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Trend Micro launches the market's first AI-powered cybersecurity assistant for security teams.

Trend Micro today presents Trend Companion, a new tool based on generative AI. The Cyber Security Assistant is created to increase productivity and streamline the security analyst's workflow.

Many security teams struggle with the enormous amount of complex information and data they encounter

Our answer to this is Trend Companion, which is an AI tool built to minimize complexity and accelerate security operations, says Jean Diarbakerli, Security Advisor at Trend Micro. The tool exemplifies the transformative power that our industry-leading platform is built on. While others are slow to realize investments, we have invested in bringing this to market quickly and with high quality.

Trend Companion can potentially reduce the time spent managing risk assessments and threat investigations by 50 percent. Much thanks to its easy-to-maneuver interface that:

  • Explains and contextualizes alerts
  • Recommends customized response actions
  • Decodes and explains complex scripts and command lines
  • Helps analysts develop and execute sophisticated threat detection queries
  • Assists incident responders in developing OSQuery queries in the IR and Forensics module

Analysts predict that in the future there will be embedded generative AI in all major security products, but Trend is now a leader in the field. Attack alerts in Trend Vision One is model-driven in order to be able to quickly develop according to the constantly changing landscape. However, AI is not enough for security teams to work with maximum efficiency, the data on which AI is based is crucial. This is the value of Trend's global threat research team and the Zero Day Initiative – the world's largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program.

The combination of adaptive, model-driven threat alerts in Trend Vision One and Companion's GenAI capabilities can accelerate response times by 30 percent, reduce incident reporting by up to two hours per report, and drive more complete attack mitigation.

Trend Companion helps minimize breach opportunities before they materialize.

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