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Crypto and website data highest risk according to new survey.

Trend Micro today presents a new report that explores the thriving black market for stolen personal and professional data. By analyzing the 16 most active variants of infostealer malware on two dark web markets (Russian Market and, Trend Micro's researchers have created a unique risk matrix.

The report focuses on measuring how “at risk” stolen data is when it ends up in the hands of cybercriminals or fraudsters

Crypto wallets and website credentials share the top spot, as it is the type of data that generates the highest revenue and is also the easiest to find on secret websites.

Wi-Fi credentials and desktop screenshots are less profitable and harder to sell, putting them in a less risky category. In the middle are more specialized authentication types, such as those for FTP and VPN services.

In terms of stolen website data, dominates the first place by volume, followed by, Facebook and Instagram.

Jean Diarbakerli, security advisor at Trend Micro, emphasizes the importance of handling crypto assets like cash and storing them in digital safes. When it comes to web data, cybercriminals can exploit it with devastating consequences. The report empowers users and organizations to better prioritize their defensive measures by understanding which data is most critical.

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Infostealers pose a growing danger due to the high value of stolen data among cybercriminals, which are then sold to other threat actors.

Common ways to monetize stolen user credentials include:

  • Emptying wallets with cryptocurrency.
  • Exploitation of user authentication for transactions on e-commerce and banking sites.
  • Attacking victims' contacts, for example through "stranded traveler" scams.
  • Infecting the user's organization via VPN credentials for lateral attacks.

Despite the large number of infostealer variants, Trend Micro found that only a few of them have a significant presence on dark web markets for data. This means that organizations should focus and prioritize their defensive measures on the most popular infostealers on the dark web, who pose the greatest risk.

Take part in the report Your Stolen Data for Sale here.

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