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Sigma and Lingon

Sigma Technology and Lingon Certificates are collaborating for the Digital Product Pass initiative

As part of the EU's green deal, manufacturers will soon be required by law to provide unique Digital Product Passports (DPP) for every product sold on the European market. The aim is to lower the carbon footprint and bridge the circular economy gap by improving transparency and giving the buyer more information to make sustainable choices.

While DPP's scope will expand to many products, the introduction will be gradual. Building products and batteries are the first manufacturing areas to be targeted by the regulations for the Digital Product Passport. The EU plans to publish rules specifically targeting textiles and consumer electronics. In the coming years, furniture, electronic products and chemicals will be prioritized. Over time, the goal is that the initiative will cover up to 30 different manufacturing areas.

Sigma Technology Solutions Group works closely with the manufacturing industry to enable compliance with new regulations, integrate new technologies, and maximize business results.

Lingon Tech
Lingon Tech

The lingonberry Certificates is a software development company that focuses on chain-of-custody and circular working methods, based on blockchain technology. The company provides a versatile plug & play solution for creation, management, and access to the Product Pass, which includes technology to connect physical goods. Their platform also includes customer wallet applications for ownership control and for value-creating interactions between brands and their users.

Sigma Technology and The lingonberry Certificates have now agreed to form a strategic partnership to combine the best solutions, and to enable companies of all sizes to get a quick, easy and efficient start to the work of a DPP integration.

We are both excited and humbled to start this journey with the competent, customer-oriented and hands-on team at Sigma Technology, says Christian Listerus, CEO and co-founder of Lingon.

He continues:

- Our initial focus is to help the furniture and design industry in the Nordics and we are proud to call Sigma our chosen partner, due to their excellent expertise in the field, qualified resources and nationwide presence.

Niklas Malmros, CEO of the Solutions Group within the Sigma Technology Group, says:

- By leveraging the power of Digital Product Passports, companies can strengthen transparency and traceability throughout their supply chain. In this way, they can effectively face main challenges such as resource waste, counterfeiting and environmental impact. Our collaboration with The lingonberry The Certificates mark a significant moment in our commitment to drive sustainable innovation. By combining our expertise, we enable manufacturers to seamlessly navigate complex regulations and improve their environmental footprint. Together, we create a future where transparency, trust and sustainability define industry standards.

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