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PA Prabert

IT entrepreneurs and a seasoned security expert want to raise awareness of digital security risks for everyone

Vigili AB continues its establishment of services that increase awareness of IT threats among companies and individuals and welcomes an IT security expert as CEO. The company has recently launched an initiative aimed at helping companies and organizations raise awareness of different types of digital security risks. Now PA Prabert joins as CEO and partner in the company.

PA Prabert has solid experience as CEO and from the insurance industry, where for more than ten years he worked with solutions against fraud, ID theft and various types of IT-related crimes. He has also been a leading figure in various initiatives to make the internet a safer place, dedicatedly working against all forms of threats and hate online.

PA Vigil
PA Prabert Vigili

Behind Vigili also exists Johan Jernström and Erik Jehander, well-known profiles in the IT industry with a background from, among other things, the Sigma group and now active in Nagu where they work with various companies and investments, as well as Johans Jernström's involvement in Skåne Ventures.

- We see it as very positive that PA Prabert is taking on the role of CEO of Vigili, says Johan Jernström. His experience in the field of cyber security and developing subscription services fits in very well with the company's ambitions. Through our services, we want to increase awareness of the risks of various types of IT breaches for companies and individuals and create rapid growth for the company.

Vigili offers various forms of services where users, through regular information, increase their knowledge of cyber security and receive guidance on various ways to protect themselves and act so as not to expose themselves or their organization to danger.

- For me, it is very exciting to be actively involved in Vigili now, says PA Prabert. When we set the vision for Vigili, to spread awareness about IT security and establish a culture where there is a natural risk mindset, it clicked immediately.

Being able to participate in developing services that, in their simplicity and accessibility, contribute to more and more people being able to prevent IT crimes and make the internet a safer place is very inspiring.

Starting in May, PA Prabert is working at the company. There he will continue to develop Vigili's offer and build an organization together with Erik Jehander and Johan Jernström, who also have operational roles in the company.

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