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Freja International

Freja expands its use to 53 countries

Freja eID Group AB (publ) is now expanding its ability to issue e-identification to users from a total of 53 countries to meet the increasing demand from customers who need to manage international users with e-identification. This step is part of Freja's continued internationalization strategy.

Freja is a scalable ID wallet with an international reach and has since the start strived to offer other countries the same flexible e-identification that is common in the Nordics. An important part of this internationalization is to offer Swedish authorities, companies and organizations the opportunity to legitimize international users. In the past, it has been complicated and less secure to manage foreign users with methods such as passwords, SMS verification, postal letters or personal visits.

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Freya previously covered everyone EU- and EEAcountries as well as Ukraine and Great Britain. The latest expansion means that the coverage in Europe is improved with several countries in the Balkans and also countries such as the USA, Brazil, Japan and Malaysia are added to the Freja platform. In the long term, the ambition is to cover all countries in the world that have passports or ID cards that meet Freja's security requirements.

The increased number of nationalities available for e-identification enables smoother and safer handling of international users for Swedish companies, authorities and organizations. This can contribute to more efficient processes and increased trust among both users and service providers.

Johan Henrikson, CEO of Freja eID Group, comments: “Freja offers a unique opportunity to offer Swedish customers e-identification for international users. This is also important from a commercial perspective as it increases the annual recurring revenue from customers that include foreign users compared to those that only have Swedish users.”

With the continued expansion of Freja's international reach, new opportunities open up for business and organizations to reach a global audience while maintaining high security standards for user authentication and identity verification online.

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