qudak (Ljungby, digital all-in-one production system)
Quickbit (Stockholm, crypto exchange)
Quickbutik (Helsingborg, all-in-one e-commerce platform solution)
Quickchannel (Stockholm, provider of high performance online streaming and recording services)
Quinyx (Stockholm, provider of workforce management solutions)
Quiqly (Växjö, solution for letting publishers sell articles on an one-off basis)
Quizrr (Stockholm, digital training solutions to advance corporate responsibility and worker well-being)
Qvalia (Stockholm, platform for finance teams to automate processes)

Rabble (Stockholm, cashback platform for FMCG brands)
RaceONE (Gothenburg, app-based community for race participants and spectators)
RaceID (Stockholm, community for endurance race participants)
Racqy (Stockholm, social sports-booking platform)
RadChat (Gothenburg, technology that enable radars to communicate to get precise positioning in for example underground mines)
Railfinder (Åre, booking platform for train journeys across Europe)
Railtic (Stockholm, search engine for European rail travel)
RAIZEMORE (Stockholm, SaaS circular retail solution for e-commerce)
Random State (Gothenburg, SaaS platform for gambling operators)
Rapid Dimension (Värnamo, digital warehouse solution)
Rapp (Örebro, SaaS for supporting post-operative recovery)
Raqt (Stockholm, social app for pickleball players)
Raymond (Gothenburg, solar energy company)
Reactional Music (Stockholm, platform for in-game music personalization)
Readly (Växjö, subscription service for digital magazines)
Readily (Uppsala, developer of a new rapid test for diagnosing respiratory diseases)
Reakt Live (Stockholm, online concert live streaming platform)
Realforce, formerly Adfenix (Gothenburg, marketing platform designed for real estate)
Realisator Robotics (Trosa, developer of the fire-fighting robot Fumo)
RealityCheck (Malmö, platform for consultants and HR to create 360-reports that are easily understood and support the leader)
Realsprint (Umeå, provider of an ultra-low-latency CDN for live streaming)
REARQ (Gothenburg, electrification and logistics company aiding companies in transforming their vehicle fleet to become 100% electric)
Rebaba (Stockholm, building second life battery energy storage systems for a greener grid)
Rebase Energy (Stockholm, energy modelling platform)
Rebelwork (Stockholm, SaaS solution for administrating a limited company)
Rebl Industries (Gothenburg, staffing provider for automated industrial robots)
Recap Energy (Stockholm, provider of customized energy services to the commercial & industrial sector)
Recilio (Lund, virtual wellbeing platform for organizations)
Reclaimit (Piteå, SaaS for online retail after-sales)
RECOMA (Hässleholm, developer of a low-carbon, fully circular, alternative to traditional construction boards)
RecoMended (Borås, aims to become a large-scale, automatic and brand independent actor in textile repair)
reCRQL (Gothenburg, circular retail platform)
Recycla (Gothenburg, marketplace for recycling services)
Reda (Lund, solution for automated handling of vendor invoices)
Redlocker (Stockholm, provider of machines for free menstrual care products for workplaces, schools and other types of businesses)
Reeler (Stockholm, solution for streamlining user-generated content campaigns)
Refapp (Gothenburg, recruitment platform for efficient and in-depth reference checks that helps companies make successful hires)
Refined (Malmö; no code solution to turn Confluence and Jira Service Management into custom intranets, documentation sites, support desks and more)
Refurbly (Örebro, marketplace for refurbished phones)
Rekitchen (Gothenburg, rental platform for premium kitchenware)
Rekonnect (Malmö, B2B SaaS post-market surveillance platform for Medical device manufacturers)
Rektra (Stockholm, AI-powered headhunting solution)
rek.ai (Stockholm, SaaS solution for websites to create personalized surfaces using AI)
Reload (Stockholm, mobile app for EV charger sharing)
Relox Robotics (Stockholm, provider of autonomous robots as a service, starting with picking golf balls at a golf range)
Remente (Gothenburg, mental wellbeing platform)
Remify (Stockholm, compensation benchmarking tool for organizations)
Remos Space Systems (Luleå, software-defined baseband solutions for satellite ground operations)
RemotiveLabs (Malmö, software platform for automotive developers)
Removement (Stockholm, carbon removal platform)
Renbloc (Stockholm, solution for tracing and verifying sources of energy)
Renewcell (Stockholm, alternative materials manufacturer for the textile industry)
Renomate (Stockholm, home renovation service)
RentalBuddy (Malmö; booking platform for product rentals, tours, and activities)
Rentr (Stockholm, trailer rental platform)
Repli5 (Gothenburg, software that automates the creation of 3D environments for simulation)
Rerun (Stockholm, software for logging and visualizing computer vision)
Reselo (Stockholm, developing a sustainable rubber from forest residues)
Resemolnet (Gothenburg, SaaS business system for travel and tour operators)
Resitu (Stockholm, developer of an innovative solution for breast cancer biopsies)
Respaces (Stockholm, marketplace for workspaces)
Retein, formerly Aquammodate (Gothenburg, technology for the recovery of high purity raw materials like lithium, CO2, and pure water from any accessible water)
Retinello (Linköping, AI-powered personalized learning solution for students)
Returbo (Stockholm, B2B SaaS for retailer return management)
Revam (Malmö, platform that automatically finds suppliers to profitable products)
ReVibe Energy (Gothenburg, vibration analysis & self-powered IoT monitoring systems for industrial vibrating screens)
Revive (Stockholm, plugin B2B solution enabling retailers to quickly and effortless go into the resell market)
Revolt (Stockholm, solutions provider for building and operating EV charging stations)
Rewell (Stockholm, digiphysical healthcare provider treating low testosterone in men)
Rewin (Malmö, technology for energy saving fiber-to-fiber recycling of polyester)
Re:meat (Malmö, developer of Scandinavia’s first local production of cultivated meat)
re:nable (Gothenburg, AI-first marketing platform)
RE:OCEAN (Säffle, developer of a sustainable land-based fish farm to produce Sweden’s favourite fish — salmon)
Re:Play (Växjö, startup that creates learning materials for children made from residual materials)
RGNT (Kungsbacka, electric motorcycle startup)
Ribbn (Stockholm & Albuquerque / USA, AI-powered commerce platform for resale merchants)
Riddle (Stockholm, SaaS for automating reconciliation and reporting at modern consumer and retail brands)
Ridely, formerly Ztable (Stockholm, app for horse riders to track and share their passion)
Rider’s Position (Uppsala, digital AI coach for equestrian riders)
Ridesum (Stockholm, digital training app and collaboration platform for riders, trainers and equestrian experts)
Riedia (Stockholm, mobile app and newsletter with curated news from Sweden in various languages)
Ripe, formerly Chimer (Stockholm, product-led sales platform)
Rison (Gothenburg, fintech solution for developing and financing cleantech projects)
Rivr, formerly Baase (Stockholm, banking-as-a-service provider linking banks and sellers together)
Rivus Batteries (Gothenburg, developer of environmentally friendly organic redox flow batteries for large-scale energy storage)
Rizer Bio (Stockholm, developing analytic tools for the biotech industry)
RoadBird (Stockholm, fleet and driver management platform)
Roam, formerly Opibus (Stockholm & Nairobi/Kenya, developer of electric mobility technology)
Roaring (Stockholm; plug-and-play services and integrations to collect, verify and monitor company and person data)
Robot Minds (Stockholm, provider of Robot-as-a-Service – RaaS – solutions)
Rocker (Stockholm, digital bank)
Rocksigma (Luleå, seismic processing engine)
Rolf (Västerås, SaaS platform that helps companies to continuously develop their employees and processes)
Root-E (Stockholm, carbon removal credits and project platform)
Roughly Right (Stockholm, time tracking and money management tool for agencies)
RoundBit (Stockholm, SaaS tool for healthcare workers)
Royal Schedule (Stockholm; scheduling automation solution for teachers, nurses, and other workers)
ROYC (Stockholm, digital investment platform that connects family offices, wealth managers and financial advisors with the best investment opportunities in private markets)
RTIM Systems (Jönköping, SaaS solution for managing reusable transport items)
Rule (Stockholm, digital communication platform for businesses)
Rumblestrip (Linköping, AI-based technologies for the transport industry)
Ryde Equestrian (Gotland, developer of equipment for equestrians, starting with stirrups)
Rymla (Stockholm, peer to peer marketplace for parking)

Safe and Found (Gothenburg, products and services for being found earlier in a solitaire geographical position)
Safello (Stockholm, crypto broker)
Safespring (Stockholm, locally based Cloud built for the apps of tomorrow)
Safetly (Stockholm, online marketplace for security services)
Safety by Cilia (Stockholm, personal safety alarm solution discretely integrated into jewelry)
Safeture (Lund, employee safety platform)
Saga Diagnostics (Lund, personalized cancer medicine and disease monitoring)
Sangair (Stockholm, non pharmaceutical treatment method for sepsis)
Stella, formerly Saga Sleep (Stockholm, sleeping app for kids)
Sajkla (Skövde, circular furniture platform for businesses)
SalesByte (Gothenburg, AI-powered SaaS solution for converting customer service interactions into orders)
Sally (Stockholm, solutions for spotting and preventing supply chain and social engineering attacks)
Sally R (Västerås, cloud-based optimization of HVAC systems for energy efficiency)
Salus mea (Gothenburg, smart safety alarm solution for people who feel unsafe or limited in their everyday lives)
SALUTO (Stockholm, preventing lifestyle diseases with personalized, data-driven habit formation)
Samplimy (Stockholm, painless microsampling for point-of-care screening and diagnostic applications)
Samster (Kungsbacka, provider of a solar hybrid technology)
Samtrygg (Stockholm, platform to facilitate safe subletting)
Sana (Stockholm, personalized learning platform)
Sanctify (Lund, AI-based software tools for finance professionals)
Sand Clinic, formerlly Villa Clinic (Stockholm; private members club offering prevention and precision medicine, with a focus on longevity)
SaniSOLE (Stockholm, technology that transforms agro-food biomass/waste into novel environmentally friendly sanitary alternatives)
Sanitation360 (Visby, technology to convert urine into dried nutrient rich fertilizer)
Satocci (Uppsala, payment solution for retailers and consumers)
Saveabl. (Gothenburg, sustainable meal kits made with surplus raw ingredients)
Saveggy (Lund, maker of bio-based edible vegan coating for fresh fruits & veggies)
SaveLend (Stockholm, p2p lending platform)
SavingsTracker (Karlstad, SaaS solution that creates BI-fuelled savings for manufacturing companies)
SAVR (Stockholm, low-commission fund saving platform)
Savvy Match (Stockholm, mobile app that matches talents with employers)
Scaffcalc (Gothenburg, SaaS for scaffolding design and calculation)
Scaleout (Uppsala, federated learning platform for leveraging siloed, business sensitive and regulated data in ML pipelines)
Scaleup Robotics (Stockholm; cloud-based solution that makes running real world robotic experiments scalable, fast and seamless)
SCALINQ (Gothenburg, solutions for scaling quantum computers)
Scapin’ (Stockholm, virtual spaces platform)
Scatterin (Stockholm, small-angle scattering data analysis software for innovations in materials and processes)
Sceneri (Stockholm and Bardstown, USA, mobile-first platform for no-code game and AR creation)
School Parrot (Stockholm, user-generated online reviews of schools)
Scholaro (Stockholm, AI-powered guide to find scholarships)
Sciber (Sandby, cyber security platform)
ScientificMed (Stockholm, digital platform offering e-treatments for cancer patients)
scientifyRESEARCH (Stockholm, research funding database)
SciFree (Stockholm, SaaS solution for open access management)
Scila (Stockholm; market surveillance solution for exchanges, trading participants and regulators)
Scling (Stockholm, data-factory-as-a-service provider)
scratx (Stockholm, suite of DIY tools for finance automation and transaction data analytics)
SCRIIN (Stockholm, developer of solutions for schools and families to help them increase physical activity and find a healthy digital balance)
Scrintal (Stockholm, visual note-taking and collaboration tool)
ScriptMe (Stockholm, SaaS for creating audio and video transcriptions and subtitles)
Scrive (Stockholm, specialist for electronic signature and ID solutions)
SCULP (Stockholm, training platform for men to become better versions of themselves)
Sea Technology (Stockholm, developer of a floating container terminal)
Seably (Gothenburg, marketplace for maritime training)
Sealfx (Stockholm, SaaS solutions for corporate currency management)
SeaPattern (Linköping; technology for mapping, predicting and leveraging water currents)
Seber Medical (Stockholm, digital wound care solutions)
Second Opinion (Malmö, digital healthcare provider for second opinions)
SecureAppbox (Stockholm, secure communication platform for businesses and organizations)
Securifid (Örebro, digital authentication services)
SeenThis (Stockholm, provider of streaming technology for ads)
Selfcheck (Rättvik, B2B SaaS solution for checklists)
Selma AI (Stockholm, AI-driven sales assistant)
Semanttic (Gothenburg, AI copilot for user interface design)
Semble (Stockholm, community and talent marketplace for the game industry)
Sendify (Gothenburg, logistics platform with access to affordable shipping solutions)
Sensative (Lund, developer of an operating system and sensors for smart homes, buildings and cities)
SenseNode (Lund, provider of wireless smart energy solutions)
Senseworks (Umeå, financial audit collaboration platform)
Sensorbee (Linköping, air quality monitoring system created for smart cities)
Sensorem (Stockholm, smartwatch with SOS function for seniors)
SentianAI (Malmö, AI-based process optimization solutions for industrial challenges)
Sequitor (Stockholm, provider of full-scale high-performance replicas of Exchange systems)
Serverpod (Stockholm; next-generation, open-source, scalable app server, written in Dart for the Flutter community)
Service Node (Umeå, service and maintenance management platform)
Sesamy (Stockholm, solutions for pay-as-you-go content services)
Settr (Stockholm, brand discovery platform)
SFW – Sustainable Food Waste (Helsingborg, B2B SaaS solution for temperature monitoring of food)
ShareTex (Stockholm, technology to convert waste textiles into a cellulose pulp or a glucose solution)
Sharlic (Malmö, automated billing and sharing of recurring revenue streams to the benefit of the full distribution channel)
Sharpfin (Stockholm, next generation of Wealth Management Software)
ShimmerCat (Umeå, image optimization solutions for e-commerce)
Shinner (Malmö, skateboarding app)
Shopflow (Stockholm, SaaS solution for stores to streamline handling of catering and fresh produce)
Shore (Stockholm, subscription-based membership for creative services)
Shypper, formerly FRAAKT (Stockholm & Tallinn / Estonia, digital platform for B2B logistics)
Siccum (Pajala, freeze-dewatering technology for extracting more value from waste)
Sib Solutions (Lund, AI video analytics platform for logistics)
Sift Lab, formerly Infobaleen (Stockholm, AI-powered decision intelligence platform for retail and e-commerce companies)
Sightic, formerly Eyescanner (Gothenburg, AI-based software for drug testing)
Sigmastocks (Gothenburg, digital investment tool)
Signcast (Stockholm, SaaS provider of digital signage solutions)
Signe (Stockholm, career mentor matching platform for women)
Signostium (Norrköping/Stockholm, turn-key solution to digitalize stairwells in multi-tenant buildings)
Sigrid Therapeutics (Stockholm, health tech company aiming to prevent and treat chronic lifestyle diseases)
Sileon, formerly Paynova (Stockholm, buy now pay later SaaS)
Silo Team (Stockholm, onboarding platform to help engineering managers onboard developers faster with automation)
Simpel Transport (Stockholm, matching solution for the transportation sector to utilize unused load capacity)
Simplex Motion (Gothenburg, smart integrated motors for motion control)
Simply No Waste (Malmö, producer of upcycled food products with elevated micronutrients)
Simppl (Stockholm, fintech developing “planet-positive” consumer services)
Simsen Diagnostics (Gothenburg, technology for detecting cancer from a simple blood sample)
SimulAir, formerly Ifigenia (Stockholm, improving the treatment process for bed bugs)
Simumatik (Skövde, digital twin emulation for industrial applications)
Sinch (Stockholm, mobile engagement communications platform)
SinCode AI (Malmö, AI-powered content and copywriting tools)
Single Technologies (Stockholm, developer of technology for genetic sequencing)
Singulo Solutions (Gothenburg, bio-sensing technology for drug development, diagnostics, and quality control)
Sinom (Gothenburg, web platform for building owners to generate multi-annual, climate-friendly investment plans for their buildings)
Sircular (Stockholm, AI co-pilot for VCs)
Sisterhood (Stockholm, tools for women who experience domestic violence, to strengthen their evidence and increase their chances of getting a conviction in court)
Sizzle (Stockholm, online soulfood brand that connects ethnic home-chefs and food enthusiasts in urban centers)
Skald AI (Stockholm, GDPR-compliant Nordic language AI service that can be run locally and even offline)
Skattio (Gothenburg, AI-driven tax declaration solution for private individuals)
Skawen (Stockholm, ventilation startup developing, producing and selling AHU’s)
Skidra (Luleå, all-in-one suite for creating IP through NFTs, without crypto)
Skillboost (Malmö, knowledge sharing platform for organizations)
Skillbreak (Stockholm, community marketplace for workshops)
Skillground (Stockholm, eLearning platform for large organizations)
Skillspark (Malmö, operator of the remote work platform Skillsense)
Skippo (Stockholm, boating app)
Skira (Stockholm, digital grain trading platform)
Skisense (Gothenburg, developer of a high-end PowerMeter for cross-country skiing)
Skinfo (Stockholm, provider of ingredient data for skincare brands and retailers)
Skogsnejd (Jönköping, platform for buying and investing in forest)
Skolado (Örebro, platform for improved student health and a safer school for children)
Skolon (Karlshamn, digital learning tool)
Skriptjobs (Stockholm, next-generation recruiting platform for global talents)
Skrym (Stockholm, algorithmic optimization systems for eliminating excess air in e-commerce)
SKUGGA (Stockholm, fully scalable mass-produced platform and ecosystem for smart fashion and design-oriented eyewear)
Skuldra (Stockholm, SaaS solution for debt advisors and municipalities to help over-indebted individuals)
Skyqraft (Stockholm, drone-based data collection for grid inspection)
Skyresponse (Stockholm, SaaS solution for alarm and event handling management)
Skysense (Stockholm; drone and pilot tracking sensor system for airspace protection)
Sleep Cycle (Gothenburg, sleep tracking solution)
Sleip (Stockholm, developer of AI-tools to aid in a better understanding of how and why horses move the way they do)
Slekk (Norrköping, digital solutions that will reshape everyday fire safety)
Sliceon (Malmö, marketplace for tokenized real estate)
Slipp (Stockholm, digital provider of accounting services)
SLOVE (Umeå, AI-powered live music community platform)
Smena (Gothenburg, developer of nano-structured layered materials)
Smart Agritech Solution of Sweden (Helsingborg, digital solution for automatic weighing of pigs using camera technology and AI)
SmartHamster (Norrköping, next-gen intranet solution)
Snafu Records (Stockholm, AI-based record label)
Snêk (Töre, digital first manufacturer of high-end kitchens and interiors)
Sofly (Gothenburg, marketplace for climate-smart furniture)
Solar Power Accelerator (Malmö, microproducer of surplus electricity from rooftop based solar generation)
SolidSport (Stockholm, live streaming service for sports teams)
Solkompaniet (Stockholm, B2B solar energy equipment supplier)
Solvi (Gothenburg, all-in-one solution for drone-based crop monitoring)
Songfox (Stockholm, online marketplace for ordering personalized songs from musicians)
Songsay (Stockholm, mobile app for sharing lyrics in music videos as messages)
Sorbus Biomedical (Lund, “novel disruptive technology” to improve the health and value of cells cultivated in the lab)
Soultech (Stockholm, customer conversation platform for brands)
Soundation (Stockholm, online music studio)
Soundtrack Your Brand (Stockholm, music licensing service for businesses)
Soundtrap (Stockholm, music-creation tool)
Sound Dimension (Karlstad, AI-based audio technology to synchronize speakers)
SourceMe (Stockholm, supplier discovery platform)
SourceOps (Stockholm, analysis tool to detect security vulnerabilities in software code)
Southern Lights (Stockholm, platform to design, simulate and assess the feasibility of green hydrogen projects)
Spaced (Helsingborg, marketplace for content marketing services)
Spacemaze, formerly Myfurn (Stockholm, modern workplace platform)
Spacemer (Gothenburg, employee efficiency and collaboration SaaS solution)
Spacio (Gothenburg & Oslo, Norway; all-in-one tool for designing buildings)
Sparks Generation (Stockholm, helps teenagers find relevant local activities where they can thrive)
Sparly (Stockholm, mobile app for creating positive financial habits through microcourses and rewards)
SparrowHawk Systems (Stockholm, SaaS provider of systems & mobil applications for quick commerce)
Sparwk (Stockholm & Trondheim/Norway, online platform and collaborative workspace for music creators)
SpeakSum (Lund, meeting analysis platform for all virtual meetings)
Spec-Imaging (Lund, spec-imaging technology that allows direct extinction measurements in turbid liquids)
Speedment (Gothenburg & Palo Alto / USA, java frameworks for improved data processing)
Spellscaper (Stockholm, generative AI-powered game platform)
Spermosens (Lund, platform technology for diagnosing male-factor infertility)
Spher (Malmö, mobile app helping to make women feel safer in cities)
Spiideo (Malmö; solution for sports video recording, analysis, and broadcasting)
Spirri (Stockholm, digital-first booking platform for services within holistic health, spirituality and personal growth)
Sportscom (Helsingborg, subscription app for live sports audio streaming)
Sportway (Stockholm, AI-automated sports video and data production)
Spotify (Stockholm, audio streaming service)
Spotin (Luleå, content commerce solutions provider)
Spotscale (Linköping, high-resolution 3D models for buildings)
Spotterfish (Stockholm, virtual screening room service for post production teams)
Spowdi (Stockholm, developer of a solar powered water distribution system)
Springville (Stockholm, solutions for process automation in the finance industry)
Sprintcrowd (Stockholm, digital health and well-being solution for corporate teams and workplaces)
Spritju (Stockholm, Energy Traceability as a Service)
Sproud (Malmö, producer of a milk drink made from peas)
SP_CE (Stockholm, SaaS provider of virtual B2B sales rooms)
SQARP (Stockholm, platform for distribution and management of product information)
Sqillz (Gothenburg, SaaS solution for restaurant staff training)
Squidler (Helsingborg, automated website testing platform for SMEs)
Srenity (Gothenburg, digital integrations platform for the property sector)
Stabelo (Stockholm, fintech company focusing on digitalising the mortgage lending segment)
STAC (Stockholm, upcoming platform that simplifies the exchange experience for universities and students)
Staccs (Stockholm, streaming service for concerts and music documentaries)
Stackend (Stockholm, SaaS solution providing social features and shoppable content for Shopify shops)
Stacky’s (Ystad, foodtech brand for flavoured, “smart” vegan food that doesn’t try to imitate meat)
Standab (Stockholm, infra-tech company that specializes in micromobility parking and smart city solutions)
Stardots (Uppsala, evidence-based digital neurology solutions)
Starfish (Lund, developer of medical devices for preventative care of pressure ulcers)
Starmony (Stockholm, AI-powered music-making app)
Startdeliver (Stockholm, customer success platform)
StartupTools (Stockholm, SaaS platform for running a startup)
Steep (Stockholm, business analytics platform)
Stella Futura (Stockholm, tailor-made sustainable energy solutions combining forefront solar and storage technology with smart financing solutions)
Stepler (Karlstad, rewards app for walking)
STILRIDE (Stockholm, technology for manufacturing personal mobility devices using industrial origami)
Stockeld Dreamery (Stockholm, maker of plant-based cheese)
Stockfiller (Stockholm, purchasing platform for buyers and suppliers in the
food industry)
StockRepublic (Stockholm, social trading platform for banks)
Stocksholm (Stockholm, stock investing platform based on an algorithm that lets investors know which stocks to buy and sell)
STOIX (Stockholm, SaaS company developing products to make data analysis easy for companies)
Stopgap (Malmö; maker of Currency One, an electricity meter monitor that “works with nearly any meter in use today”)
Storage365 (Uppsala, market place for physical storage)
Storecon (Västerås, warehouse automation solution for more efficient and sustainable use of consumable materials)
Storekey (Stockholm, platform for cashless retail)
StoreSprint (Uppsala, digital productivity platform for the deskless workforce)
Storp Technologies (Malmö, developer of high precision, electric robots for fully
automated farm operations)
STORViX (Lund, provider of data storage services)
Storykit (Stockholm, video creation platform)
Storyshots (Stockholm, microlearning app with thousands of free book summaries in text, audio and animated formats)
Storyspot (Stockholm, digital platform for storytelling about places)
Storytel (Stockholm, audiobook and ebook subscription service)
Strafe (Stockholm, fan app for esports enthusiasts)
Strainlabs (Lund, technology for remote & automatic application monitoring through smart IoT bolts)
Strana (Henån, manufacturer of an electric boat)
Strandbacka Medical (Träslövsläge, developer of a medical device to revolutionize the assessment of patients with abdominal pain at emergency departments)
Stratazon (Malmö, customer insight and analytics platform)
Stratipath (Stockholm, AI-based precision diagnostics for cancer treatment)
Stravito (Stockholm, enterprise search engine software for market knowledge)
Stream Analyze (Uppsala, provier of a software engine that enables an interactive deployment of AI and local smartness on any device)
Streamify (Östersund, live video shopping platform)
Strive Live (Stockholm, web3 storytelling platform)
Studybee (Malmö, developer of a solution that extends Google Classroom functionality)
Stunder (Umeå, supplementary home & nursing home matching service)
Stylee (Stockholm, hyper-personalized SaaS recommendation solution for fashion retailers)
Subscriby (Stockholm, subscription management software and market platform for brands)
Substly (Gothenburg, subscription management SaaS for SME)
Sum Health (Stockholm, health community and matching platform for getting diagnoses faster)
SunFeeds (Lund, nutritional replacement food, aimed for children who suffer from the most severe stage of malnutrition)
Sunhero (Gothenburg, platform for collective group purchases of solar cells)
SunRoof (Stockholm, custom-engineered solar roofs)
Sunsurf Solar (Gothenburg, floating solar cell modules for private individuals and companies)
Superagent (Gothenburg, open framework for building AI-assistants)
Superloyal (Stockholm, multi-brand customer retention platform)
Supernormal (Stockholm & New York, AI platform that generates automated meeting notes)
Supernormal (Stockholm, men’s health services)
Surgefield (Stockholm, marketplace and ecosystem for real estate credits)
Surfboard Payments (Stockholm, in-store payments provider)
SurfCleaner (Stockholm, developer of a system that collects and separates pollutants from water surfaces)
Sustain Change (Stockholm, business transformation and well-being platform)
SustainLab (Stockholm, SaaS sustainability management platform that automates collection, processing and visualization of sustainability data)
Suturion (Lund, medical manufacturer of a sewing machine for standardized closure of the abdomen)
Svea Solar (Stockholm, solar solutions provider)
Svensk Fordonsladdning (Rättvik, B2B provider of EV fast charging solutions)
Svensk hampaindustri (Gärsnäs, foodtech startup providing Swedish hemp seeds to the food industry)
Svipe ID (Stockholm, identity verification platform)
Swanholm Technology (Stockholm, connected safety vest for truck drivers)
Swashoo (Helsingborg, B2B Pick-up-drop-off solution for vehicle fleet maintenance)
SweatStars (Stockholm, exercise app for kids)
Sweden Quantum (Gothenburg, cryogenic high-energy radiation drain filters for quantum computing)
Swedish Algae Factory (Gothenburg, producer of functional materials from algae)
Swedome (Stockholm; security-focused, real-time Command, Collaboration and Communication platform for public safety agencies and companies)
Sweetspot (Stockholm, revenue management SaaS for golf facilities)
SweGaN (Linköping, semiconductor manufacturer)
Swegreen (Stockholm, in-store and vertical farming)
Swiftcourt (Malmö, solutions for safe and smooth peer-to-peer-transactions)
Swiftly (Stockholm, AI-powered job application platform)
Swimbird (Stockholm; B2B SaaS platform that aggregates financial data from various sources to support portfolio management, reporting, and analysis)
SwipeJobb (Malmö, matching platform bringing businesses and talent together)
Swiperoom (Stockholm, marketplace for homes and interior design)
Symbiome.io (Stockholm, develops a data-driven solution for analyzing the gut flora)
Symbiosis (Stockholm, cloud service provider optimized for Kubernetes)
Syncc (Stockholm, app for listening to music together)
Synclair Vision (Linköping, developer of aerial drone camera systems)
Syndata (Stockholm, synthetic data generation platform)

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Tactisim (Gothenburg, XR simulations for combat casualty care)
Tada Group (Stockholm, developer of the patented “ReLink” technology which prevents accidental disconnection events in healthcare settings)
Taggr (Stockholm, provider of asset intelligence services)
Taigatech (Gothenburg, AI-based traceability system for the sawmill industry)
TailPal (Varberg, app for gathering all information about one’s pets)
TAIO (Stockholm, AI chatbot that optimizes chatGPT)
Talendary (Stockholm, AI-powered co-pilot for comparing candidates)
Talentium (Stockholm & Zürich / Switzerland, AI-based recruitment platform that identifies the right talents)
TalentRiver (Stockholm, platform for recruiters to find, match, and connect with candidates automatically using AI)
Talk To (Stockholm, platform to get 1:1 advice from the best experts within the home industry)
Talkamatic (Gothenburg, develops and builds conversational AI systems)
Talytic (Gothenburg, data intelligence tool for talent acquisition)
Tandem Health (Stockholm, SaaS solution for generating automated medical records immediately after a patient encounter)
Tangar (Stockholm, indoor navigation technology using Area Learning)
Tangy Market (Stockholm, app-based marketplace for music that lets anyone invest in songs)
Tappy (Stockholm, mobile app for instant gifting)
Tapster (Stockholm; developer of contactless accessories)
Target Aid (Stockholm; digital platform for CSR, fundraising and social engagement)
Taxwize.ai (Malmö, AI wizard for tax advisors)
Team Together (Stockholm, enabling easy large scale cause marketing)
teamsApp / Kluero (Gothenburg, software that helps analyze and optimize team dynamics)
Teamtailor (Stockholm, recruitment & talent marketing platform)
Teamtive (Stockhol, members-only network of high-performing teams and builders)
Tebrito (Orsa, developer of a protein food ingredient derived from mealworms)
Techquity (Stockholm, private equity fundraising platform)
Tecta (Karlskrona, cloud-based real estate system)
Teemyco (Stockholm, customisable virtual office platform)
Teenage Engineering (Stockholm, creator of electronic products for people who love sound and music)
Tether (Stockholm, software that converts electric vehicles into energy storage units)
Telcred (Stockholm, provider of access control as a service)
Telness Tech (Stockholm, provider of next-generation cloud-based telecom solutions)
Tempiro (Lund, smart Home solution)
TempOnline (Undersåker, SaaS solution for automated temperature monitoring of fridges and freezers)
Tender (Stockholm; marketplace for property owners, contractors, and other construction industry stakeholders)
Tendium (Stockholm, cloud-based bidding and proposal management platform to help companies selling to the public sector)
tendmill (Stockholm, solution to streamline public procurement in the food service industry)
Tendo (Lund, developer of robotic medical aid for people with gripping limitations)
TenFAST (Stockholm, property management system)
Tengai (Malmö, AI-based interview screening solution)
Tentacle (Stockholm, digital network for commercial properties and apartment building owners)
TeraSi (Stockholm, developer of scalable hardware for 6G and beyond)
Texelio (Stockholm, solution to turn stock market news data into key insights)
Texray (Stockholm, maker of “the only radiation protection textile in the world”)
Textual (Gothenburg, platform for automated content generation in 25+ languages)
The Body Scanner (Stockholm, mobile app for tracking body change with detailed 3D scans, side-by-side comparisons, and body fat percentages)
The Fit (Stockholm, mobile 3D body scanning solution for e-commerce)
The Index (Stockholm & New York; curated online gallery with the best design studios, designers, type foundries, and other creatives worldwide)
The Mindfulness App (Stockholm, meditation app)
The Storing Company (Karlsborg, energy storage solution)
The Train Brain (Stockholm, creator of AI-models for safe and reliable trains and buses)
TheCar (Malmö, subscription-based premium chauffeur service)
Theo.ai (Stockholm, B2B SaaS solution for CSRD reporting)
Theralia (Linköping, drug delivery technology)
Thermaiscan (Stockholm, developer of predictive medicine using AI and thermal technology)
ThingWave (Luleå, technologies and digitalization services for safer and more productive mining)
Third Ear Studio (Stockholm, “Scandinavias leading podcast studio”)
TH1NG (Stockholm, operator of an IoT platform and IoT services)
Tibber (Stockholm and Norway, smart energy company)
TicTac (Malmö, provider of corporate e-learning solutions)
Tickital (Stockholm, app for renting or renting out public transport tickets)
Tigerq: (Lund, creator of gene editing analysis solutions)
Tillitis (Gothenburg, creator the open source USB security key TKey)
Tilly (Stockholm, personalized fertility support app)
Timber Exchange (Stockholm, B2B supply-chain automation platform and toolkit
Tioex (Stockholm, membership-based investment platform for buying secondary shares in sought-after private growth companies)
Tiptapp (Stockholm, app to find people who help move things in and out of the home)
Tjing (Stockholm, interactive pocket money app)
Togee (Stockholm, live shopping plugin with screen share for brands, retailers, influencers & customers)
Togy (Stockholm, ML-based vision systems for the manufacturing industry)
Tracklib (Stockholm, subscription service for musicians, producers, and artists who want to sample real music)
TrackPaw Scientific (Lund, remote monitoring for rodents in scientific settings)
Tracy of Sweden (Virserum, digitizes the entire forest flow)
TradeBay (Stockholm, global fruit trading community)
Trafiko (Stockholm, mobile app for learning to drive and taking lessons)
Trail (Stockholm, platform that enables professionally made Unity-games to be played in the browser)
Trailsi (Malmö, location-based audio guides to explore cities and museums)
Transfer Galaxy (Örebro, remittance service)
Transparent (Stockholm; maker of timeless, modular electronics that are forever upgradable)
TravelTail (Stockholm, online booking platform for personalized pet-friendly travel)
Traxlo (Stockholm, operator of grocery store tasks & staff marketplace Tasku)
Treddy (Gävle, payment tool for sellers and buyers of used goods)
Treebula, “Virkesbörsen” on the Swedish market (Stockholm, digital marketplace for timber trading)
Trepli (Helsingborg, video-first platform helping companies to attract talent and the young crowd to enter the job market)
Treyd (Stockholm, buy now pay later platform for trade financing)
Trialbee (Malmö, digitalizing patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials)
Tribonex, formerly Applied Nano Surfaces (Uppsala, technology provider of surface treatments for reduced friction and wear in industrial and automotive applications)
Tricylon (Gothenburg, robotics technology for the manufacturing and assembly industry)
Trifilon (Stockholm; developer and producer of lightweight biocomposite plastics for high performance applications)
Triggerbee (Stockholm, onsite personalization platform)
Trine (Gothenburg, platform enabling investments in solar energy in growing markets)
Troopr (Stockholm, social platform to arrange and discover sports and fitness)
Trubrief (Stockholm, marketplace & project platform for creative agencies and their customers)
Tructric (Stockholm, horizontal loading technology for loading trailers to railway wagons at terminals)
TRUE (Stockholm; platform for digital diplomas, certificates, awards and credentials)
Truecaller (Stockholm, global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication)
TrueDose (Stockholm, developing an at-home blood sampling product to enable personalized medicine)
Truid (Stockholm, global platform for end-to-end digital authentication)
Trupayers (Gothenburg, travel now pay later service)
Trustcruit (Jönköping, survey and HR analytics tool)
Trustly (Stockholm, payments platform for digital account-to-account transactions)
TrusTrace (Stockholm, SaaS solution for supply chain transparency and product traceability)
Tukan Tech (Växjö, SaaS platform that simplifies the handling of and increases the safety of electrical installations)
Turbotic (Stockholm, provider of enterprise AI and automation acceleration)
Turn Energy, formerly HPSolartech (Uppsala; develops, builds, sells and operates solar farms)
Turnpike (Stockholm, wearable platform for managers and retail front-line staff)
Turtle (Stockholm, consumer app for improved online security & privacy)
Twebcast (Stockholm, all-in-one event platform for event teams)
Twiceme (Stockholm, solutions to turn bystanders into helpers)
Twiik (Malmö, online fitness coaching tool and marketplace)
Twirl (Stockholm; platform for data teams looking to ship value, not tooling)
T.Loop (Stockholm, designs, builds and operates Data Energy Centers (DEC) “on the edge” in buildings with heating needs that match with DEC excess heat)
T&S Engineering Intelligence (Gävle; AI-powered SaaS solution that reads drawings, creating new opportunities for automating design processes)

Udda, formerly 20-30 coliving (Gothenburg, coliving operator)
Uman Sense (Lund, developer of a wearable aid for patients with elevated stroke risk)
umi (Stockholm, platform for live online classes in breathwork, mobility and meditation)
Univid (Stockholm, platform for creating interactive webinars)
Univrses (Stockholm, technology for autonomous systems)
Urban Rights (Stockholm, legaltech service that promises to help protect the rights of people who rent second hand business apartments)
Utilifeed (Gothenburg, SaaS platform for district heating utility providers and building owners)
United Robots (Malmö, automated content service provider)
Upcyclr (Gothenburg, patented technology for side stream solutions to primary producers of food)
Upotential (Stockholm, online training club for personal growth)
Utbetalningar.nu (Gothenburg, hassle-free payment solution for Swish payouts)
UTI-lizer (Stockholm, developer of point-of-care diagnostic tests for urinary tract infection) (add to women list)
Utopia Music (Stockholm, online platform for music creators, rights holders and collection societies that tracks global usage data)
Utter (Stockholm, AI-powered conversationalist for practicing new languages)
Uzit (Växjö, mobile mmarketplace for second hand sports equipment)

Vaam (Stockholm, SaaS tool for generating automated sales outreach)
Vågen Zero-Waste (Östersund, B2C and B2B2C provider of zero waste products)
Vagon (Stockholm, provider of a “supercomputer in the cloud”)
Vakna Functional Foods (Skara, producer of caffeine bars)
Vakta (Stockholm, subscription-based mobile app to get help from private security guards)
Validio (Stockholm, next generation data quality platform)
Valkiv (Stockholm; digital valuation platform that enables users and insurance companies to protect valuable items)
Vaquita Technologies (Lund, quality monitoring system for water reservoirs)
Varannan Vecka (Stockholm, subscription-based app for separated parents and their children)
VdoTok (Stockholm, SaaS provider of APIs for live media)
VEAT (Stockholm, plant-based foods sold via vending machines)
Vectorview (Stockholm, analytics solution to improve RAG powered LLM products)
Velory (Stockholm, employee experience platform)
Velove (Gothenburg, provider of efficient last-mile solutions)
Venizum (Stockholm, native translation and localisation application in Salesforce)
Ventla (Stockholm, event platform)
VenturePort (Stockholm, investor relations platform that helps startups keep investors updated on their progress)
Venuehub (Stockholm, service to help artists and venues to measure their climate impact in the booking process of tours)
Verified (Stockholm, B2B SaaS provider of AML and KYC solutions)
Verifiero (Stockholm, solution for secure online verification between users and service providers)
Vermiculus (Stockholm, solutions for exchanges and clearing houses using an AI-based and cloud-native microservice architecture)
Version Lens (Stockholm, co-pilot for product managers)
Vesiro (Gothenburg, database optimization software)
VestiTech (Stockholm, provider of track & trace solutions for several use cases and industries)
VetAtHome (Stockholm, provider of in-home veterinary appointments)
Vetrik (Stockholm, digital veterinary services)
Vevios (Malmö, mobile safety alarm for the elderly & chronically ill)
Vialumina (Stockholm, digital fleet management solutions)
VIDEM (Gothenburg, rapid and reliable molecular point-of-care diagnostics of infectious diseases)
Vidde (Jörn, developer of an electric snowmobile)
Viking Analytics (Gothenburg, AI-based machine health monitoring technology)
Vinden (Stockholm, on-demand storage service)
Vinter (Stockholm, index provider for crypto assets)
Vionlabs (Stockholm, AI-driven technology that intuitively extracts meaningful and emotionally resonant metadata from videos)
Viospatia (Visby, high speed inline 3D measurement systems for quality control)
Virtune (Stockholm, fully regulated digital asset manager and issuer of crypto investment products on stock exchanges in the form of ETPs)
Virvelvind (Härnösand, mobile marketplace for locally produced food)
Visenio (Stockholm, platform for homeowners and students to arrange and manage safe home sharing solution)
Visiba Care (Gothenburg, e-health platform that allows healthcare providers to open their own digital practice)
Visibla (Karlstad, trading platform for the mechanical and manufacturing industry)
Visningsguiden (Stockholm, app that helps people evaluate and buy apartments)
Visslan (Malmö, whistleblower SaaS)
Vistafeet (Stockholm, solution to measure foot health)
Visual Charge (Stockholm, solution for advertising-powered EV charging)
Vitala (Stockholm, platform that enables healthcare providers to prescribe and monitor diagnosis-specific physical activity)
Vividye (Gothenburg, resource-efficient dyeing technology for textiles)
Vivium (Stockholm, digital staffing platform for health and care)
VivoLab (Falun, developer of pediatric inhalation devices and air filtration devices for children 0-5 years old)
VivoLogica (Stockholm, software platform for the management, compliance and reporting of medical research institutions)
vloxq (Stockholm, CPQ platform for sales teams)
Voady (Sundsvall, digital booking solutions for hairdressers)
VOC Diagnostics (Stockholm, AI-supported technology for early detection of ovarian cancer through smell in a blood sample)
Vocalise (Umeå, wellness & health app for singers)
Vocean (Söderhamn, idea generation and digital cocreation platform)
VoerEir (Stockholm; solution that helps telecom operators identify, fix and eliminate the pain points in their telco cloud environments)
VOI (Stockholm, e-scooter provider)
VoiceDiagnostic (Lund, digital voice training service)
Voicemachine (Stockholm, B2B web app for professional voice-talents and media-clients)
Volta Greentech (Stockholm, developer of feed supplement for cows from seaweed)
Volta Trucks (Stockholm, electric truck manufacturer)
Voltiva (Stockholm, operator of complex charging systems for near-property electric car charging)
Volubus (Malmö, solutions for chauffeured minibus and coach transportation booking management)
Volumeer (Stockholm, developing an accurate sampling process for sepsis)
Volumental (Stockholm, developer of 3D foot scanning technology)
Vopy (Stockholm; SaaS solution for embedded finance services)
Votion Biorefineries (Sundsvall; dveloper of technology to produce Advanced Biofuels, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Specialty Biochemicals on a large scale)
Vourity (Stockholm, SaaS platform for self-service sales and access)
Voyado (Stockholm, customer experience platform for e-commerce and retail)
VOYD (Sundsvall, pay-per-view content creator platform)
Voxo (Stockholm, platform for extracting, analysing and visualising voice data)
VRM (Virtual Restaurant Management) (Stockholm, ghost kitchen provider)
VSTD (Stockholm, AI-driven tool for identifying and managing music assets on a global scale)
Vultus (Lund, developer of a satellite system for precision farming)
vVenues (Stockholm, brand experience platform for your virtual and hybrid events)
Vyer (Stockholm, software for building information modeling)
Vyou (Stockholm, digital art service that gives access to pictures and stories by artists and curators from all over the world)
Vården.se (Stockholm, search engine for healthcare providers)
Vässla (Stockholm, micromobility company)

Wail (Stockholm, community platform for live events)
Waitwhile (Stockholm & San Francisco, smart waitlist and scheduling platform to shorten lines)
Walkbeat (Gothenburg, platform for real world gait analysis)
Walking Talking (Stockholm, SaaS platform for happier teams)
Wannado (Lund, online database for nearby events)
Warpin (Stockholm, VR/AR/MR solutions provider for brands)
WatchItGolf (Örnsköldsvik, mobile app designed to help golfers improve their game by providing accurate and real-time feedback on their swing performance)
Water in Sight (Stockholm, easy collection of water & weather measurements for climate resilience)
Watersprint (Lund, patended UV LED-based water purification technology)
Water150 by Longhouse Foundation (Stockholm, solution connecting blockchain technology to real-world water wells)
Wavr Tech (Gothenburg, AI-based analysis of human motion)
Waya (Stockholm, digital invoicing and debt collection solution)
Waybler (Stockholm, smart EV charging solution)
Wayke (Stockholm, classifieds market place for cars)
Waylog (Stockholm, BNPL supply chain finance solution that helps leading e-commerce and D2C brands grow faster)
Wayout (Stockholm, developer of a system for local production and distribution of perfect drinking water)
Waytobill (Stockholm, checkout solution for subscription payments)
We Are Voice (Stockholm, app for choir singers)
We don’t have time (Stockholm, social network for climate action)
Weavra (Uppsala, digital collaboration tool for pipe system maintenance)
WeDoGreen (Halmstad, SaaS tool for interior designers and architects to create plant decoration proposals)
Wedsly (Stockholm, digital wedding planning service)
Wehype (Uppsala, gaming influencer marketing platform)
WEIQ (Malmö, booking and payment app for restaurants)
Wellbefy (Helsingborg, SaaS for employee health analytics)
Wellgo (Gävle, digital healthcare provider helping people lose weight)
Wematter (Linköping, 3D printer manufacturer)
Werlabs (Stockholm, provider of blood analytics tests)
Werz (Stockholm, subcultural event app)
WeTal (Stockholm, career marketplace for coders)
Whenever (Stockholm, secure digital vault for storing personal information)
Whywaste (Gothenburg, digital solutions for food retailers to decrease food waste and increase profitability)
Willa (Stockholm and Los Angeles, platform for creators, freelancers and entrepreneurs to find clients)
Wilma (Västerås, AI-powered legal assistant)
Windeed (Västerås, floating offshore wind technology)
WindowGlass Recycling Sweden (greater Jönköping area, developer a machines for the recycling of window glass)
Wingbits (Stockholm, community-driven flight data platform)
Winning Impact (Stockholm, app for sports community building and financing)
Winningtemp (Gothenburg, employee engagement platform)
Wint (Gothenburg, SaaS accounting platform for businesses)
Winteria (Gävleborg, technology for quality assessment of welds in manufacturing industries)
Wisory (Stockholm, platform for personalised business and leadership advice by video)
WiTTRA (Stockholm, technology platform for IoT product developers)
Wndy (Stockholm, platform that connects entrepreneurs with HR professionals)
WODPacer (Stockholm, sensor-based workout tracker for fitness athletes)
Woof (Stockholm, marketplace for dog sitters)
Workamo (Stockholm, platform for freelancers and gig economy companies)
Workaround (Stockholm, office matchmaking service)
workbee (Stockholm, talent hailing platform providing experienced service and hospitality talent for short-term gigs and last minute help)
Workify (Hudiksvall, operations management system for haulage companies)
WorkTiles (Stockholm; B2B SaaS solution for organizing, performing and improving the monthly closing and consolidation process)
Worldfavor (Stockholm, B2B digital sustainability platform)
Worldish (Linköping, communication assistant solution aimed at breaking communication barriers in healthcare and other public sectors)
Woshapp (Stockholm, mobile-based provider of car care services)
World’s Sports Group (Stockholm, operator of digital platforms for the endurance sports industry)
Wrlds Technologies (Stockholm; AI powered sensor technology for healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, sports, and beyond)

X Shore (Stockholm, maker of all-electric boats)
Xenergic (Lund, low-power memory solutions for integrated circuits)
Xensam (Stockholm, next generation software asset management platform)
Xense Vision (Jönköping, real time AI traffic insights)
Xertified (Uppsala, security solutions for a safer IoT)
XIOS/3 (Linköping, edge application platform)
Xiris Group (Stockholm, technology for mobile interactive real-time streaming of apps)
xNomad (Stockholm, marketplace for short term retail spaces)
Xpektor (Gothenburg, predictive analytics tool for accounting firms and consultants)
Xplir (Uppsala, SaaS solution for secure production of listed companies’ regulatory financial reports)
xTactor (Stockholm, developer of xBand – a wristband to transfer information from the smartphone to the brain through the sense of touch)

Yabie (Stockholm, flexible and mobile POS & payment platform)
ValueChecker (Stockholm, solutions that help insurers with automated item of loss valuation)
Yangi (Varberg, manufacturing technology for dry formed cellulose-based packaging)
yayloh (Stockholm, SaaS solution for e-commerce return management)
Yazen (Lund, digital healthcare provider helping people lose weight)
Yehego (Stockholm, upcoming platform for making climate smart choices)
Yelte (Landskrona, developing a milk product made from hemp)
Yepstr (Stockholm, gig worker marketplace for household chores)
Ymner (Stockholm; database that seeks to help entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators to find and access public and private funding for their ideas and projects)
Yobber (Eskilstuna, SaaS solution for faster recruitment)
Yomento (Stockholm, digital tool to help organizations get better leaders and reach better results)
YouBed (Stockholm, personalized sleep technology for hotel beds)
YouCruit (Malmö, job marketplace for American truck drivers)
YoungNest (Stockholm, digital platform that guides young people on their way to adulthood)
Younium (Stockholm, SaaS solution for B2B subscription management and billing)
Youple (Stockholm, fintech with an upcoming solution in the home buying sector)
Your Beet (Stockholm, app for personalized plant based nutrition)
Your Travel Brand (Örnsköldsvik, SaaS solution for brands to create their own travel portal)
YourWayHome (Stockholm, network of micro-mobility services helping women and gender minorities getting home safe at night)
Yubico (Stockholm & Palo Alto, provider of secure login solutions)
Y/ELM (Stockholm, protection system that enables riders to experience the thrill of riding hard without restraint)

Zalster (Gothenburg, marketing automation for e-commerce growth)
Zaplify (Stockholm, SaaS platform for automated sales outreach)
Zaplox (Lund, SaaS provider of digital guest solutions for the hospitality industry)
Zavepower (Växjö, smart energy optimization solutions for the pool & spa industry)
Zaver (Stockholm, payments service to facilitate peer-to-peer trades and more)
Zebrain (Stockholm, personalized platform for online-coaching)
Zebware (Stockholm, technology disrupting the market for cloud data handling)
Zeeds (Uppsala, web app for increasing the efficiency of cognitive behavioral therapy)
Zeler (Lund, digital checkout solution for retailers)
ZeroPoint (Gothenburg, technology for increased performance per watt for servers and embedded products)
Zertify (Gothenburg, rental guarantee service without deposit)
Zcooly (Gothenburg, game-based learning app for children)
Zigned (Uppsala, provider of a pay-as-you-go, on-demand eSignature service)
ZignSec (Stockholm, provider of global verification and compliance services)
ZIGRID (Jönköping, technology for capturing industrial, low-grade waste heat and converting it into new energy)
Zimpler (Stockholm, account-to-account payment solutions for merchants)
Zimply (Stockholm, developer of AI-based assistants for automating repetitive tasks)
Zipadoo (Gothenburg, e-commerce platform for physical retail)
Zipforce (Stockholm, maker of rechargeable electric motors to turn any bike into an electric bike)
ZipperTic (Stockholm; ticket system for event promoters)
Zmash (Stockholm, recruitment and employer branding platform)
Znipe Esports (Stockholm, streaming technology company built for esports)
Zparq (Stockholm; developer of compact electric marine motors, powertrains, and other adjacent technologies)
Ztorage (Stockholm, on-demand storage service)
Zuna (Stockholm, SaaS for online retailers that helps to optimize product assortment based on customer demand)
Zupyak (Stockholm, AI powered content marketing platform)
Zwapgrid (Stockholm, integration platform for SaaS companies)
Zwitch (Stockholm, second hand market place where even goods are seen as payment)
Zymego (Stockholm, healthcare appointment platform)
Zymology (Stockholm, SaaS tools for corporate governance)

0-9 etc.
12iD (Stockholm, digital identity solution)
1928 Diagnostics (Gothenburg, bioinformatics analytics platform for infection control)
2d fab (Sundsvall, producer of graphene)
2Witness (Stockholm, secure anonymous witness app)
20NINE (Stockholm, peer-to-peer fintech platform that makes people in leapfrogging markets bankable)
24 Duty (Gothenburg, marketplace connecting professional craftsmen with customers)
24Storage (Stockholm, providing self storage services)
3TEMP (Arvika, coffee brewer as a Service (BaaS) subscription)
360Player (Stockholm, all-in-one sports platform for modern clubs)
84codes (Stockholm, DevOps as a Service)

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