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Ingram Micro

Position Ingram Micro in the Nordics for future growth

Ingram Micro continues to position itself as the preferred IT partner and leading force in the industry in the Nordics by taking further steps in the company's transformation journey. The focus is on becoming even more efficient in the use of resources and thereby strengthening the ability to execute across the entire Nordic region.

The goal is clear

To strategically position the organization for organic growth by maximizing opportunities in existing business areas while intensifying investments in emerging growth sectors such as Cloud, Cybersecurity and AI.

At the center of Ingram Micro's business transformation is the ambition to offer a diverse portfolio of services and solutions, making the company more relevant and adapted to the needs of customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

This strategic focus takes shape through an aggressive expansion from previous successes in the transaction business to include a broader and deeper presence in the service and solution spectrum. The goal is not only to meet the current needs of the market, but also to be a forerunner in future technology trends.

In the management of this transformation, it is announced that Jonas Elmgren, in addition to his existing role as Nordic VP, will shoulder the responsibility as CEO in Sweden. This expanded position is part of a strategy to strengthen the Swedish presence and increase the ability to respond to the changing demands of the market. At the same time, Christer Eklund, current CEO in Sweden, will lead the newly created Cross Nordic Go-To-Market Strategy organization. This will mean that he drives the expansion of Ingram Micro's offerings in new areas and market segments across the Nordic region.

sweden ingram

Another significant change is the welcoming of Öyvind Saether i the role of CEO for business development. This key person will be a driver of growth in the emerging markets, underscoring the company's commitment to being at the forefront of industry developments.

To support and communicate these initiatives strengthens Ingram Micro also its communication and brand capacity within the Nordic region. A new business function is established, led by Michael Gorringe, to ensure a clear and coherent narrative in line with the company's strategy. As part of this initiative, Mia Åslander will join Ingram Micro Sweden as leader of Demand Generation and Marketing Services, thereby helping to build strong relationships with customers and stakeholders.

This extensive restructuring and expansion not only marks a new phase in Ingram Micro's growth journey, but also cements their position as a leading player in the Nordic IT landscape. By combining strategic focus, leadership and investment in key areas, Ingram Micro is strengthening its role as a trusted partner for companies that strive to be at the forefront of technology development and innovation.

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