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CONVENDUM begins cooperation with EF

In 2024, CONVENDUM begins a collaboration with one of the world's largest educational companies, EF, which enables knowledge exchange and business life to go hand in hand. Through the collaboration, CONVENDUM offers its member companies to host an American exchange student who is part of EF's Gap Year program for 8 weeks.

Convendum cooperate with EF

— We are happy to collaborate with EF to promote international knowledge exchange. Receiving an exchange student gives our member companies, from small to medium-sized and large companies, the opportunity to find new and in-demand skills. Together we develop the world through learning and enable success for our members, says Oscar Limbäck, COO at CONVENTION.

Stina Lundell, Business Development Manager at EF believes that there are several advantages to internationalization and letting an exchange student practice their skills in the real world at companies. The collaboration also benefits the company, which both gets extra resources, unforgettable experience and a cultural exchange.

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— In addition to a pair of hands for dormant projects, CONVENDUM's members get the chance to get to know a curious and enthusiastic student with a different perspective and to let someone practice leadership, entrepreneurship and for the whole team to practice their language skills, says Stina Lundell at EF.

CONVENDUM offers modern and sought-after office solutions for small and large companies. CONVENDUM's offer ranges from Coworking, Private Office, Big Office, Exclusive Office, Enterprise Membership to Office Management. Common to the various products are premium offices in combination with activity-based open coworking spaces, lounges, conference centers, cafes, gyms, music studios and showrooms. In addition, company housing is also offered. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

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