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Nexer AI solution for Thule Group

Nexer supplies AI solution to Thule Group

Nexer, a global technology company with deep roots in the Swedish entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, announces that they have developed and delivered a revolutionary AI translation solution to Thule Group. By integrating the translation capabilities of ChatGPT with Thule's existing PIM solution, Stibo Systems STEP, Thule can now quickly and smoothly translate all product information into over 20 languages in just a few minutes.

Traditionally, the multilingual translation process has been a challenge and often a bottleneck for international brands like the Thule Group. It can take weeks and represent a large expense, but thanks to the innovative solution from Nexer, Thule has now streamlined this laborious process to only take a few minutes. This enables translated content to be published on their website and other sales channels significantly faster, with fewer resources and at a lower cost.

One of the most notable benefits of the solution is being able to get the job done so much faster at a lower cost – without compromising on quality. The up to twenty different translations produced are of high quality, allowing Thule to launch and market their products quickly in whatever market they are targeting. An important means of competition and a significant milestone for Thule Group in their global expansion plans.

Thule Group
Thule Group

Antonio Diaz, Product Owner, Thule Group comments.
“We chose to explore AI to reduce the costs and time it takes to translate our products' texts. By using AI, we wanted to optimize the current translation process, which was slow and resource-intensive, into a smooth, efficient process that involves real-time translations in multiple languages. The delivered solution has truly revolutionized the way we work: instead of struggling with time delays caused by translations, we can now communicate smoothly across borders and cultures. For our organization at a global level, this has added tremendous value.

"We are very grateful for the expertise and solution that Nexer has delivered. They not only met our expectations but exceeded them with their configuration and integration into Stibo Systems STEP. Achieving our set goals and seeing all the features we wanted in production was really more than we could have hoped for," Diaz added.

Nexer prides itself on driving innovation and supporting its customers to thrive in today's digital landscape. The successful collaboration with the Thule Group illustrates Nexer's commitment to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that truly make a difference to how companies run their business and grow sustainably.

Fredrik Larsson, CEO of Nex Data Management, shares its thoughts on the solution and the collaboration:
"We believe that the success of our solutions and deliveries lies in truly understanding our customers' business and therefore places great focus on understanding their unique requirements and business processes. We also recognize the importance of giving AI system smart prompts and access to relevant and sufficient data for a better output. This specific delivery was another successful collaboration within the Master Data Alliance where we have combined the best of Nexer's and msg systems' previously developed AI translation tools. Together we worked to provide Thule Group with an optimized '2nd generation' AI translation tool in Thule's PIM and MDM platform.”

Nexer and msg systems are two of the founders of the Master Data Alliance, an alliance of leading PIM and MDM specialists in Europe.

“By combining deep understanding of the customer with sophisticated AI functionality integrated with a world-leading MDM platform like Stibo Systems' STEP, we empower our customers to achieve new levels of efficiency, innovation and growth. It is this combination that enables us to deliver solutions that help our customers succeed in today's fast-moving market. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Thule Group to further maximize the business benefits of their Stibo Systems STEP solution,” adds Fredrik Larsson.

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